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Brown Thomas Mothers Day  

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Next illustration of An ongoing series of personal illustrations inspired by the life at home during the pandemic. 2020-2021
Why does my back hurt?
Sunday Plans

illustration, lounge, covid, colours, cubism, art, movement, figures, gesture, font, ar, recreation, poster, graphics, home

One year Home

'With that piece, I wanted to celebrate the different generations of the wonderful women in my life. To my grandmothers, to my mom, to my friend and her newborn baby... there are so many stages of motherhood and equally different women all around us. I wanted this artwork to be a celebration of strength, renewal, family time and inter-generational love. And a shared, distant warm hug with all of them'

Keywords: Abstract, Animation, Design, Digital, Adventure, Holidays, Licensing, Food/Beverage, Lifestyle, Branding

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