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John Ferguson

illustration of A white collar employee is stuck in his cubicle with no way to get out. The bottle represents the feeling of
illustration of Kim Jong Un is desperately trying to launch nuclear missiles but there is one tiny obstacle - the American flag.
illustration of People are lining up to drink whatever Kool-Aid is being promoted that particular day, week, month or year. It never seems to end.
illustration of A man in a tuxedo is being pulled along a red carpet event by someone else because the man wants to ride his own coat tails. Basically thinking his reputation will carry him through in the future.
illustration of Never stand between a dog and his hydrant. Here, a businessman is in the way of a dog wanting to relieve himself. It's a metaphor to mean sometimes you have to get out of the way.
illustration of A construction guy is making the slot in a piggy bank larger to allow more money to be fed into. A metaphor
illustration of A Doctor is performing a leeching or bloodletting with actual money because of the insane costs of healthcare. A metaphor
illustration of A scuba diver is ready to leap into the water, but unknown to him, a coral reef lies right below him. A metaphor.
illustration of A man is screaming from the tops of his lungs into a tiny megaphone, only to be unheard.
illustration of A man is warning an approaching train about the bridge that is out. His warning is coming too late since the man is standing exactly at the spot the bridge is out.
illustration of A musician stands outside a club and there is music everywhere, even in the raindrops. A metaphor represents that for some, music is unavoidable and everywhere.
illustration of A skiier is preparing to go down a hill that is clearly too small and perhaps too easy for him. Certain people stop at specific challenges and never try more.
illustration of A man is kneeling in front of an empty mirror frame proposing to himself. A Metaphor.
illustration of Metaphor illustration representing the unknowns. Here, skydivers are blinded to danger by a single cloud obstructing a skyscraper with a sharp tower at the top.
illustration of One man on another man's shoulders is taking a foodie pic of a large burger on their lunch break.
illustration of A man with his back to us represents President Obama and his signature
illustration of Illustration for an article about how Elon Musk is getting into the streaming music business and the competition better look out. Here, Elon Musk paints a fake tunnel into the side of a mountain and Pandora, Spotify and Apple, represented by race cars, are about to crash and burn. Metaphor.
illustration of A ski mask over the
illustration of One woman is in a recording studio with an iPhone instead of a mic. At her feet are pedals representing the social channels that people can get their music out to the masses. In this day and age, it's never been easier to get your art out there.
illustration of Illustration of one man taking an inappropriate selfie during a meeting. A metaphor suggesting a certain generation doesn't know when to treat things seriously.
illustration of A politician is riding the Democratic donkey backwards and away from Capitol Hill. He is blindfolded and does not know where he is going.
illustration of The president is taking out the trash and placing it in a Republican trash can. Metaphor represents the state of the Republican party.
illustration of A woman is in a field of flowers, but instead of beautiful flowers, they're actually ugly handguns. Metaphor of how some people just love to pick violence over other things.
illustration of Metaphor representing how some people struggle to succeed. Here, a man is on a tricycle with a boulder strapped to his back as he pedals through tar or oil or muck.
illustration of Metaphor of one man with springs for shoes, jumping from a trampoline through a hoop on fire. His success is short-lived because he will be flying off the cliff. He did not plan things through.
illustration of A man poses as a great wildlife photographer, but he is actually taking pictures off the T.V.. He fills the room with all the ambiance of being in the jungle, complete with safari hat, mosquito netting and palm trees.
illustration of metaphor represents how sometimes in life we just have to get through the pain. Here, a snake has to traverse a sea of sandpaper to get out of trouble.
illustration of A metaphor illustration representing how people don't challenge themselves enough. Here a skier is on a mountain that is too small and too easy for him.
illustration of Metaphor of one fisherman at a fishing hole, but the fishing hole he chose is a terrible choice compared to the massive lake next to the hole
illustration of A man is washing the windows of his own prison. A metaphor representing
illustration of A man is on the top of a lighthouse trying to add a little more light
illustration of A man is using a matchstick to help him see. If only he would look behind him, he'd see the light switch that turns on many light sources.
illustration of Editorial illustration representing the many hurdles a start-up company faces.
illustration of a metaphor illustration representing people are like birds at a bird feeder when it comes to financial advice from experts.
illustration of Editorial illustration representing the fact that some people continue to burn too many bridges
illustration of Metaphor image of one man in a marathon crossing the finish line but will be tripped up from the ribbon.
illustration of Metaphor representing how some children are never satisfied with what they've already accomplished. He has trophies all around but one seems out of reach.
illustration of The power of a pregnant woman. No one is stronger. A woman is busting through chains to simulate the Neal Adams Superman cover of the seventies.
illustration of An image of a sculptor working on the first truly monumental statue of a woman in American History. A metaphor.
illustration of People still love the idea of war. Editorial illustration represents this with a crew member filling the rocket with confetti
illustration of A bubble blower is airlifted over an active volcano to disspell how deadly volcanoes always seem to be.
illustration of A man is on top of the Hollywood sign using a jackhammer to break into the fortress of Hollywood, to no avail.
illustration of A woman is rolling her desk over to a new job and in a banker's box, she has also rolled her money over to that new job.
illustration of A woman is hoping beyond hope to remove breast cancer with the wave of wand.
illustration of A man walks around acting like he's the life of the party.
illustration of A man is pulling a woman into a life raft; however, the raft is sinking.
illustration of A man is oblivious to where he is expanding his investments. He doesn't see the dangers.
illustration of A 1959 Cadillac Hearse has been stripped at the worst possible time.
illustration of A man on stilts has dropped his wallet and now it is impossible to pick it up.
illustration of A big, burly lumberjack tackles the least amount of work he can find.
illustration of The fire department is putting out a house on water.
illustration of A metaphor for people who exaggerate or lie to make themselves look good.
illustration of A man is painting stop lights to remove all obstacles before him.
illustration of A one-legged man is entering an ass-kicking contest.
illustration of A visual representation of
illustration of A metaphor explaning how some people can choose to turn off intellectually whenever they want.
illustration of A metaphor for throwing money at a problem.
illustration of A metaphor to show how some people always overthink things.
illustration of A metaphor for people going overboard to get what they want.
illustration of A metaphor for a woman climbing the corporate ladder to advance, only to see the slingshot will fail because it's compromised. Women have a hard time trying to play on a level playing field in business.
illustration of A man is overeating as only an American can do and the dangers are represented by the spaghetti turning into barbed wire.
illustration of A conceptual illustration representing just how dangerous some jobs are.
illustration of A metaphor explaning how some people can be so focused on one thing, that many things escape their notice.
illustration of A whimsical metaphor for blowing up a balloon.
illustration of A metaphor for people pulling themselves up by the bootstraps to better their lives.
illustration of A metaphor for a deterrent that countries use to prevent peace from entering their country.
illustration of A metaphor for getting nowhere fast. The noodle goes in as a whole and leaves as a whole.


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