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Howard David Johnson

illustration of Odin, King of the Aesir riding his eight-legged flying horse Sleipnir from Viking Mythology with his two raven companions
illustration of A Painting of a Fairy set among wildflowers used for the cover of a 78 image set of Tarot Cards
illustration of Odin and wife Frigg on his throne in Asgard from Norse Mythology looking down on a Viking village with his pet wolves and ravens.
illustration of Book Cover Art for a historical romance novel set in World War One Germany
illustration of Book Cover Art featuring a beautiful young fantasy warrior woman
illustration of A book cover illustration featuring a ninth century Saxon Warrior carrying authentic sword and shield for a historical adventure story.
illustration of Book cover illustration of the Alamo battle used for James Donovan's best selling historical novel.
illustration of Colored pencil rendering of Napoleon and his generals watching the battle of Waterloo from a nearby hill as the tide turns against them.
illustration of Neo Classical Illustration of a Spartan woman saying farewell to a young Spartan warrior with authentic clothing armor and shield design.  Used by Oxford for The Epic Cycle by M.L. West.
illustration of Artwork depicting Odin's daughter Brunhilde, the captain of the Valkyries, coming to Earth with her beloved horse Grane, the only friend who did not betray her.  Used as a Norwegian book cover for
illustration of Children's book illustration of Little Red Riding Hood for Grimm's Fairy Tales featuring a very big bad wolf.
illustration of A portrait of Leonardo Da Vinci writing in his studio in the painterly style of the old masters.
illustration of King Arthur and Sir Lancelot fighting on horseback in front of the Castle we call Camelot. Historically accurate heraldry adorns their horse garments shields and clothing. This was commissioned for a British children's magazine.
illustration of Aristocratic Celtic woman in the snow wearing traditional  embroidered cape with her war crow.
illustration of  Beowulf: An illustration for the Anglo-Saxon Epic Poem. Set in Scandinavia the heroic saga is the oldest surviving long poem in Old English and is commonly cited as one of the most important works of Old English literature.
illustration of A portrait style illustration of the beautiful Celtic enchantress casting a spell for a gateway portal with a swarm of fairies forming a fairy circle from the King Arthur legends.
illustration of An illustration for Wagner's Opera used for a Great Performances recording showing the Valkyrie on horseback about to ride on to her beloved Siegfried's funeral pyre choosing to die a miserable death over living without him.
illustration of Welsh Red Dragon is one of five Illustrations for the
illustration of The Spartan Warriors of History shown in this battle scene wore a kind of ancient Kevlar, layers of leather, bronze and cloth. They carried colorful and highly individualistic shields and fought in a phalanx formation, a wall of shields with probing spears.
illustration of This creature from Greek Mythology was a Titan who had snakes for hair and could turn someone to stone if they merely looked at her. It was commissioned by a doctor to use as a design for a marble statue with guilded gold plating in a private garden.
illustration of Hyper realistic portrait of President Abraham Lincoln
illustration of Undersea art featuring a beautiful mermaid and her merbabies
illustration of Scandinavian goddess with long blowing blond hair contemplating use of a spear surrounded by armor in a field of flowers.
illustration of Merman and mermaid embracing and looking up to the light as they swim up to the surface.
illustration of Space Marines in a military Sci-fi battle scene
illustration of Male and female astronauts exploring a bizarre alien landscape.
illustration of Lunar landscape with astronaut seeing a strange vision in the sky ~ a wormhole surrounded by ancient hieroglyphs and characters.
illustration of Scene from H.G. Welles' classic science fiction novel.
illustration of Space stations in orbit around the Eareth
illustration of The sailing ships of the Royal Navy during the Napoleonic wars.
illustration of U.S. Navy airplanes destroying the Japanese aircraft carriers during World War Two
illustration of World War 1 drednaught class German Battleship SMS Kronprinz
illustration of Queen Zenobia driving a horse drawn chariot accompanied by a Roman Officer
illustration of The Norse god of thunder driving his chariot across the sky with lightning bolts emanating from his hammer.
illustration of Futuristic time travelers visit the ocean floor to meet mermaids in ancient Atlantis in this Science Fiction and Fantasy story. One of 48 interior color book illustrations.
illustration of Whimsical retro-futuristic weird science fiction art with a space ship landing on Jupiter's moon Encedalous.  A space opera style illustration featuring a beautiful female astronaut with a fishbowl helmet being menaced by a tentacled drooling five eyed alien monster. (Eeek!)
illustration of Book cover artwork for Edgar Rice Burrough's  first John Carter of Mars story with the two-fisted hero fighting the four armed green martian giant to save the Martian Princess.
illustration of Weird old-school bug eyed Space Aliens piloting a retro-futuristic space ship with captured human specimens in liquid storage tanks looking on in horror.
illustration of Legendary Nordic Mythical shape-shifter Fafnir the Storm Giant trudging across a river screaming at the top of his lungs wearing 55 gallon barrels of ale for canteens and a belt of human skulls  while carrying a war club as big as a tree and a very distressed looking stolen cow.
illustration of Celtic Mythology's Eve ~her name means
illustration of Religious and Angel Art:
illustration of World War Two combat art featuring US Paratroopers from the 82nd Airborne division fighting Nazi German troops.


Born at Bitburg Air Base Germany in 1954 he studied Art, History and the Natural Sciences at UT Austin. Exhibitions include the British Museum and the Metropolitan Museum of Art. His clients include the Universities of Texas at Austin, and Oxford and Cambridge in England, the National Geographic Society, Paramount, Universal, MGM, Warner Bros, ABC/Disney, CBS, PBS, The History Channel, Adobe Photoshop, Verizon wireless, The Australian Mint, Apple IPOD, Penguin, Doubleday Harlequin, Book of the Month Club, and in periodicals like Popular Photography and the Wall Street Journal.


Colored Pencil, Digital, Figurative, Fine Art, Mixed Media, Montage, Oil, Painterly, Realism, 3-D Rendering, Decorative, Floral, Whimsical, Concept Art, Film/Entertainment, CGI


Action, Adventure, Book Covers, Children's Books, Children's Products, Education, Family, Fantasy, Greeting Cards, Historical, Icons, Landscape, Licensing, Nature, People, Political, Portrait, Posters, Religious, Romance, Sci-Fi, Americana, Vintage / Retro, Masculine, Spiritual, Ethnic