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illustration of At beach, have you ever wondered  if poseidon had peed in the water?
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illustration of Design, Digital, Vector, Humor, Children, Editorial, Leisure, People
illustration of Design, Digital, Vector, Humor, Editorial, Leisure, Lifestyle, Masculine
illustration of Digital, Vector, Humor, Editorial, People, Masculine
illustration of Design, Digital, Graphic, Vector, Humor, Editorial, Still Life, Agriculture, Urban
illustration of Introvert
illustration of Rush hour
illustration of Call me crazy but I bet it´s gonna be a new world record.
illustration of My father always warned me that pretty girls carry a devil in their back pockets.
illustration of
illustration of Her favorite thing in the world is to jump into swimming pools. She hates to get wet, though.
illustration of I love popsicles...but when it comes to pick one, its always dramatic for me.
illustration of These small aquatic creatures are quite common and can usually be found in swimming pools.
illustration of Illustration for Hollywood Reporter Magazine
illustration of Whenever I get to the beach in summertime I get wasted, just like a drug or so. The winter time is usually spent at a rehab clinic.
illustration of I have this theory that when you are waiting at a bus stop you age at least 10 times faster than normal.
illustration of She bet with her friends that she was going to jump in that deep blue lake and she did. She didn´t resurfaced.

A couple of weeks later we all got a wedding invitation from her and Aquaman.
illustration of Everybody told me that if I wanted to be someone I should move to the Big City. Maybe that wasn´t such a good idea after all.
illustration of I have this friend that can´t help herself everytime she sees street lamps. A simple walk into the bakery usually ends in a cabaret show.
illustration of World Fencing championship quarter-finals. Still no one suspects.
illustration of That´s what happens when my team signs with someone from the south hemisphere.
illustration of I consider myself a people person. I´m always trying to find new ways of meeting people.
illustration of Don´t you just hate when you find alpinists on your food?
illustration of 
Everyday, when the sun meets the moon in the sky, and Aphrodite comes to compliment both, the Sailor sneaks to the balcony, just to get a chance to see her, hoping that just for one moment, he caughts her eye.

Later on, this innocent attraction became an obsession, and the sailor started to wait for her all day inside the elevator, just to smell her jasmine perfume and say Hi.

He eventually got a restraining order.
illustration of After a good and relaxing bath, there is nothing more enjoyable than get rid of all that dirty water in a shape of beautiful soap bubbles out the window.
illustration of 
It´s really hard to decide which TV show to watch, specially when the season finale of Dawson´s Creek and the Cazaquistan Footbal Cup Final are running at the same time.

So nothing better than wear your TV as an helmet and catch every show at the same time. Simultaneously.
illustration of There´s this guy I know that suspects there is a gorilla living on his roof. He spends sleepless nights listening nothing but UHUHUH´s and AHAHAH´s coming from above.

Everytime this happens he goes to see the cosmos through the lenses of his brand new telescope. Since then he discovered at least a new planet every night.
illustration of As a 2001: A Space Odyssey fan, Yuri loves to spin around in zero gravity while his downstairs neighbor rehearsals Strauss´s Blue Danube on her cello.
illustration of I´ve got this special place where I go everytime I need to be alone. I keep it next to the cookie jar.
illustration of My papa always say: it ain´t real till it´s on TV.
illustration of Soulmates are hard to find. They say they are made from the same stardust.

I met mine at an astronomy convention.
illustration of As the world heavy weight cabbage-lifting champion I have no matching opponents. Except maybe for rabbits.
illustration of I spend half my days drinking coffee. I spend the other half making the coffee.
illustration of It all started with an hungry guy and a stone. He boiled the stone in hot water and said he was cooking the best soup ever in front of all his neighborhood. No one was tricked because they all already knew the
illustration of I always said that someday I would visit the bottom of the sea. Now that I´ve seen it, it´s not that great.

It´s just a bunch of dumb fish and nervous sea weeds.
illustration of Gravity is an asshole. It fails me everytime I go water my plants. So from now on I just keep them upstairs.
illustration of I´m totally screwed if something happens to this baloon in particular.
illustration of I know a girl that really really wanted to levitate, so she went to see this yoga master that said that only with years of devotion and meditation maybe she could achieve it.

That´s how she discovered air vents.
illustration of There was a time when I kept on having this kind of Siamese dream. Everywhere I´d go, everything I´d say or think, was backed up by another me, tangled with myself.

Sometimes we even danced together. Finally I started to get Billy Idol.
illustration of I suspect there´s a Yeti living on my backpack.

My lunch keeps disappering. Except when I bring broccolli. It´s a well-known fact that Yetis hate broccolli.
illustration of The Express Service is a 24 hour service at the reach of a phone call. Everytime your favorite ice cream falls on the floor, or that your highly anticipated blind-date doesn´t work out, and you feel hopelessly depressed, just give us a ring and we will pick you up and curse together against the world.

We can also stalk people. For the right price.
illustration of Sardine 1
illustration of Sardine 2
illustration of Sardine 3


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