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The Mushroom Company


Pastel, Lettering, Cartoon, Watercolor, Fine Art, Film/Entertainment, Line, Airbrush, Digital, Calligraphy, Vector, Impressionistic, Painterly, Abstract, Realism, Floral, Pen & Ink, Colored Pencil, Concept Art, Design, Caricature, Pencil, Figurative, Line with Color


Nature, Food, Product, Lifestyle, Children's Products, Family, Masculine, Political, Comic Book, Grunge, Music, Wildlife, Spiritual, Sports, Celebrities, Packaging, Editorial, Humor, Health, Icons, Science, Children's Books, Fantasy, Vintage / Retro, Feminine, Portrait, Futuristic, Animals, Historical, Youth, Still Life, Character Development, Religious, Food/Beverage, People, Education, Romance, Mystery, Urban, Fashion/Cosmetics, Botanical, Posters, Action


The Mushroom Company is a illustration and animation agency. We represent worldwide 2D and 3D illustrators, papercraft illustrators and 2D- 3D animation studios. In all our projects, whether large or small, we always make a firm commitment to quality, creativity and innovation. With offices in Madrid working for the global advertising market, The Mushroom Company offers a wide variety of styles. Here you can see an small selection of our represented artists