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2018 MLB Preview

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Los Angeles' Angels and Dodgers are going for the win in 2018's baseball season. Will big name players Ohtani and Kershaw lead their teams to victory?

Chris Whetzel

Chris Whetzel

illustration of Portrait of a hip-hop musician who uses the internet to reach his audience instead of relying on a record label.
illustration of Editorial section cover as a superhero spoof on how to handle your fiances for comic conventions without breaking the bank.
illustration of CBD, an oil derived from marijuana, is seen by some as America's new
illustration of Florida homes are falling apart and causing health hazards after Interstate-95 was redirected through homeowners backyards
illustration of Cover of the 2018 Gadgets Issue of Zymurgy, a beverage magazine for craft beer makers
illustration of Key art for television show about Russian spies infiltrating America during the Cold War. This was used as poster art and banners for trade shows while the property was still in development.
illustration of Big name talent might give the Angels and the Dodgers chances at a championship
illustration of Some big brains in science think that artificial intelligence could take over the world with robots and surveillance drones. Will our future play out like a science-fiction movie?
illustration of Sports section covering the World cup
illustration of Advertising poster as part of a campaign for digital backup technology.  The image was used as a poster and for online materials.
illustration of Opening spreads for sections of a
illustration of Cover art about marijuana as a money source for Arizona. This image won an Award of Excellence from the Society of News Design.
illustration of Editorial section cover that asks: Will we have a bull, bear, or lamb stock market under President Trump? The article outlines how each may affect your finances.
illustration of Editorial cover art about an alleged arsonist who is profiled after destroying millions of dollars of property. The figure on fire represents both the arson and his rage which caused his actions.
illustration of Propaganda poster for a network campaign seeking out people for a national television show. Backyard chefs competed for who had the best recipes.
illustration of Fantasy art for a science article that predicts the technology of USB-C cables will replace all others.
illustration of Medical malpractice crime in a new way: doctors performing surgeries on patients without telling them.
illustration of Countries are taking financial control of themselves and their resources while eliminating private investors. Propaganda-style art was used to reinforce the
illustration of Science has found that video games can improve eye performance in e-sports. A video game controller acts as a gamer's senses when playing.
illustration of Cover art for a newspaper insert outlining all of the hot summer television shows. A young woman at the beach with visions of what's on tv seemed like a good fit.
illustration of Editorial cover art of a map with Florida as a gun tells the editorial story of how the people of Florida are adamant about their gun rights.
illustration of Portraits of local Denver council members. A limited-color palette was used to tie the images together throughout the article.
illustration of Cover art for an editorial about how utility companies prey on consumer's not being aware of their rights. A mechanical/electrical spider waits for a victim...
illustration of Cover portrait for an editorial profiling Rony Abovitz who founded Magic Leap, an augmented reality company. A magical computer-generated bunny is used as a metaphor for his accomplishments.
illustration of Court case decisions of past years are in jeopardy as the science of DNA come into question. Criminals may get out of jail if such evidence is overturned.
illustration of Does education expect too much from students? Not all children are able to meet high expectations.
illustration of Cover art for an editorial profile about Dee Farmer, a transgender civil rights activist who fought for prisoners' rights.
illustration of White-collar business men and women are exploring blue-collar skills through adult education programs.
illustration of Cover art of food and 3d glasses for a article outlining hits  and misses of summer blockbuster movies.
illustration of Do investors value a bull stock market to the point that we try to preserve them as long as possible?
illustration of Section cover art for a sports editorial abut how often football quarterbacks are traded.
illustration of Horror film makers are often using their movies to make comments on politics in Washington.
illustration of Companies are coming under scrutiny after being revealed as exposing, sharing, and even selling your private data.
illustration of A potential science of the future may be replacing human tendons with one made form spider-silk. This editorial art emulates an advertisement.
illustration of San Francisco landlords are investigated in an editorial about their alleged crime of price-fixing.
illustration of Hunters and fishermen ask the new president to continue park and wildlife conservation while increasing public access in a sports editorial.
illustration of Portrait of George Washington for a book cover.
illustration of In a recent science editorial, parents are digitally spying on their kids by installing spy apps on mobile devices.
illustration of Sports editorial about how UCLA is likely to dominate college basketball's March Madness.
illustration of Editorial commentary art on the subject of teachers trying to bring more emotion into education.
illustration of Sports editorial on how baseball pitchers often reveal their next pitch through tics and body language.
illustration of Editorial cover art about
illustration of Portrait art for a sports profile which detailed the arduous events of a Russian bear guide's immigration to the U.S.
illustration of Editorial sports cover art about how college basketball's Big East teams are likely to dominate west coast schools during March Madness. Animal mascots are fun to draw! This image received an Award of Excellence from the Society of News & Design.
illustration of Sports editorial cover art on how The Clippers time is up while the Lakers are headed toward a championship. The image flips so that both ideas are represented.
illustration of Portrait of sports celebrity Ryan Leaf as he transitions from athlete to radio media personality.
illustration of Ineffective leadership is discussed in an educational editorial.
illustration of Portrait of Mayor Bloomberg for an editorial about how he wanted to use special surveillance cameras on the streets on NYC to find concealed weapons used in crimes.


After graduating from The University of the Arts in Philadelphia, Chris honed his trade by working as an in-house illustrator of children's products and book covers. Utilizing his professional work experience and unique style, he began offering his services to clients around the world. Chris currently resides in the Greater Philadelphia area. What Chris can offer you: - The ability to conceive emotional, thought-provoking imagery - A graphic visual approach that is not realistic nor cartoonish - Bold, high-visibility art that captures a viewer's attention - A professional, reliable, and consistent experience from start to finish


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