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Commercial projects & campaigns

The Wall Street Journal

Barbara Kelley

Barbara Kelley for The Wall Street Journal

© BarbaraKelley

Atmosphere Press

Tim Lord

Tim Lord for Atmosphere Press

© Atmosphere Press


Fausto Montanari

Fausto Montanari for TEDed

© Fausto Montanari

Ciência Hoje das Crianças

Marcelo Badari

Marcelo Badari for Ciência Hoje das Crianças

© Marcelo Badari


Owen Davey

Owen Davey for Mythopedia

© Owen Davey


Antoine Corbineau

Antoine Corbineau for Beneteau

© Antoine Corbineau

Bespoke Post

Sally Caulwell

Sally Caulwell for Bespoke Post

© Sally Caulwell

Channel 4

Ricardo Bessa

Ricardo Bessa for Channel 4

© Ricardo Bessa

Mothercare PLC (Early learning Centre)

Ian Cunliffe

Ian Cunliffe for Mothercare PLC (Early learning Centre)

© Ian Cunliffe

Absolut Vodka

Alexandra Wong

Alexandra Wong for Absolut Vodka

© Absolut Vodka


Anne Wertheim

Anne Wertheim for Ravensburger

© Anne Wertheim, Ravensburger

CalTech Alumni Magazine

Matt Chinworth

Matt Chinworth for CalTech Alumni Magazine

© Matt Chinworth


Erin Taniguchi

Erin Taniguchi for Briarpatch

© Erin Taniguchi

AstraZeneca MedImmune

Mica Duran

Mica Duran for AstraZeneca MedImmune

© © Mica Duran. All rights reserved.

New Yorker

Richard A Chance

Richard A Chance for New Yorker

© richard a chance

Clubhouse Jr. Magazine

Gary LaCoste

Gary LaCoste for Clubhouse Jr. Magazine


Allendale Brewery

Martin Reznik

Martin Reznik for Allendale Brewery

© Martin Reznik

MAD Magazine

David DeGrand

David DeGrand for MAD Magazine

© DC Comics


Paola Pagano

Paola Pagano for CSEF

© Paola Pagano

Pearson Education Canada

Sue Todd

Sue Todd for Pearson Education Canada

© Pearson Education Canada

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