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Saison Des Fruit

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Label drawings and designs for Saison Des Fruit beer bottles. A Saison-style beer aged in oak barrels for one year with fruit. Four labels to represent each one of the fruits including peach, blackberry, plum, and boysenberry.

© 2019 Mark Brewer
illustration of Politically Mixed accompanied an article about couples who are on opposite ends of the political spectrum Republicans Democrats donkey elephant bed sleeping happy irritate politics American diverse husband wife couples marriage
illustration of Who'e Reading Your Email? accompanied a magazine article on email privacy in the workplace.

Man, business, sitting, cubicle, typing, computer, eye, email, privacy, desk, workplace,
illustration of Scotch Ale is an illustration from the pages of Brewology, An Illustrated Dictionary for Beer Lovers published by Skyhorse Publishing. Craft beer, book, bagpipes, Scottland, music, kilt, lager, pilsner, amber, stout, porter, imbibe
illustration of Pedal for the Pantry was the design for a fun food drive-style bike ride through Pittsburgh to multiple grocery stores with the goal of picking up non-perishables for the holiday season.
illustration of On Thin Ice accompanied an article about the fear investors have in various markets around the world. Money, banking, investments, hedge funds, savings, global, pig, Italy, water, drowning, scared, worried, stocks, bonds, markets
illustration of Financial Drowning accompanied an article in Strategic Finance magazine about the potential of some businesses facing financial collapse in the wake of falling world markets. 
Business, umbrella, panic, puddles, water, briefcase, rain, sunglasses, corporate, men, women, money, finances, stocks, investments
illustration of Healthcare accompanied a magazine article on America's health care system. Depicts the two exhausted-looking snakes from the Universal Healthcare symbol with thermometers in their mouths.
Humorous, watercolor, health, American, flag, question, stars, stripes, red, white, blue
illustration of Financial Questions accompanied a magazine article on the top financial questions around the world.
Businessman, businesswoman, business, graph, chart, finances, banking, falling, money, suits, graphs, charts, earth, global
illustration of Penny Pinchers accompanied an article in Successful Meetings magazine on the many ways in which accountants can save wasteful spending. Money, funds, costs, pennies, coins, dollars, cutting, eliminating, debt, savings, banks, business
illustration of Robbing the Bank accompanied an article about how some investors continue to buy, while others remove their cash at any cost for fear of losing all their funds. Money, spending, security, panic, piggybank, bank, holdings, sick, ill, running, cracked, bleeding, stock market, crash
illustration of Diving In accompanied an article in Incentive Magazine on the importance of employees learning new skills for using in the workplace. 

Diving, book, improving, swimming, reading, learning, financial, business, trends, floating, businessmen, businesswomen, executives, corporate,
illustration of Economonster accompanied an article in the Wall Street Journal about an uneasy American economy.
Economics, monster, under the bed, economy, stock, market, insomnia, scared, terrified, business, women, men, money, funds, banking, ticker tape,
illustration of Restrooms was an illustration designed for a brewery to help point consumers in the right direction when they need to go.
Anxious, waiting, line, dog, animal, crying, holding, bathroom, can, porcelain god,
illustration of Guns In School depicts a teacher sitting at a school desk with a handgun being used as a vase for flowers. Apple, books, coffee, pen, writing, education, pencil, classroom, colorful
illustration of High On The Hog accompanied an article in the Wall Street Journal about how Harley Davidson's demographic is growing older.
Elderly, motorcycle, capital, building, Washington, walker, cane, wall street, bike, flags
illustration of High Energy accompanied a newspaper article on how hi-energy drinks affect kids.
Drinks, rocket, youths, emotional, sky, energy, up, blast, happy, parachute, down, tired, exhausted, children, young adults, parachute, drained
illustration of Cover for a book titled, Date Expectations. Depicts a woman who has not found her prince after kissing many frogs.
Toads, lips, lipstick, dating, love, kisses, exhausted, disappointed, bored, lonely, watercolor, colored pencil
illustration of Bird Watcher accompanied an online news article for TribLive on the pitfalls of watching something so closely that you neglect to look at everything else that's right around you.
Watch, birds, binoculars, tree, man, birdwatcher, surprised, watercolor, colored pencil
illustration of Barbershop accompanied a magazine article about men's hair.
Barber, chair, beard, clippers, scissors, tools, stylist, concern, mustache,
illustration of Cover for a book titled Brewology, An Illustrated Dictionary for Beer Lovers.
Chair, hops, reading, sophisticated, old, book, beer, keg, ale, craft, pilsner, lager,
illustration of Splitting Assets accompanied an article in the Wall Street Journal about the challenges of splitting assets in a divorce.
Mom, dad, ex, financial, money, marriage, struggle, house, home, kids, stress, anxiety, sad
illustration of Mexican Beans accompanied a humorous article on people who dislike beans. Mexico, dinner, eating, waiter, restaurant, margaritas, panic, surprise, drinks
illustration of Trapped in the Web accompanied an article about people who are addicted to the internet.
Computer, google, spider, desk, trapped, social media, depressed, typing, exhausted,
illustration of Carrying the Team depicts an American football player running toward the end zone.
Referee, helmet, offense, orange cone, whistle, tackle, touchdown, ball,
illustration of New Rules for Employment accompanied an article in How magazine about the ways in which those seeking employment might go about finding a job. Money, financial, work, business, social media, searching
illustration of Internal Controls was a cover for Strategic Finance magazine which featured an article on the illusion of internal controls within various businesses.
Computers, finance, cards, desk, boss, cameras, microphones, security, privacy, workplace
illustration of Spies was a cover for The American Conservative magazine. It accompanied a feature article about Israeli espionage in the United States. Spy, coffee, tea, secrets
illustration of Little White Lies accompanied an article in the Tribune-Review about things parents might say to their children in order to protect them from the harsh reality of the truth.
Kids, nose, time, clock, watermelon, braces, mom, dad, happy, pigs, flying,
illustration of Six-Shot Economics was a cover for Strategic Finance magazine with a feature article about the ways to get ahead in a growing economy.
Cowboy, saloon, money, cell phone, business, dollar, suit and tie, hat, gold, funds, investment,
illustration of Eco Melt accompanied an article in National Wildlife magazine about the toxic salt products we so often use for icy streets and sidewalks in our cities and towns.
illustration of Yarn Bombing accompanied an article in Yankee magazine about the various objects these artists will use for a canvas. Sewing, needles, quilting, thread, colors, tree, women, friends, squirrel, bird, sneaking, sneaky,
illustration of Milk Stout is an illustration from the pages of Brewology, An Illustrated Dictionary for Beer Lovers published by Skyhorse Publishing. Craft, beer, cow, farmer, brewing, utter, moo
illustration of Photographer accompanied an article about how cameras in cell phones sometimes exceed the quality of more expensive outdated tools. Photograph. leaves, fall, picture, iPhone,
illustration of Waking the Bear was the cover for American Conservative magazine. The featured article was about the United States provoking Russia.
Uncle Sam, poking, America, sleeping, Russian, bear, stick, stars, stripes,
illustration of Summer Olympics in Rio was a promotion design depicting a few of the sporting events from those summer games. Biking, racing, swimming, running,
illustration of Cactus, erect, woman, desert, walking, sidewalk, beautiful,
illustration of Mud Football accompanied an article in Yankee magazine about a long time tradition in one area of New England that involves playing American football in the mud. Games, hogs, mudhole, tackle, fun, happy, friends, dirty
illustration of Wine Apps accompanied an article in Wine & Spirits magazine on the top applications for finding the best wines on the planet. Vino, iPhone, wine, corkscrew, cellar
illustration of Published in the Washington Post to accompany an article on how some primary health care physicians are being auctioned off.
Judge audience ill sick healthcare people lawyer finances political, doctors medicine urgent care physician Medicare Medicaid Obamacare
illustration of Craft Beer is an illustration from the pages of Brewology, An Illustrated Dictionary for Beer Lovers, published by Skyhorse Publishing. Craft, beer, bottle, yarn, children, hearts, project, pom poms, googly eyes, crayons, paintbrush, glue


Mark's expressive lines have graced the pages of The Wall Street Journal, Wine & Spirits magazine, Major League Baseball, Yankee Magazine, The New York Times, Forbes magazine, Barron’s, and The Washington Post among others. Mark has drawn covers for Newsweek, The American Conservative, Politics, Strategic Finance, and Golfstyles magazine to name a few.


Cartoon, Colored Pencil, Conceptual, Gouache, Line with Color, Pen & Ink, Watercolor, Whimsical


Humor, Action, Adventure, Animals, Annual Report, Book Covers, Botanical, Charts, Children, Children's Books, Computers, Corporate, Editorial, Education, Family, Food, Health, Historical, Holidays, Icons, Industrial, Information Graphics, Leisure, Licensing, Medical, Mural, Nature, Packaging, People, Political, Product, Romance, Science, Sports, Technology, Textiles, Transportation, Travel, Web Illustration, Wildlife, Americana, Food/Beverage, Lifestyle, Feminine, Masculine, Youth, Ethnic, Game, Edgy, Environmental, Financial, Urban