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“When I need to hire a new illustrator, I go straight to my printed Directories to quickly review lots of choices. When I see interesting samples from an artist, I go online for more.”

Sarah Micklem

Design Specialist / GIRL SCOUTS OF THE USA

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Fausto Montanari

Fausto Montanari for ESPN

© Fausto Montanari

Fedco Seed Company

Lyn Alice

Lyn Alice for Fedco Seed Company

© Lyn Alice

Second Story Press

Sue Todd

Sue Todd for Second Story Press

© Sue Todd

Someplace Sunny

April Hartmann

April Hartmann for Someplace Sunny

© April Hartmann

Star Tribune

Matt Chinworth

Matt Chinworth for Star Tribune

© Matt Chinworth


Marcelo Badari

Marcelo Badari for Geyst

© Marcelo Badari

DDV Mediengruppe / Sächsische Zeitung

Malte Knaack

Malte Knaack for DDV Mediengruppe / Sächsische Zeitung

© Malte Knaack

Allegra King

Secil Demir

Secil Demir for Allegra King

© Secil Demir

Pearson Publishing

Bob Zuba

Bob Zuba for Pearson Publishing

© Bob Zuba

Fox Chase Cancer Center


Eyewash for Fox Chase Cancer Center

© 2018 Eyewash

Purple Squirrel Media

Todd Kale

Todd Kale for Purple Squirrel Media

© Todd Kale

Trading Standards

Richard Beacham

Richard Beacham for Trading Standards

© Richard Beacham

Chivas Brothers

Lauren Crow

Lauren Crow for Chivas Brothers

© Lauren Crow

Friesen Publishing

Ian Kirkpatrick

Ian Kirkpatrick for Friesen Publishing

© Ian Kirkpatrick

McLean Communications

Robert Pizzo

Robert Pizzo for McLean Communications

© Robert Pizzo



MaRik for Cosmopolitan

© maRik

DC Thomson Media

Tracy Fennell

Tracy Fennell for DC Thomson Media


New York Times

Lisa Quine

Lisa Quine for New York Times

© Jovanna Tosello

Yuengling Brewery

Steven Noble

Steven Noble for Yuengling Brewery

© Yuengling Brewery


Gary LaCoste

Gary LaCoste for Highlights

© highlights

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