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Jim Starr

illustration of Cruise Ship traveling to Destinations.  Speckle Airbrush, Digital art. travel, traveling, tours, destinations, cruise ships, africa, india, paris, italy, leaning tower of pisa, london, big ben, mayan, south america, europe, japan, airplane, air travel, tourism, ocean, atlantic, travel poster, vacation, vacations, trips, holidays, holiday
illustration of Big Sam Children's Book, Digital, Photoshop. Apples, Shovel, honey,  painterly, paintings, oil paintings, oils, acrylics, acrylic painting, Paul Bunyan, historic, woodsman, woodcutter, hero, heroic, giants, 1800's, 19th century, fable, story, historic, historical, adventure, storybook, characters, character development, masculine, adventurer, legend, myth, mythic, tale, yarn, animals, wildlife, nature, natural, landscape, environment, green,
illustration of Editorial, Digital Paintings, transportation, vacation, flying, planes, biplanes, aerial, aerial view, pilots, airplanes, aircrafts, aerobatics, airshows, exhibitions, exhibitionists, barnstormers, joyride, joyriding, thrill, daredevils, clouds, WWI, oil paintings
illustration of Humorous Scratchboard and Digital color art.
illustration of Historical Educational Illustration of the C & O Canal with mules pulling boat.  Digitally painted in Adobe Photoshop.
illustration of Book Illustration of confrontation of Dog Sled and Angry Bear defending cubs done as a digital Painting in Adobe Photoshop.


Jim Starr has over 20 years experience as a freelance Illustrator with his wide range of styles & skills. Jim is passionate about bringing to life the client’s vision and insights through the process of sharing ideas, sketches, and finally creating a finished illustration that inspires and captures the viewers imagination. Styles include scratch board, airbrush, woodcut, pastel, paintings, watercolor, pencil, and pen and ink. Illustrations for a variety of uses include logos, icons, info graphics, package design, editorial illustrations, corporate illustrations, portraits, event posters, children's books, animation frames and backgrounds, and web graphics. Throughout the United States, Canada, and even overseas, customers have chosen Jim Starr Illustration for their illustration needs. He lives in Pennsylvania, near the Mason-Dixon Line just north of Baltimore, MD. For breaks, he enjoys a walk with his two dogs, and some competitive table tennis. Ask him how the Orioles Baseball Team are doing, and he will surely give you an earful.


Airbrush, Cartoon, Digital, Fine Art, Graphic, Impressionistic, Oil, Painterly, Pen & Ink, Scratchboard, Stipple, Whimsical


Humor, Action, Adventure, Animals, Book Covers, Character Development, Children's Books, Corporate, Editorial, Greeting Cards, Historical, Holidays, Landscape, Posters, Toys & Games, Transportation, Travel, Americana, Lifestyle, Game