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The Mushroom Company


Abstract, Airbrush, Calligraphy, Caricature, Cartoon, Colored Pencil, Design, Digital, Figurative, Fine Art, Impressionistic, Lettering, Line, Line with Color, Painterly, Pastel, Pen & Ink, Pencil, Realism, Watercolor, Floral, Concept Art, Film/Entertainment, Vector


Humor, Action, Animals, Botanical, Character Development, Children's Books, Children's Products, Comic Book, Editorial, Education, Family, Fantasy, Fashion/Cosmetics, Food, Futuristic, Health, Historical, Icons, Music, Mystery, Nature, Packaging, People, Political, Portrait, Posters, Product, Religious, Romance, Science, Sports, Still Life, Wildlife, Food/Beverage, Lifestyle, Vintage / Retro, Feminine, Masculine, Spiritual, Youth, Grunge, Urban


The Mushroom Company is a illustration and animation agency. We represent worldwide 2D and 3D illustrators, papercraft illustrators and 2D- 3D animation studios. In all our projects, whether large or small, we always make a firm commitment to quality, creativity and innovation. With offices in Madrid working for the global advertising market, The Mushroom Company offers a wide variety of styles. Here you can see an small selection of our represented artists