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To raise awareness for World Parkinsons Day, artists including Biff teamed up with ParkyLife to change the way we talk about Parkinsons by creating a deck of wonderfully unique cards for newly diagnosed patients - featuring inspiring stories and hacks from real Parky people living happy lives.

illustration of Sticker illustration for Ghostly Ferns combining lettering and illustration. A colourful 2D illustration of a characterful banana.
illustration of Illustration/lettering by Biff in a colourful, bold and humorous style.

I want to be Jeff Goldblum when I grow up.
illustration of Black and white lettering of the lyrics to Stevie Wonder's 'Master Blaster'
illustration of Hand lettering lyrics of Lionel Richie's song 'All Night Long'
illustration of A compilation of illustrations, sketches, doodles and lettering of famous quotes, sayings and celebrities.
illustration of A postcard designed for the
illustration of A print to illustrate the struggle that is, keeping things alive.
illustration of Biff drew up a tonne of assets for the new Up & Go re-brand.
illustration of Biff's lettering and illustration turned animation for Adidas's Football Creator Base in London
illustration of Abstract, Design, Graphic, Lettering, Pen & Ink, Pencil, Humor


Biff grew up in a small seaside town in Dorset. After quitting university, he moved to the big smoke, then to the big apple, whilst working solidly, meeting new people and quickly gaining notoriety as a result. His style is relaxed yet distinctive and on-point, he’s inspired by every aspect of the world around him. Biff's creations are fresh, current, comedic and instilled with immeasurable character. His sketchbook pages filled with doodles, are a diary reflecting his experiences, impulsive thoughts and original ideas.


Abstract, Black & White, Calligraphy, Cartoon, Design, Digital, Graphic, Lettering, Line, Mixed Media, Pen & Ink, Pencil, Type Design, Decorative, Pattern, Interactive


Humor, Action, Botanical, Celebrities, Food, Greeting Cards, Holidays, Icons, Information Graphics, Music, Packaging, People, Political, Posters, Product, Sports, Vintage / Retro, Branding