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Torch Bearer

illustration of Coloring book-style cover for
Next illustration of DC Comics hero Superman — ** superheroes, superhero, superheros, hero, heroes, heros, comics, comic, comic book, comic books, comicbook, comicbooks, comic strip, comic strips, cartoon, cartoons, cartooning, anime, animation, fantasy, action, adventure, marvel, dc, Superman, man of steel, dc, pop art

Duty Calls

Coloring book-style cover for "ACAMS Today," a magazine directed towards professionals in the anti-money laundering industry. —— ** comics, comicbook, comic book, coloring, coloring book, coloring books, cartoon, cartoons, adult coloring book, finance, finances, economics, crime, white crime, fraud, money, black market, art, auction, money laundering, cash, illegal, drugs, terrorist, gallery, culture

Keywords: Black & White, Cartoon, Fine Art, Line, Pen & Ink, Book Covers, Comic Book, Corporate, Editorial, Financial

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