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Commercial projects & campaigns

La Double J


Aitch for La Double J

© Aitch

Penguin Workshop

Ralph Voltz

Ralph Voltz for Penguin Workshop

© Ralph Voltz


James Albon

James Albon for Libération

© James Albon


Matt Chinworth

Matt Chinworth for Caltech

© Matt Chinworth

City of Waterloo

Sue Todd

Sue Todd for City of Waterloo

© Sue Todd Illustration

Graphic Classics

Lisa K Weber

Lisa K Weber for Graphic Classics


Pharmaceutical Company

Mica Duran

Mica Duran for Pharmaceutical Company

© ©2022 Mica Duran. All rights reserved.

The Wall Street Journal

Barbara Kelley

Barbara Kelley for The Wall Street Journal

© barbara Kelley

World Finance

Richard Beacham

Richard Beacham for World Finance


Buttercup Publishing

Paola Pagano

Paola Pagano for Buttercup Publishing

© Paola Pagano

Harper's Magazine

Darya Shnykina

Darya Shnykina for Harper's Magazine


Sojourners Magazine

Mary Haasdyk

Mary Haasdyk for Sojourners Magazine

© Mary Haasdyk

Invader Publishing

Danijel Zezelj

Danijel Zezelj for Invader Publishing

© Danijel Zezelj

Baltimore Magazine

Matt Rota

Matt Rota for Baltimore Magazine

© Matt Rota

Psychotherapy Networker,

Adam Niklewicz

Adam Niklewicz for Psychotherapy Networker,

© Adam Niklewicz

Martin French

Martin French for

© Martin French

The Washington Post

Dominic Bugatto

Dominic Bugatto for The Washington Post

© Dominic Bugatto

The Samaritans

Bill Ledger

Bill Ledger for The Samaritans

© Billl Ledger 2022

Harper's Bazaar - Germany

Anna Resmini

Anna Resmini for Harper's Bazaar - Germany

© Anna Resmini


Jay Fernandez

Jay Fernandez for curaleaf

© Jay Fernandez

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