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“The online Directory is fabulous. I appreciate the ability to do keyword searches. I also like that you feature illustrators from all over the world. I always know that I can find what I am looking for by visiting your site.”

Jennifer Carling


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Commercial projects & campaigns

Kim Weybrecht

morgan spicer

morgan spicer for Kim Weybrecht

© morgan spicer

Clubhouse Jr.

Gary LaCoste

Gary LaCoste for Clubhouse Jr.

© Gary LaCoste

High Country News

Lauren Crow

Lauren Crow for High Country News

© Lauren Crow

Greeting Card Universe

Colleen Kong-Savage

Colleen Kong-Savage for Greeting Card Universe

© Colleen Kong-Savage

The Baffler

Danielle Chenette

Danielle Chenette for The Baffler

© Danielle Chenette

Mud Bay Pet Supplies

Sue Todd

Sue Todd for Mud Bay Pet Supplies

© Sue Todd Illustration

Sri Tech Engineering

Alex Rennie

Alex Rennie for Sri Tech Engineering

© Sri Tech Engineering

VIFA magazine

Johan Papin

Johan Papin for VIFA magazine

© Johan Papin

Fortnum and Masons

MH Jeeves

MH Jeeves for Fortnum and Masons

© MH Jeeves


Charlie Padgett

Charlie Padgett for Shake-it

© charlie padgett


Daniela de los Rios

Daniela de los Rios for VNRO

© Daniela de los Ríos

Baen Books

Alan Pollack

Alan Pollack for Baen Books

© AlanPollack2020

Hot Shot Sisters

Brianna Reagan

Brianna Reagan for Hot Shot Sisters

© 2019-2020


Ruby Taylor

Ruby Taylor for L’occitane

© Ruby Taylor

The Wall Street Journal

Barbara Kelley

Barbara Kelley for The Wall Street Journal

© BarbaraKelley

Harvard Business Review

Beth Goody

Beth Goody for Harvard Business Review


Cricket Magazine

Kristina Swarner

Kristina Swarner for Cricket Magazine

© Kristina Swarner


Ian Cunliffe

Ian Cunliffe for BBC

© Ian Cunliffe

Weeva, Inc.

Samantha Jo

Samantha Jo for Weeva, Inc.

© Samantha Jo Phan


Erin Taniguchi

Erin Taniguchi for Monitor

© Erin Taniguchi

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