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Private Bank

Corporate Identity

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The bank creates a client magazine that focuses on one topic twice a year. Their topic was “to be" and their article focused on the theme “corporate identity".

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illustration of Turkey Vulture portrait for Audubon Society. The turkey vulture is dark with a reddish coloration and whitish beak. This distinctive bird of prey is also known as the turkey buzzard. Turquoise, feathers
illustration of Stamp series. Wyoming, buffalo, 1890, aztec, red, blue, white, USA, 44th state, equality, state, equal, rights, Union, Cheyenne, cowboy, western, animal, WY
illustration of Alaska stamp is part of the 50 states stamp series. Mountains, snow, whale, fin, forest, ice, tree, 1959, USA, wildlife, water, National, park, green
illustration of blue, green pink, doodle, sketches, spray paint, cut out, wings, x, face, smile, mouth, circle
illustration of Kansas is part of the 50 states stamp series. Sunflower, state, multiple, brown, yellow, orange, flower, bloom, repeat,
illustration of Illustration created for a private bank to be displayed in their magazine about corporate identity. Pink, lighthouse, eye, green, light, lighthouse, window, focus
illustration of Cactus, doodle, spray paint, line, leaves, lucha, mask, eye, arrow, lips, orange, blue, black, pink, cutout, design
illustration of Illustration created for a private bank to be displayed in their magazine about corporate identity. Hands, tree, pencil, clouds, green, pink, blue, navy
illustration of Proposed logo design for Mystic Quarry at Canyon Lake in Texas. Camping, firewood, M, Q, blue, green, estd., 2017, campground, camping, illustration, typography, lettering, oval, shape
illustration of yellow, orange, turquoise, doodle, sketches, spray paint, cut out, head, x, face, smile, mouth, shapes, square, dots, checker, geometry
illustration of Custom skateboards created for a skate shop in Austin, TX. skating, skate, triangle, shapes, cut out, circle, stripes, leaves, cactus, dots, eye, camera, hand, raindrops, rain, face, wings, yellow, orange, blue, green, black, white, pink, board
illustration of New Jersey stamp is part of the 50 states stamp series. 1789, Vegetables, tomatoes, lettuce, green thumb, garden, apple, peas, blueberries, cucumber, corn, leaf, seed, worm, hand, fingers, farm, red, dots, circle
illustration of pug, dog, cone of shame, tongue, eyes, brown, pink, white, tail, animal, rescue, wrinkles, ears, bulging, legs, curl, small, circle
illustration of Doodle, sketches, triangle, shapes, multiple, art, eye, flame, snake, camera, lightning bolt, pencil, squiggly, yellow, blue, green, cut out, circle, square, tree stump, geometry
illustration of rain, raindrops, waves, shaps, spray paint, circle, asterisk, black, yellow, turquoise, green, doodle, sketches, writing, geometry, animal, hand, arrow, posters, mystery
illustration of Illustration and design logo for a Tea Bar. cup, steam, lettering, T, E, white, embassy, brown, turquoise, drink, beverage, tea time, diet
illustration of Yo, type design, illustration, Y, O, red, blue, typography, lettering, cursive
illustration of Illustration for Hawaii stamp, part of a series for all 50 states. Surfer, surf, surfing, surfboard, fish, water, feet, 50th, state, paradise, Aloha, 1959, USA, island, wave, papa he'e nalu, ocean, sport
illustration of Science illustration for Industrial video. beaker, microscope, flame, test tube, Heisenberg, Mr. White, experiment, biology, chemistry, technology, lab, tools, materials, chemicals, ideas, results, data, hypothesis, conclusion, conduct, research
illustration of Caffeine dealer graphic. coffee, bicycle, beans, couple trees, red, green, white, clouds, shop, city, specialty, illustration, design, gray, grey, conceptual, bike, cafe, café, cup, steam, hot, beverages, establishment, creative, design
illustration of Kangaroo type design. K, blue, navy, red, orange, illustration, lower case, marsupial, macropodidae, tree-kangaroo, macropus, big foot, jump, leap, Australia, herds, mobs, animal, pouch, belly, joeys, mammal, herbivore, typography, letter, lettering
illustration of Poster design for National Bike month. Bicycle, mustache, ATX, good, me, feel, red, blue, green, League of American Bicyclists, coast, ride, event, May, celebrate, wheels, illustration, design, exercise, safety, love, fun, bike to work, healthy
illustration of Logo mark for Roaring Forks Flip IPA. buffalo, arrows, wooden nickel, beer, In Hops We Trust, illustration, yellow, black, India Pale Ale, brew, craft, hops, malt, barley, strong, brewery, breweries, aroma, flavor, flavour
illustration of Logo design for an Italian wine bar. corkscrew, vespa, fine, fresh, orange, blue, airport, grapes, Austin-Bergstrom, restaurant, cafe, café, menu, espresso, Annie's, vino, Paseo, brands
illustration of deck, skateboard, red, wood, black, lettering, illustration, brand, skate, classic, wheels, sport, original, technology, gear, action, protective, equipment, skill
illustration of Illustration for Utah stamp, part of series for all 50 states. Wedding, bride, groom, 45th, state, USA, Mormons, cake, turquoise, black, top hat, flowers, tuxedo, dress, bow tie, typography, lettering, 1896, Ute, marriage, polygamy, plural
illustration of Earth worm font.
illustration of Cardinal portrait for Audubon Society. Bird, red, cardinal-grosbeaks, cardinal-buntings, Paroaria, biology, beak, male, Animalia, seed-eating, orange, yellow, black, feathers
illustration of Book Mark, B, blue, shapes, read, illustration, typography, rectangle
illustration of Logo design for a publishing company. squid, book, eye, squiggly, white, read, shape, cephalopod, arms, eight, 8, swim, tentacles, head, bilateral, symmetry, mantle, marine, mollusks, underwater
illustration of Logo mark for Half Moon Farms quarter horse facility in upper New York. horse, colt, racing, red, 2, two, ying-yang, American, North America, breed
illustration of Hospital illustration for a video. Trees, ambulance, helicopter, clouds, windows, first aid, entrance, flying, white, red, blue, healthcare, medical, emergency, urgent, care, helipad, lift, flat, surface, safe, location
illustration of 8 words for eight years deck design. Skateboard, sign painter lettering, John Wayne,
illustration of Ran into this dude in West Texas. rattle snake, fear, cactus, a few clouds
illustration of Red Throated Hummingbird portrait for Audubon Society.
illustration of Logo design for a line of bathroom fixtures by Kholer.
illustration of Illustration for California stamp, part of series for all 50 states. bear, star
illustration of In-store poster illustration for Pet Tips regarding pet travel.
illustration of In-store poster illustration for Pet Tips regarding doggy day camps.
illustration of In-store poster illustration for Pet Tips regarding grooming.
illustration of Custom Lettering, filigree, fancy,
illustration of Illustration for Colorado stamp. Part of an ongoing series of postage stamps for all 50 states. skiing, downhill, snow, speed, people
illustration of Illustration for Illinois stamp featuring honest Abe, part of a series for all 50 states.
illustration of Vans + Truth collab for tobacco awareness. The illustration highlights the fact that Big Tobacco's products kill 113 people from secondhand smoke every day.
illustration of Grackle portrait for Travis Audubon Society.
illustration of Logo design. lion, mono line
illustration of Saint Patrick's Day doodle. clover, hand, green
illustration of Illustration for Evel Ale a tribute to the quintessential daredevil.
illustration of Illustration for Pennsylvania stamp, part of series for all 50 states.
illustration of Penguin letter illustration.
illustration of Illustration created for Vans Pool Party skateboarding event, where skaters battle it out in the legendary combi pool.
illustration of A poster designed for fund a raiser benefiting an animal shelter. bee, flower, pollen, honey
illustration of Skate deck graphic.
illustration of Illustration for Florida stamp featuring the Space Shuttle, part of a series for all 50 states.
illustration of Skateboard graphic.
illustration of Illustration celebrating an incredible thrift store find.
illustration of Evel Ale poster. Motorcycle, stars, Evel Kinevel, cape, wheelie, Harley Davidson
illustration of Illustration to pay tribute to David Bowie. RIP 1947-2016
illustration of Poster illustration for Burnside Skatepark fundraiser.
illustration of Illustration designed to represent the Homestead Creatives roster of photographers, directors and illustrators.
illustration of A series of patches designed to play off the vernacular of vintage State Park art.
illustration of A series patches designed to play off the vernacular of vintage State Park art.
illustration of A series patches designed to play off the vernacular of vintage State Park art.
illustration of  Blue Jay portrait for Audubon Society.


Brett is a designer, art director, artist and strategist based in Austin, Texas. He works with clients all over the world to creatively solve business problems. Brett creates and designs everything from logos, posters, brochures, books, annual reports, to identity systems, product packaging, websites and CD covers. He’s inspired by his son, skateboarding, music, graffiti, table tennis, industrial design and travel.


Abstract, Caricature, Cartoon, Collage, Conceptual, Cut Paper, Design, Digital, Graphic, Lettering, Line, Line with Color, Logo Design, Mixed Media, Pen & Ink, Silhouette, Stylized, Texture, Type Design, Woodcut, Decorative, Floral, Pattern, Whimsical, Concept Art, Vector


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