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Harper Collins

Four, Three, Two, One

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A book cover commissioned for YA literature title for Harper Collins

Yuschav Arly

Represented by

JSR Agency
London ,
United Kingdom

illustration of Digital portrait personal work
illustration of An illustration for shoe start up Penner for their shoe box packaging
illustration of Portrait for AAP Almanac part of a series of six Asian and Pacific Artists for the publication.
illustration of  A personal project on digital portraits
illustration of a digital portrait - personal
illustration of A book cover commission for YA literature for Harper Collins
illustration of Digital portraiture by Yuschav Arly
illustration of a personal piece on a model
illustration of Digital portraiture by Yuschav Arly
illustration of A personal piece on Wonderwoman actress Gal Gadot


Based in exotic Bali, Yuschav Arly has been working as a freelance illustrator since 2009. Self-taught and consistently looking to experiment and develop his style, Yuschav passionately follows international fashion and trends, which he then pairs with his hauntingly realistic digital portraits to create cutting-edge campaign imagery for global brands.


Design, Digital, Fine Art, Line with Color, Photoillustration, Realism, Stylized, Vector


Book Covers, Celebrities, Children, Fashion/Cosmetics, Packaging, People, Portrait, Feminine, Youth, Urban, Branding