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Flower Power 

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Allison Hammond's new podcast for ITV.

Next animation of Who's got more rhythm than a lemon? Who keeps time better than a walnut? Who's more tuneful than a naked onion? No one - that's right. So Dog & Rabbit have brought all of the most musical fruit and veg together to form the world's tastiest supergroup. For the first time ever.

Conception/music/execution - it's all been Fu'd (pronounced food) by Dog & Rabbit's Fu.

Food Network

Give power to your flower. Add animation to your illustration. Go GIF. Whether it’s a simple gif, a short animation or an epic commercial - Dog and Rabbit have worked with all of our CIA artists to bring their illustrations to life. So it’s time to stand out. Bring your project to life. Make it move. Captivate. Animate.

Keywords: Animation, Collage, Digital, Mixed Media, Pop-Up, Nature, Wildlife

Dog and Rabbit