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My Sticker Atlas of the World

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Book Cover for novelty children's book that includes stickers, featuring over 100 maps with icons on them, whimsical, maps, children's book, educational, gouache painting, line art with color wash, geographic, learning

Bonnie Matthews

Bonnie Matthews

illustration of Map of the World gift wrap for Marcel Schurman Fine Papers, and Random House in store gift wrap, atlas, licensed work, gift wrap, retail product, mural art, educational, children's book illustration, icon art, Bonnie Matthews, product, branding, children's product, pictorial map, continents, animals of the world, whale, giraffe, travel, cruise ship, explore, tourism, wildlife, kids decor, Africa, kid's decor, learning, discover, penguin, ocean, earth, wildlife, editorial, product, mammals
illustration of Whimsical edgy birds floating in a pattern for surface textile design, fabric, licensed artwork, pen with color, bird, Bonnie Matthews, happy art, humorous, character, watercolor, gouache, pen and ink, product, animal art, character development, book publishing, children's book, product, youth, corporate, greeting cards
illustration of My Sticker Atlas of the World Children's Book Cover, maps, goauche, whimsical, geographic, children's book art, educational, novelty book, stickers, animals, icons, colorful,
illustration of Utility box wrap for the city of Costa Mesa, outside art, cat pattern, animal art, character, mural, signage, vinyl wrap, character, whimsical, vehicle wrap, gift wrap, step and repeat, gouache painting
illustration of Pedal Extremities Footwear artwork pattern, shoes, Bonnie Matthews, sneakers, Tennis Shoes, athletic wear, fashion, fashion ad, high heals, Paris fashion, oxford shoes, lace up shoes, whimsical fashion art, Nike, Prada, Footlocker, Adidas, shoe ad, shoe poster, shoe pattern, watercolor, pen and color, pen and ink, feet, slippers, Cole Hahn, men's shoes, womens' fashion, slip on shoes, lace ups, pumps, mules, edgy, funny, children's shoes, family, outdoor wear, dress up, humor, pen and ink
animation of City of Costa Mesa - Portrait of an artist video interview, whimsical, animal art, paint by hand, children's book illustration, children's book illustrator, educational, character, colorful, acrylic, gouache painting, pattern, book
illustration of Samples of textile patterns with birds, bugs, animals, whimsical creatures, bright and muted color options, monochrome and full color pattern art, licensed art, licensed character, edgy, surface design, end paper patterns, character, juvenile clothes, baby, children's book illustration, home decor, fabric, animal, watercolor, textile design, caterpillar, dragonfly, bees, beetles, insects, Bonnie Matthews
illustration of Dog named Daisy swimming with a  snorkeling cat with colorful tropical fish and coral reefs. tropical island, whimsical, children's book illustration, travel, cat, animal art, storytelling, edgy, dog, swimming, angelfish, travel, destination, rooster, watercolor, Bonnie Matthews, gouache, line art with color, editorial,
illustration of Striped Cat Character for board book. whimsical, acrylic painting, bold colors, edgy, brand character, licensed character, animal art, cartoon, fun, cute cat, funky cat, surface design, young reader, children's book, educational, advertising, logo character, children's hospital, graphic, watercolor, goauche style, painterly, line with color
illustration of Children's Book illustrations for Little Simon's Book-of-the-month and Pentel Pens, whimsical illustration, novelty book, children's book, line art, watercolor art, educational, animals, picture frames, stickers, crafts, scrapbook, pattern, birthday cards, corporate, Simon & Schuster, pen and ink, gouache, line art with color, young reader, games, dinosaur, cups, kites, decorative, bicycle, skateboard, cow, ice cream, learning, astronaut, creative
illustration of Project for the National Center for Maternal and Child Health book on child nutrition. editorial illustration, educational, book illustration, institutional, watercolor, instructional, children's book, health, vegetables, healthy eating, food, pediatric health, wellness, cooking, parenting, parent guide, text book, african american, gouache, cucumber, carrot, eating kids, child, dinner time
illustration of character development of West Village, NYC residence, woman, gouache, whimsical, edgy, people, person, fashion, funky woman, coffee cup, tea cup, purse, city dweller, children's book, editorial character, spokesperson, Greenwich Village, New Yorker, eye glasses, fashion, cartoon, bonnie matthews, watercolor, line art with color, line art with wash, storybook, advertising, brand character
illustration of Children's board book illustration for Big Snout Little Snout showing simple animal character with short legs verses long legs. Whimsical illustration painted in acrylic, animals, picture book, board book, children's book, Bonnie Matthews, educational, character
illustration of A whimsical humorous illustration of a giant lizard with decorative clothing with a chocolate cake, martini and a balloon with water and a fish looking longingly at the cake. Humorous, children's book, funny, picture book, children's board book, fairy tale, character, fish, Bonnie Matthews, animal character, chocolate cake, story, funny story
illustration of Poetry book end papers, muted palette. 
patterns, book publishing, whimsical, sophisticated line art, line art with wash, Bonnie Matthews, gouache, textiles, graphic design, hat, fashion, juvenile, home decor, watercolor, storybook, baby, gift, licensed art, gloves, hats, elegant line art, sheep, birds, bed, girl in bed, Irish, poems, poem art, girl, packaging, children's product, line with color, surface design
illustration of Edgy Dog Pattern with painted outline. Acrylic bold color, bright, whimsical, dogs with coffee, dogs with shirts, surface design, textiles, children's book, characters, fun, mural, product, tin can artwork, fashion, fabric design, licensed product, advertising character, Bonnie Matthews, acrylic, watercolor, line with color, animal art, children's book, brand character
illustration of Wayfinding map for the Baltimore Zoo including icons for exhibits. watercolor, maps, educational, pathway, institutional map, gouache, icons, design and illustration, aerial view map of zoo park, children's book, animals, animal, Bonnie Matthews, line art with color, wildlife, buildings, learning, signage, exhibit, lion, tiger, bear, kids, children, learning, brochure, line with color, whimisical
illustration of Nutrition and Activity Guide for Parents, nutrition, health, lifestyle, children, family, parenting, healthy heart, family fun, whimsical, people, kids, children, hospital, character development, print collateral, hospital, doctor, patient, medical, wellness, Bonnie Matthews, insurance, medical insurance, educational, teaching, pharmacy, pharmacy, dentist, dental,  whimsical, watercolor, pen and ink, product, mural, poster, children's book, teaching, learning
illustration of whimsical striped zebra type animal character drinking coffee with flowers, picture book, children's book, editorial illustration, Bonnie Matthews, coffee, story telling, mom and child, character development, cute scene, gouache illustration, outside, fairy tale, watercolor, fun, colorful, palm trees, coffee cup, bouquet of flowers, roses, striped animal, dental, teeth, parent and child, brand character, humorous
illustration of Digital Mural Children's Hospital, large mural, digital print, exterior signage, bold art, medical, hospital art, whimsical, outside art, Bonnie Matthews, medical institution, pharmacy, Los Angeles, California artist, LA artist, giant art, large painting, muralist, birds, acrylic, signage, children, health, doctor, education, educational, bold art, fun, happy work, kids, decor, children's room decor, licensing, product, branding, family fun, washy, children's book, institutional graphics
illustration of Editorial illustration of woman in pillbox hat in front of bakery in New York City with Vesuvio Bakery behind her, dog walking in background. whimsical art, gouache, pen and color wash, watercolor, humorous, Ella Fitzgerald, African American woman, black woman, New York City, Bonnie Matthews, stylish, bakery, Little Italy, magazine art, edgy, story, funky art, children's book illustration, book illustration
illustration of Whimisical illustration showing a child getting sticker rewards for good deeds with cat and mom looking on with praise. Educational, whimsical, goauche illustration, children's book, kitchen scene, family, fun, parenting, childhood, parenting, teaching children
illustration of Sylvan Learning Center Cover for National Geographic Educational booklet on learning and exploring, Discover Explore Invent, Mindsurf, learning, education, children learning, science, school, spot illustrations, collage illustration, fantasy, mind, math, elementary learning, knowledge, surfing, whale, books, Eiffel tower, pyramids, space, technology, Bonnie Matthews, colorful, whimsical, Einstein fantasy, poster, book cover, magazine cover
illustration of Long Horn Character from Big Snout Little Snout Board Book, children's book, educational, painterly, Bonnie Matthews, humorous animal art, whimsical animal, animal character, branding, licensed character, children's product, product, food, antelope, wild animal, funny, acrylic, goauche, compare and contrast, fresh works
illustration of spot illustration of a reiki master with imagery coming up as a puffin and a blue sparrow bringing messages to the recipient, new age, reiki healing, yoga, zen, spiritual, animal spirits, healing arts, stretching, relaxation, massage, reiki energy, dreams, animal spirit, Bonnie Matthews, watercolor, gouache, pen and color wash, editorial, product, calm, tranquil, nature, natural healing, naturopathic, women, Buddha whimsical illustration
illustration of Holiday Greeting Card with New Zealand Theme, Norfolk Island pine tree, Christmas ornaments, birds, lamb, kiwi, meadow, farmland, Christmas card, whimsical birds, tree of Life, whimsical theme, watercolor style, goauche illustration, Bonnie Matthews, colorful, fun, bright landscape, tropical, subtropical, mural striped birds, stylized landscape
illustration of Mural, large art, digital signage, large painting, exhibits, Bonnie Matthews, exhibition, muralist, large print, doctor's office art, reproduction, licensed work, bright colorful, painterly, educational, birds, animals, tree of life, happy animals, character development, children's room, nursery room art, kids decor, kid's decor, family friendly, licensed work, educational, building signage, medical, digital mural, exterior decor, building decor, signs, original art, children, hospital
illustration of A whimsical cat wearing a floral dress doing spring cleaning of her closet, and tossing out lots of purses and clothing accessories. Children's book illustration, humorous, animals, colorful, goauche, picture book, editorial, educational, cat, character, fairytale, board book, folk tale, funny, hand writing, pen with color
illustration of Humorous editorial illustration with dog being cooled off by hummingbird friends, dog with bandana, whimsical dog, summer fun, hummingbird, hot summer day, Bonnie Matthews, dog character, gouache, watercolor, picture book, children's picture book, advertising illustration, fairy tale, fun, funny animal, brand character, licensed product
illustration of Children's board book spread from Big Snout Little snout book showing birds and animal opposites in a whimsical fun simple style. Hand lettering for text, washy style using acrylic that is similar to my goauche style. Animals, humorous, fun, picture book, licensed character, painterly, colorful, bright, children's products, stylized animals
illustration of Board book illustration from Big Snout Little Snout. Humorous, whimsical painterly acrylic style similar to my gouache illustrations. Colorful, fun, animal character, picture book, board book, fairy tale, novelty, character development, brand character, product character, licensed character, children's product, Bonnie Matthews, bold character
illustration of Picture book for National Geographic called Coral Reefs, educational, young reader book, marine, aquatic, fish, ocean, learning, environment, conservation, coral reef, travel, tropical, discovery, sea life, marine biology, Great Barrier Reef, Bonnie Matthews, underwater scene, educational book, fish species, aquatic life, watercolor, pen and color, snorkeling, scuba diving, ocean conservation, parrot fish, underwater seascape, Fiji, Travel, destination, children's book illustrator, goauche
illustration of Humorous pit bull dog eating watermelon, character development, children's book illustration, watercolor, gouache, whimsical, food and beverage, brand character, fun, bright, colorful, edgy, editorial, educational, licensing, fruit, animal, funny animal art, Bonnie Matthews, storytelling, picture book, educational
illustration of Seasonal Greeting Card with New Zealand Theme Holiday Postcard with New Zealand theme, Norfolk Island Pine, tiny birds, Christmas ornaments, Tree of Life, decorative tree, kiwi, sheep, lamb, holiday theme, greeting card, Christmas card, whimsical, cute, watercolor, hand lettering, washy color, gouache, custom greeting card, travel, destination, editorial, pattern, line art with color wash, Bonnie Matthews
illustration of Black and white editorial illustration of bird wanting to eat a piece of cake but wishing it were a strawberry cake with lemon and blueberry frosting. fork, humorous editorial, hungry, layer caked, strawberries, funny bird, hungry, craving, Bonnie Matthews, food, craving cake
illustration of Whimsical sheep eating freshly planted garden inside a fence with another sheep looking on. humorous animal art, sheep, lamb, goauche, editorial, watercolor, children's book, story, fun, muted colors, washy style, farm, farming, agriculture, spring, Bonnie Matthews, simple illustration
illustration of Cow in field in New Mexico, cattle, farming, agriculture, dairy, dairy cow, animal, Bonnie Matthews, Santa Fe, whimsical, farm animal, cattle ranch, farm, watercolor, watercolor with pen, farmland, gouache, sketch, cow watercolor
illustration of Direct Merchang Land's End Spring Kid's Catalog Cover, tree with birds and kid's swinging, children reading, springtime, summertime, summer reading, clothing company, catalog cover, magazine cover, store, Bonnie Matthews, summertime fun, outdoor activities, reading, children relaxing,
illustration of Children's pop up book spread from Annie Ate Apples, lift the flap pop up book, children's book, whimsical, humor, humorous, funny scene, spot illustrations, published book illustration, novelty book, board book, Bonnie Matthews, watermelon, kids, funny, whimsical animals, rhyming text, vampires, cute animals, fun, watercolor, pen and color, gouache,
illustration of Smithsonian/National Zoo Tiger Exhibit, interactive educational pathway for children. signage, educational learning, food chain, tiger, tiger conservation, wild animals, zoo, mural, signs, zoo, Bonnie Matthews, Smithsonian, learning, wild animal conservation, whimsical, animal art, teaching, young children learning, pen and watercolor, gouache, exhibit design, exhibit illustration, exhibit signage, antelope, Africa, safari, palm trees, food chain of a tiger, carnivore
illustration of children's pop up book with lots of moving parts and tabs, detailed drawing, whimsical, humorous, fun, novelty book, picture book, published illustrator, Bonnie Matthews, children's book illustrator, colorful, funny scenes, animals doing funny things, children, kids, gouache, pen and color, watercolor, animals, house, Victorian house, character development, zebra, frog, yak, magic


Hi and thanks for stopping by. I've been illustrating since I was 3 years old. I sold my first drawing in 7th grade and realized that this was a path worth pursuing. I have produced works for 25 books for children, contributed to numerous magazines and print collateral as well as licensed products. I'm grateful that my whimsical style tends to attract like minded clients and projects that are fun. I'm grateful to have worked with some awesome clients including: The Smithsonian's National Zoo, American History Museum, Land's End, Harcourt, Running Press, World Health Organization, Johns' Hopkins University, Johns Hopkins Children's Center, Weber Shandwick and National Geographic Society, American Psychological Association - Magination Press among others. I have a degree from Virginia Commonwealth University and graduated in 1985 in the Communications Arts and Design program. The illustration, well, that came naturally to me outside of academia. VCU was invaluable in shaping and crafting how I am as an artist, however. After working as a graphic designer/art director, I made the leap to freelance illustration. Because of my graphic design background, I've been able to work with client's needs when it comes to awareness of text areas, deadlines and production problem solving. I moved from Baltimore, Maryland and reside now in Costa Mesa, California with my two rescue cats who assist in my studio. I’m interested in working on all types of things from murals, signage, more books, advertisting...whatever is fun – count me in! Let’s get started.


Acrylic, Black & White, Caricature, Cartoon, Fine Art, Gouache, Graphic, Lettering, Line with Color, Painterly, Pen & Ink, Watercolor, Pattern, Whimsical, Installations, e-Learning


Humor, Adventure, Animals, Book Covers, Botanical, Character Development, Charts, Children, Children's Books, Children's Products, Corporate, Editorial, Education, Family, Fashion/Cosmetics, Food, Greeting Cards, Health, Holidays, Icons, Information Graphics, Landscape, Leisure, Licensing, Maps, Medical, Mural, Nature, Packaging, People, Posters, Product, Sports, Textiles, Toys & Games, Travel, Wildlife, Agriculture, Food/Beverage, Lifestyle, Feminine, Spiritual, Youth, Ethnic, Game, Edgy, Environmental, Urban, Branding, Surface Design