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Bohan Ranch is a historic ranch nestled among the boutique wineries and vineyards of Sonoma County. This year, Nikki Bohan has begun hosting high end Wine Country events. We created this image for her postcard and promotional material. It's important to the client that we showed some of the inhabitants of the ranch. Historically a cattle and sheep property, Bohan Ranch Vineyards grows Pinot Noir , Chardonnay and Trousseau grapes, lodging at Pond Cottage and event hosting.

Shannon Abbey

Shannon Abbey

Represented by

Linda de Moreta Represents
1511 Union Street
Alameda, CA 94501
United States

animation of Young woman reading on the dock on a quiet morning just as it is starting to warm up.
Every summer we spent a couple weeks at my aunt and uncle's cabin on Hayden Lake. I remember early in the day, before the power boats were out, taking a book to the dock.

Lazy summer day, nostalgia, childhood memories, simpler times, record player, vinyl, iced tea, mid-century style
illustration of Historic Bohan Ranch now hosting Wine Country Events. This image was created to represent the inhabitants, human and animal of Bohan Ranch. Traditionally a cattle and sheep ranch, they now host wine country events and restored Pond Cottage lodging. 

Couple, ranchers, farmers, farm animals, cow, sheep, lamb, chicken, retriever,
illustration of Young Hispanic American Latina activist, Sophie Cruz with her scooter and custom lettering.   Design inspired by fabric patterns and texture

Product, children's book, leadership, children, people, handlettering, type design
illustration of These two bunnies are rewarding themselves with a bottle of wine and a sunset view after a short hike to the top of Eagle Peak in Sonoma County California. Work created for Bohan Ranch Guest House, Cazadero California.
illustration of Nostalgic illustration of a 19th-century French circus poster, based on my love of historic illustration. I'm enchanted by the off-register, limited color palette of vintage ephemera, especially Soviet and Japanese matchbox covers. A tightrope walker with her umbrella, flags in the wind, a striped tent and balloons float above a handlettered banner.
Acrobat, trapeze artist, costume, balancing act. Pen and ink, digital color, vintage paper
animation of A young woman with her very fashionable and elaborate spring hat replete with flowers.  Polonaise style. Mid to late 18th century. Madame Pompadour and Marie Antionette. French court, court fashion, stylish, elegant, bluebirds, birds, spring blossoms, butterfly, butterflies
illustration of Retro, hipster, mid-century, hand lettered, logo treatment for artist's identity.  50's and 60's design elements
illustration of These bunnies are enjoying a nap in the shade after a hike in the Sonoma wine country. This was created for a brochure for a new guest cottage and wedding event center.

Line with color, texture, hammock, relaxing, reading, vacation, landscape, travel, environmental. Pen and ink, vintage paper, digital color
illustration of Whimsical hand-lettering with a retro mid-century fashion aesthetic. Fashionable men and women out for a stroll with the dogs. Pen and ink, fabric, vintage paper, digital color
illustration of A romantic gondola on the canals of Venice serves as a backdrop for this classicly fashionable, sophisticated detective in her first novel. Pen and ink, fabric, vintage paper, digital
animation of Created as an animated illustration GIF format. Holiday image for use on Instagram. Retro stylish young man shredding it on the snowy slopes.

Christmas, fashion, plaid, snow, snowing, mountains, winter
illustration of Poster for the Homespun Holiday Craft Faire in Petaluma, California, the egg capital of the San Francisco Bay Area.  Bold pen strokes define a shopaholic chicken, who loves to see herself in new clothing, bag, and accessories.
Shopping, hen, chick, hat, tailfeathers, wattle, mirror, shopping bag. Pen and ink and digital
illustration of Three young teenage girls pose in costumes as their alter egos. Claire loves superheroes, Kira wears cat ears to middle school, and Ally loves Ariana Grande. These teens will be BFFs forever! Pen and Ink with digital color
illustration of Vintage hand-lettered funky, spooky 60's influenced poster art featuring snails, owls, mushrooms and a full moon for Halloween.
animation of Fashionable young lady ice skating through the Christmas holidays.

Ice skates, muff, holly, winter, snow, snowing
illustration of Inspirational illustration, encouraging all to live their lives like they're a character in an Opera.  Travel! Paint! Write! If not now, when?
Handlettering, plane, gondola, map, dreams, fashionable woman, Casablana, colored inks, hand-drawn, artist, calligraphy, type design
illustration of A personal piece imagining what activist and  actress America Ferrera took in her bag to the Women's March. She's a dog lover, amateur boxer, swimmer and newly pregnant. She's also a founding member of the Time's Up defense fund--she's political and a protester of injustice.  The look of the illustration was inspired by mid-century fabrics and patterns, hand-lettered for fun:)!
illustration of A funky hand-lettered title showcases the tricks of the handmade trade.  A dressmaker's dummy, patterns, pincushions, and other tools are featured against an old-fashioned Victorian striped wallpaper. Pen and ink with digital color
illustration of Mayonnaise is an important ingredient in many mid-century salad recipes, and this Abbey family  favorite from my childhood is no exception.  A hand-lettered title and notes complete the image. Digital color, pen and ink
illustration of This editorial piece was created for an article on mental health and the success of Twelve Step Recovery for food addiction. This woman is talking with her recovery fellows on the phone--happy, joyous and free.  Art Director: Anna Brewer of 'The Connection' magazine. pen and ink, watercolor
illustration of This illustration was commissioned to celebrate the parents adopting their 7-year-old nieces. The family loves to camp, fish and explore the Northern California outdoors.
Mom and Dad, girls, s'mores, camping, handlettering, fishing, rowboat, lake, summer fun. pen and ink and digital color
animation of Fashionable vintage skier with Christmas scarf and sweater enjoying the snow falling on the slopes in winter wonderland mountains.

Holidays, snowing
illustration of Editorial illustration about growing herbs to keep your hens healthy, helping them to thrive and lay more eggs.  The article was aimed at the home food grower.
Backyard chickens, urban farming, gardening, urban farmer, gardener, echinacea, lemon grass, mint, chamomile, rose, lavender, botanical, handlettering, cheery, sweet, hens, peeps, how-to. Pen and ink, digital color
illustration of The happy couple is featured in a sweet whimsical cartoon portrait of themselves and their dog for their 'Save the Date' announcement and the rest of the invitation suite.
Handlettered, wedding, cheerful, relationships. Pen and ink, digital color, hand-lettering
illustration of Retro surface design pattern abstracted floral
Whimsical, energetic, feminine, abstract, simple, graphic. Pen and ink, digital color
illustration of Mid-century modern-inspired surface design pattern used to create a stylish backpack.
Whimsical, energetic, feminine, abstract, simple, graphic, floral, stylized, product. pen and ink, digital color.
illustration of An inspirational, vintage, Jane Austen journal cover design with flowers. 
Whimsical, contemplative, celebrities, digital, women authors, fashion, roses, tree, vines. pen and ink, vintage paper, digital color
illustration of Sketchbook series. Madame de Pompadour was the mistress of the French King Louis XV and was known as a beauty and for her fashion sense. 

Loose line, whimsical, famous people, pen and ink, watercolor, hand-lettering, letter art, alphabet art
illustration of Mid-century vintage illustration with old school condiments and crockery

Recipes, how-to, cooking, kitchen, ingredients. pen and ink, digital color
illustration of Happy vintage  family trimming the Christmas tree with Rex, the family dog. Pen and ink and digital color
illustration of Image was created for a holiday craft fair. This partridge and the birds around her in the pear tree are DIY-ers.

Whimsical, pen and ink, digital color
illustration of Por Quoi, Mademoiselle? 
Paris on the phone. Cafe near the Eiffel Tower. Mid-century modern, a young woman enjoying a cup of coffee, a magazine, her tablet, and dog in the park.

Lifestyle, urban, vintage/retro, whimsical, fashion.
Pen and ink, digital color
illustration of Vintage Travel in the Alps. A young woman stops for a rest while driving to enjoy San Pellegrino and  wait for the sheep to move along

Figurative, food/beverage, mountain scenery, lake, flowers.
pen and ink, digital color
illustration of Vintage watering can, seed packets, a trowel, sunflowers and a snail. pen and ink and digital.

illustration of Sketchbook cowboy boots, saddle shoes and Wellingtons, beach, crab, tide-pool,  starfish. pen and ink, digital color, hand-lettering

Character development, character design, children's book, humorous, nature, lettering, hand lettered, sassy, attitude, kids
illustration of Colorful hand lettering with birds.

Whimsical, colorful, blooming tree, flowers, wildlife, poster, loose line illustration, line with color, pen and ink, digital color
illustration of Children's book illustration for 'The Great Adventure
illustration of The fairytale by the Brothers Grimm is re-imagined. The donkey and the cat look into the window of the shack, hoping for a warm spot where they, the rooster and the hound dog can spend the night. Pen and ink, vintage paper, digital color
illustration of Pen and Ink and Digital Illustration. Inspired by mid-century ephemera, this image was created for wine country destination Bohan Ranch Guest House.
illustration of Beatrix Potter-inspired children's book illustrations include a whimsical bunny, a chipmunk, birds, flowers and garden edibles. 
Bugs, blossoms, snails, bird's nest, lively, spirited, energetic, sweet, adorable. pen and ink, digital color

illustration of Children's book illustration featuring a young girl explorer and her pal the blue-footed booby. 

Birds, aquatic life, science, people, reading out loud. pen and ink, vintage paper, fabric, digital color
illustration of a Children's book illustration. 'A new Beginning' is a fictionalized account of Annie Moore's journey across the ocean from Ireland to Ellis Island in the late 19th century.  The effects of 
'The Great Famine' lasted well beyond 1847 when the potato crop failed. Pen and ink illustration with digital color. 

People, environmental
illustration of Sketchbook fashion drawing Inspired by the hilarious BBC series,
illustration of Inspired by Ezra Jack Keats' children's book illustrations.  For a magazine article on how to teach your children to appreciate nature by taking enjoyable, fun walks with a purpose.  The illustration features dandelions, birds, insects, flowers, a bunny, a mouse, butterflies, a snail, and a bird's nest for good measure.

Education, environmental, whimsical, outdoors, recreation, lifestyle.
pen and ink, digital color
illustration of Magazine article about mental health, depression, eating disorders and the success of 12 step recovery for food addiction. Art Director: Anna Brewer. watercolor
illustration of Pen and Ink and Digital golden eagle carrying a banner as title for ranch trail map.
illustration of Article for University of Wisconsin Magazine about job search. Art Director: Nancy Reinhart
Based on the folk tale of the tortoise and the hare. 
Slow and steady gets you the job. It's not a race. 

Fairy tale, lifestyle, competition, children's book style, whimsical, loose line.
pen and ink, digital color
illustration of Magazine article on mental health. Vintage pen and ink illustration shows someone happily cleaning house. digital color
illustration of Icon design for carpool app for busy parents,
pen and ink, digital color.
Art Director: Kate Boyd
illustration of Hands sprinkle herbs and salt with healthy whole food ingredients

Diets, posters
pen and ink, digital color, hand-lettering
illustration of These are the cocktails my parents used to drink. I collect mid-century linens; tea towels and  table cloths, and was inspired by them for this personal piece. Come on over and I'll pour you a highball. 

Martini, Manhattan, Tom 'n Jerry, Champagne Cocktail, Sloe Gin Fizz, calligraphy, editorial, entertainment, posters, pen and ink, digital color, whimsical, loose line, recreation
illustration of A not-so-spooky whimsical owl inspired by linoleum-cut children's book illustration of the mid-20th century

Halloween, posters. 
Chalkboard, scratchboard, hand-lettering
illustration of  A scene from the Grimm Fairy Tale of the Bremen Town musicians. The hound dog, the donkey, the cat and the rooster curl up to try and get some rest after a long day on the road. The rooster sees a light on the ridge.
Pen and ink, digital color
illustration of A young girl escapes impoverished Ireland, making the journey across the sea to a new life in America.  This girl, Annie Moore, was the first immigrant to pass through Ellis Island. A ship crossing the Atlantic Ocean.

Type design, editorial, design, stylized, texture, patterns, linoleum print, hand lettering, pen and ink, vintage paper, digital color
illustration of Groovy, quirky, retro, chalkboard, handlettering. Like those quizzes in Cosmo magazine back in the day, or now on Facebook: 'Which Star Wars character are you?' This quiz nails it.
illustration of Chalkboard commission in antique frame. Hand lettering with birds, banners and blossoms.

Flowers, wildlife, type design, posters.
chalkboard, handlettering, custom signage
illustration of Signage commissioned for vacation home.
Acrylic on vintage metal

Hand lettered
illustration of A blue-footed booby fishes in the Atlantic, from the children's book manuscript by art director Zoe Tucker.

Texture, whimsical, type design, pen and ink, chalkboard, digital color
illustration of 3 children heading out with the dog for summer fun 

Handlettered, nostalgia, vintage fashion, boys, girl with pigtails, beachball, digital, line with color, historical, lifestyle, sports, type design, whimsical, old-fashioned fun
illustration of My family as represented by birds singing on a fence. My studio window looks out on a neighbor's chicken coop, which inspired this whimsical retro birdie serenade.

Berries, snail, wildlife, line with color, editorial, posters, stylized, type design, calligraphy. pen and ink, digital
illustration of From Edgar Allen Poe's poem, The Raven. Created for spooky vintage Gothic Halloween display window at French Hen Antiques, Petaluma California. Art Director Brenda Maher.

Handlettering, wildlife, leisure, scratchboard
illustration of Whimsical personal series: looking back with nostalgia to late 1970's cuisine, with salads featuring mayo, iceberg lettuce and canned fruit. Mid-century deliciousness.

Loose line, stylized, calligraphy, type design,
pen and ink, hand lettering, narrative, how-to, information graphics, historical, recipes
illustration of Hand-made sign. This wedding couple were both avid skiers. The wedding planner, Nikki Bohan brought a retro feel to all the decor. I designed several signs for the wine country venue. The couple had a pair of vintage wooden skis and asked each guest to sign them, creating a momento that will hang on their wall forever.  pine trees, skiing. Acrylic paint on wood.

Handlettered, hand-lettering, decorative, stylized, poster, signage, environmental, line with color, pine trees, skiing, shadows
illustration of Grimm Fairy Tale - The Bremen Town Musicians. animals, dog, birds, quail, wildlife, stream, countryside, rural

Hand-drawn line, loose line, line with color, narrative, colorful
illustration of Our friend, the rooster, is shocked to discover the farmer contemplates dinner with him as the star attraction. From the Grimm Fairy Tale, The Bremen Town Musicians.

hand lettering, narrative, conceptual
illustration of The Great Adventure is a children's book manuscript by Zoe Tucker loosely based on a real news story about a red-footed booby, a tropical bird blown off course that landed on the coast of England. The British people named him Norman. In this fictionalized tale of what might have happened, a young girl finds Norman, nurses him back to health and helps him to return home.

Stylized, line with color, narrative, crab, seal, sea lion, seagulls, girl
pen and ink, acrylic paint, digital color
illustration of A sketchbook page with digital color added. Based on the children's book series by Laura Ingalls Wilder, with handlettering
illustration of Whimsical chalkboard hand-lettering
illustration of Dog paw spot Illustration for end papers of dog training manual,
illustration of Whimsical chalkboard hand-lettering

illustration of Type for a whimsical article on training your old dog. 

Hand-lettering, stylized, lifestyle, vintage/retro, how to, design
illustration of From a series of illustrations for the dog training manual
illustration of From dog training manual. Know Sit:  chihuahua, bulldog, crate, leash, happy dog. education

Stylized, how-to, pen and ink, digital color
illustration of Tired terrier, from a series of dog illustrations for a dog training manual, Know Sit.  Art director Connie Baechler, author: Michael Bell

Puppy, whimsical, fatigue, resting, napping, digital color
illustration of Playful dog with his stuffed bunny for the dog training manual, 'Know Sit'.  Author Michael Bell
Art Director: Connie Baechler

Labrador, puppy, stylized pen and ink, digital color, stuffed animal, playing, recreation, outdoors, book illustration, whimsical, loose line
illustration of A rolling happy dog from a series of illustrations for the dog training manual, Know Sit. 

Nature, stylized, humorous, whimsical, loose line, book illustration, outdoors, recreation
illustration of From a series for the dog training manual
illustration of Concept art pen and ink for a marketing campaign showcasing shopping local and small business banking.

Loose line, boat, transportation, Seattle skyline, urbanscape, Space Needle, orca, sailboat, wildlife, killer whale, marine mammal
illustration of Woman grows into a tree for gourmet medical marijuana edible products logo design.

Client: Chica Verde.

Line with Color, Design, Lifestyle, Packaging, Vintage, Retro
illustration of Watercolor schematic of garden plan. Bird's eye view, 

Trees, gardening, DIY, nature. Watercolor, pen and ink, how to, book illustration
illustration of Interior designer Cristina Nogales had a client who was having a hard time imagining what her new bathroom would look like. With tile and fixture samples, I drew and painted this watercolor rendering that Cristina used in her presentation to her client. 

Interior, interiors, interior design
illustration of Interior designer Cristina Nogales had a client who was having a difficult time picturing the proposed changes to her bath. With samples of the tile and fixtures, I created this watercolor that became part of Cristina's presentation to her client. 

interior, interior design, interiors, rendering, editorial
illustration of Watercolor interior painting of living room for Pottery Barn book
illustration of Bedroom interior watercolor painting for Pottery Barn book
illustration of Watercolor images of different window treatments and a lamp for the Pottery Barn book
illustration of Interior watercolor painting of a home office for Pottery Barn book
illustration of Watercolor interior painting of a dining room for the Pottery Barn book
illustration of Watercolor interior painting of a bathroom for Pottery Barn book
illustration of Watercolor interior painting of kitchen for Pottery Barn book : home

Elegant, simple, shaded, handdrawn, book illustration
illustration of Watercolor retro holiday image of a young boy icing Christmas cookies

Cooking, baking, making cookies, decorating, children's products, line with color
illustration of This fashionable woman executive stays mentally and physically healthy while traveling by packing a lunch and inspirational literature. For a magazine article on health. Art director: Anna Brewer

Feminine, how-to
illustration of Magazine article about food addiction, mental health and eating disorders.
Connection magazine
Art director : Anna Brewer

Mouse, loose line, sketch
illustration of Article about eating disorders, mental health, bulemia and the success people have with 12 step recovery
The Connection magazine 
Art Director: Anna Brewer
Pen and ink washes, watercolor
illustration of Article on the 5th amendment of the Constitution. A judge's hand with a gavel. 

Handlettering, handlettered, education, people
pencil, ink, gouache, sketchbook
illustration of A thin young woman looks in the mirror and sees herself as fat. Magazine article about anorexia, food addiction, mental health, body dismorphia and the success of 12 step recovery programs.

Psychology, feminine, pen and ink
illustration of Retro business traveler. Article for The Verdict magazine. Art director Pete McDonnell.

Man, businessman, masculine, airplane, aircraft, cloudy skies, storm, clouds,
conceptual, narrative
illustration of For an article on mental health and addiction. Studies show that sugar is a powerful substance that can lead to mood swings in sensitive individuals.
illustration of Chalkboard angel wings in an antique frame created for a holiday window display. French Hen Antiques. Art Director: Brenda Maher
illustration of Created for an article in Verdict magazine.  An alligator makes himself at home in a bubblebath in this judge's clawfoot bathtub, surprising the family living in the Victorian home.

Fantasy, family, digital art, pen and ink


Acrylic, Animation, Black & White, Calligraphy, Cartoon, Charcoal, Conceptual, Design, Digital, Figurative, Graphic, Lettering, Line, Line with Color, Logo Design, Mixed Media, Painterly, Pen & Ink, Pencil, Realism, Silhouette, Stylized, Technical, Texture, Type Design, Watercolor, Woodcut, Decorative, Floral, Pattern, Whimsical, Concept Art, Apps/Mobile, e-Learning, Chalkboard


Humor, Adventure, Animals, Architecture, Book Covers, Botanical, Celebrities, Character Development, Children, Children's Books, Children's Products, Corporate, Editorial, Education, Family, Fantasy, Fashion/Cosmetics, Food, Greeting Cards, Health, Historical, Holidays, Icons, Information Graphics, Landscape, Leisure, Licensing, Maps, Medical, Music, Mystery, Nature, Packaging, People, Political, Portrait, Posters, Product, Religious, Romance, Sports, Still Life, Textiles, Toys & Games, Transportation, Travel, Web Illustration, Wildlife, Americana, Agriculture, Food/Beverage, Lifestyle, Vintage / Retro, Feminine, Masculine, Youth, Game, Environmental, Financial, Branding, Surface Design