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Human an illusionist  

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Aloft in the Clouds

illustration of  This is an extract from the installation,
Next illustration of This is the story of a little puppy, Spinos, was lost on Christmas Eve and he's going through the scariest moments of his life until his parents finding him again. Puppy, lonely, clay, claymation, mixed, technic, digital, painting, ink, children, book, fairytale.

Lost n'lonely

This is an extract from the installation, "Human an illusionist" including, an animation film, sculptures, paintings, illustrations. It is a philosophical story about life and death, time and fear. Time, fear, human, agony, time, philosophy, psychology, poetry, orange, birth, death, digital, paint, painting, acrylics, digital_oil, painter.

Keywords: Animation, Conceptual, Fine Art, Painterly, Interactive, Installations, Film/Entertainment, Motion, People, Spiritual

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