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2019 Karen Greenberg

karen greenberg

illustration of Line, Line with color, Food, Food & Beverage, Retro, Lettering, Wine, Wine Bottle, Dessert, Candies, Candy, Invitation, Party, Celebration, Holiday
illustration of Packaging, Animals, Cat, Cats, Feline, Decorative,
Pet, Pets, Pet Food
illustration of Ice Cream, Packaging, Female, Meditation, Food, Food and Beverage
illustration of man, rabbi, Israel, male, orthodox, religious, religion, spirituality, spiritual, character development,
illustration of Book cover, Children's Book, Character, Caricature,
Celebrity, Make Up, Cosmetics, J.K. Rowling, Lettering
illustration of Book Cover, Romance, New York City, Elderly, Mature, Character, Character Development, Male Female, Seniors, Retirees, Love
illustration of Books, Book Cover, Journal, Gardening, Flowers, Nature, Lettering,
illustration of Floral pattern repeat tile, surface, surface design, textiles, floral, fabric, texture, wallpaper, flowers
illustration of Penguin Publishing, 1 in a series of covers for Jane Green, book cover, lettering, hand lettering, flowers, publishing, line, logo design, feminine
illustration of Coffee, Coffee Packaging, Decorative, Decorative Pattern, Advertising, Espresso, Espresso Cup, Graphic, surface, surface design, product, product design
illustration of cut paper, type, type design, logo, lettering, hand lettering,
illustration of Dairy, Cow, Fish, Milk, Milk Carton, Flatware, Logo, Logos, Black and White, Symbols, Icons, Line, Line Art
illustration of Passover, Holiday, Food, Religion, Female, Feminine, Jewish, Cookook
illustration of Hershey's, Chocolate, Bliss, Cupcakes, Cake, Dessert, Advertorial, Web Campaign, Men, Women, Female, Feminine, Food
illustration of Animal Alphabet, Alphabet, Letters, Education, Jellyfish, Sea, Fish, Kids, Kids Book, Nature, Wall Art, Kids, Retro, Decorative, Design, Children, Childrens Books, Fish, Character
illustration of 1 in a series for Mercedes x Vogue, Japan
illustration of Journal, Journal cover, Icons, Surface Design, Book Cover, Books, Tea Leaves, Tea, Tea Cup, Gold, Lettering, Surface Deign, Pattern, textile
illustration of Book Cover, Children's, Character, Florist, Youth, Boy, Flowers, Chiledren's Book,
illustration of Olives, Olive Oil, Italy, Italian Kitchen, Italian, Cooking, Cook, Cookbook, Food
illustration of Scarf Design, Texture, Surface, Fashion, Shoes, Couture, Retail, Pattern, Surface Design, Clothing
illustration of Book Cover, Character, Character Development, Animals, Pet, Type Design, Female, Feminine, Dog, Animals
illustration of Book Cover, Lettering, Character, Character Development, Men, Paparazzi, Type Design,
illustration of Animal Alphabet, Nightingale, Bird, Birds, Nature, Wall Art, Kids, Retro, Education, Decorative, Design, Wall Art, Greeting Card
illustration of Animal Alphabet, Alphabet, Letters, Education, Iguana, Amphibian, Reptile, Kids, Kids Book, Nature, Wall Art, Kids, Retro, Decorative, Design, Children's Book, Animals
illustration of Line, Beverage, Still Life, Decorative, Design, Lettering, Line with color
illustration of Textile, Surface, Food, Still Life, Vintage, Kitchen, Wall Art, Cookware, Italian, Italy, Pasta, Cut Paper, Utensils, Pyrex, Wallpaper, Design, Product
illustration of Almond Milk Latte, Food, Beverage, Coffee, Texture, Lettering, Design, Coffee Cup, Hand Lettering, Icon, Housewares
illustration of The Brand Union: Stoli Oranj x Playboy, Packaging, Beverage, Vodka, Branding, Label, Alcohol, Liquor,
illustration of Animal Alphabet, Alphabet, Letters, Education, Quail, Bird, Kids, Kids Book, Nature, Wall Art, Kids, Retro, Decorative, Design, Children's Book
illustration of Valentine, Valentines Day, Haiku, Pattern, Texture, Love, Holiday, Greeting Card, Pink, Feminine, Female, Silhouette
illustration of Cat, Dog, Animals, Editorial, Web Illustration,
illustration of Editorial, Amy Winehouse, MakeUp, Cosmetics, Textile, Fashion, Female, Feminine, Character, Character Development
illustration of Women's March, Solidarity, Women's Rights, Human Rights, Political, Man, Woman, Male, Female, Pink
illustration of Taurus: 1 in a series of 12 for Vogue x Mercedes, Japan. Horoscope, Zodiac, Constellation, Driving, Auto, Web Illustration, Advertorial, Floral, Mercedes, Mercedes Benz
illustration of Seasonal, Seasonal Packaging, Christmas, Reindeer, Snowflakes, Winter, Coffee, Design, Branding, Holiday, Food, Beverage
illustration of Los Angeles Times: Food Section, Food & Beverage, Icons, Texture, Cinco De Mayo, Sombrero, Festive, Festival, Holiday, Party, Celebration, Mexico, Mexican Food
illustration of Cup, Saucer and Napkin design, Birds, Nightingale, Nature, Packaging, Digital, Surface, Surface Design, Product, Pattern
illustration of Chinese New Year, 2018, Year Of The Dog, Dogs, Animals, Holiday, Seasonal, Greeting Cards, Celebration, Festival, Whimsical
illustration of Gevalia Coffee Packaging Pattern, Gevalia, Coffee, Leaves, Blue, Line, Repeat Pattern, Design, Branding, Wallpaperm Texture,
illustration of Samsung: Art for advertising, Washing Machine, Green, Pattern, Surface Design


Black & White, Calligraphy, Caricature, Cartoon, Collage, Conceptual, Design, Digital, Figurative, Graphic, Lettering, Line, Line with Color, Logo Design, Mixed Media, Stipple, Stylized, Texture, Type Design, Decorative, Floral, Pattern, Whimsical, Concept Art, Vector


Humor, Animals, Book Covers, Botanical, Celebrities, Character Development, Children, Children's Books, Children's Products, Editorial, Fashion/Cosmetics, Food, Holidays, Icons, Information Graphics, Licensing, Nature, Packaging, People, Political, Portrait, Posters, Product, Religious, Romance, Still Life, Textiles, Transportation, Travel, Web Illustration, Food/Beverage, Lifestyle, Vintage / Retro, Feminine, Masculine, Spiritual, Youth, Branding, Surface Design