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Brain teaser created to mark the beginning of Daylight Saving Time in the UK. The challenge is to find the one clock set an hour behind all the others.

Eyewash LLC
illustration of Editorial illustration accompanying an article on lung immunotherapy for a cancer treatment center blog.
illustration of Detailed cutaway views of an aerial tanker and rotorcraft for the Triumph Group 2018 Annual Report.
illustration of Online picture puzzle ad created to coincide with the UK's 2018 license plate format, yellow plates on the front of vehicles, white on the rear. The puzzle goal is to find the car with its plates reversed front and rear.
illustration of Illustration for ad campaign announcing the opening of a suburban treatment center.
illustration of Infographic showing the 10 main cloud groups and the altitudes they occupy in the atmosphere, for an article in Scholastic's Science World Magazine.
illustration of A cross-sectional view of the supervolcano lying beneath Yellowstone National Park for Scholastic's Science World Magazine. The diagram shows how hot magma exerts forces that can lead to earthquakes and eruptions.
illustration of Cross-section of a peat bog for an article on archeology in Science World Magazine.
illustration of Infographics for an article about the extreme terrains around the world some children have to negotiate just to attend classes. The top image illustrates how monsoons form. The bottom image shows how mountains are created through plate tectonics
illustration of Cross-sectional view of FLIP (Floating Instrument Platform), a 350-foot vessel that is towed to a location and filled with water, causing it to rotate 90 degrees, providing a stable four-story station from which to monitor ocean conditions.
illustration of Schematic showing the distortion of space by Earth and the sun.
illustration of Infographic outlining a tongue-in-cheek survival guide for binge-watching TV programs and movies, including tips for posture, nutrition, and caffeine intake.
illustration of Choose-your-path guide for surviving classic horror movie plots.
illustration of Illustrations for a profile of Clair Patterson, the scientist who determined the age of the Earth, for mental
illustration of Illustrations for a magazine article documenting the use of 3-D printing to aid animals. The series documents steps in the creation of a new artificial shell for a turtle injured in a fire.
illustration of Illustration for an article detailing the use of CT scanning by archeologists to examine body casts from the eruption of Pompeii.
illustration of Illustrations showing the forces of gravity and friction in play while skydiving.
illustration of Infographic accompanying an article on the development of autonomous vehicles featuring radar, lidar, and camera technologies.
illustration of A diagram showing the components of a vertical farming system.
illustration of A cross-sectional diagram for an article comparing the features of mammal, reptile, and insect eyes.
illustration of Infographic accompanying a case study report detailing a new medical procedure for treating large liver tumors.
illustration of An illustration demonstrating the real-world medical laboratory functions replicated in miniature via chip-based technology.
illustration of An illustration diagramming the various stages of a tumbleweed's growth.
illustration of An illustration diagramming four stages of mummy preparation for a children's science publication.
illustration of Illustration for an article detailing recent discoveries regarding the Homo Neladi specimen
illustration of Four spots accompanying an article on sports under consideration for inclusion as Olympic competitions.
illustration of A diagram for an article describing how honeybees communicate the location of a nectar source to other members of the colony.
illustration of Instructional illustrations for an article describing how figures from literature could have benefitted from some simple household fixes. The stories: To Build a Fire; The Picture of Dorian Gray; Jane Eyre; and Hamlet.
illustration of Illustrations for an article describing the inner workings of various Muppet characters.
illustration of Images created for a mapping program for the city of Philadelphia enabling users to plan trips to cultural attractions without a car.

The illustrations are featured on promotional materials, transit ads on buses and subway cars, and the GoPhillyGo web site, and were used on the cover of the custom map created for the welcome kit of the 2016 Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia.
illustration of Cover and interior illustration for an article on the negative aspects of technological warfare.
illustration of Step-by-step instructional illustrations for a book detailing how to customize standard furniture products.
illustration of Step-by-step instructional illustrations for a book detailing how to customize standard furniture products.
illustration of Step-by-step instructional illustrations for a book detailing how to customize standard furniture products.
illustration of An image created for a page of a sales workbook presented to institutional food service clients for calculating the percentage of total tray cost for each individual food item.
illustration of Illustrations of imaginary products showcased in the tech section of
illustration of A series of illustrations created as a coloring book promotion for a novel about demonic possession set in the 1980s. Four iconic 80s artifacts are depicted with occult attributes and made available by the publisher online as downloadable pdfs to be printed and colored.
illustration of Hidden-image puzzle for Quirk Books in celebration of Shark Week.
illustration of Hidden-image puzzle commemorating Harper Lee's birthday, forQuirkBooks.
illustration of A hidden-picture puzzle created to coincide with the annual Oscar Awards. An Oscar statuette is hidden among a crowd of C-3POs.
illustration of A hidden-picture puzzle featuring Donald Trump concealed in a pile of Tribbles from the classic Star Trek TV series.
illustration of A hidden-picture puzzle created during the 2016 US presidential campaign featuring images of a Hillary Clinton queen and a Donald Trump king amid a scattering of playing cards.
illustration of Cover illustration for a patient information kit.
illustration of Cross-section of a tooth for a dental firm's capabilities brochure.
illustration of A cross-section of skin showing the pathology of acne, created for a program of custom-printed magazine wraps distributed to doctors' offices.
illustration of Image for an informational poster distributed to hospitals and health centers to educate patients on the proper method for covering a cough.
illustration of An illustration for an article on NASA's patented zero-G hairstyling chamber for barbering in space.
illustration of An illustration for an article profiling the developer of the iconic Air Jordan sneaker.
illustration of An illustration for an article about employing common household food items for life hacks, in this instance using peanut butter for shaving.
illustration of An illustration detailing step-by-step instructions for constructing an igloo.
illustration of An illustration for an article detailing the nuances of three classic figure skating moves.
illustration of Three illustrations for an article describing technological advances in the art of toasting bread.
illustration of An infographic highlighting unusual aversions.
illustration of An infographic showing the structure and contents of the Millennium Time Capsule sealed by the White House in 1999.
illustration of An infographic map featuring the jobs most distinctive to each US state.
illustration of An infographic featuring stylized icons to represent unusual ailments unique to German society.
illustration of An infographic illustrating obscure facts and trivia about two dozen classic Halloween treats.
illustration of An online infographic detailing favorite pizza variations from across the United States and around the world.
illustration of A tongue-in-cheek infographic detailing several ways in which math can improve and enhance the pizza-eating experience.
illustration of A chart-your-own-path infographic created in celebration of Dr. Seuss' birthday, featuring icons and chart graphics inspired by the style of the famous author.
illustration of An infographic designed to help determine one's potential BFF from a group of famous characters in literature.
illustration of An infographic incorporating books in traditional yoga poses.
illustration of A tongue-in-cheek instructional poster created to promote National Read A Book Day.
illustration of An infographic chronicling the life events leading to Mary Shelley's creation of her famous novel.
illustration of An infographic comparing statistics on various elements of the novel— the ship
illustration of An infographic celebrating the common birthday of H. G. Wells and Stephen King, comparing facts and statistics from their personal and professional lives.
illustration of An online pop culture quiz based on the eyewear of 15 iconic science fiction movie characters.
illustration of An infographic detailing the adventures of the Hobbits in the Lord of the Ring novels.
illustration of An infographic recommending classic works of literature to read based on the amount of time spent in holiday shopping lines.
illustration of An online infographic detailing various statistics from the film
illustration of An infographic highlighting the modern crime-fighting techniques employed by Sherlock Holmes in the stories by Arthur Conan Doyle.
illustration of An infographic detailing various aspects of hurricane formation and impact in US history.
illustration of An infographic providing details on the scope, growth, and causes of increasing private security measures in the U.S.
illustration of An infographic describing the connectivity, trends, and economy of the Internet of Things.


Digital illustration with analog sensibility. How-to meets what-if. Realistically rendered surreality. Deadpan precision with a wink in its eye. Graphic design AND graphics design.


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