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Weathering the Storm

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Being prepared and staying relaxed during volatile markets. This mentality may also apply to the difficult times we all go through in life. Have our safety helmet on but make sure and try to keep ourselves feeling ‘light’ while keeping an eye out for the sun to appear through those dark clouds.

charlie padgett

Charlie Padgett

illustration of Women’s history is integral to understanding American history — and not just one month per year.  Important women such as Helen Hamilton Gardener, who was an important figure in the woman’s rights movement, should not be relegated to a simple footnote in U.S. history. women, rights, portrait, strength, american history, flag, suffragists, vote, blue, red, white, black and white, equality, infliuence
illustration of Being prepared and staying relaxed during volatile markets. 
This mentality may also apply to the difficult times we all go through in life. Have our safety helmet on but make sure and try to keep ourselves feeling ‘light’ while keeping an eye out for the sun to appear through those dark clouds.  Bike, bicycle, clouds, market, stocks, life, storm, darkness, hope, patience, man, goggles, balance, endurance, highs, lows, rain, sun, blue, sky, retro
illustration of How our daily habits and routines help shape who we are. 
early bird, success, morning, humor, whimsy, goals, routine, habits, business, health, hope, sky, dawn, fun, discipline,
illustration of For a piece about Biomarkers of beta-cell health and  personalized diabetes care.  Keywords: health, science, research, key, unlock, answers, custom, hope, hand, finger, medicine, DNA, blood, special, metabolism,
illustration of  How personal data acquired online is used to “court” consumers.    technology, online, personal, data, marketing, advertising, pixels, human, graphic, love, valentine, sales, digital, science, psychology, cookies,  pink, faceless, head
illustration of Concept for a story about how criminals hide in plain sight, in places that are considered
illustration of Client: La Vie - Sciences
For an article about our loss of privacy online.
*American Illustration award winner AI38

fear, data, personal, octopus, eyes, internet, cloud, insecure, computer, social media, search, hack, security, monster, spying, media, digital
illustration of Children have the uncanny ability to see beyond darkness to discover the fun that even a rainy day can bring.   youth, children, fun, rain, happiness, play, rainbow, dark, cloud, frown, yellow, rain coat, boots, puddle, positive, mental health, kids, splash, strength
illustration of All of the little things we do can add up to achieving big goals.  whale, goals, fish, collect, catch, net, building, work, moon, purple, night, business, technology, fantastic, lifestyle, dark, sky,  fishing, financial, hopes, dreams, stars, man
illustration of A modern take on The Bride of Frankenstein.   woman, fashion, monster, fear, scary, red, power, simple, classic, profile, cinema, people, holidays, hair, beauty, graphic, yellow, profile, strong
illustration of Silver nanoparticles block our beige fat cells from doing their job, which could lead to obesity. Client: Molecular Metabolism.  robot, medical, pollution, health, science, concept, obesity, research, cage, blocking, steampunk, glow, blue, danger, cell, fat, nucleus, sickness, tin man,
illustration of Portrait of jazz legend Eric Dolphy, celebrating his groundbreaking album Out to Lunch.

saxophone, blue, note, clock, time, African American, genius, hip, contemporary, bop, experimental, avant garde, leader, style, man, pioneer, cool, retro
illustration of When we first adopted Rex, he was challenging. A storm that disrupted our relatively calm life.  After many patient days he is proving to be a good boy. 
 dog, wolf, king, animal, loyalty, storm, crown, misunderstood, archetype, fairy tale, change, love, friend, dark, growl, teeth, weather, help
illustration of Sometimes you catch the big one. Sometimes the big one catches you.  goals, fish, fly, clouds, fishing, ocean, sea, blue, red, yellow, business, surrealism, financial, lost, birds, wonder, bright, fantastic, journey, whale, catch,
illustration of Client: Molecular Metabolism
For an article about transgenerational inheritance of environmental-induced maladies.

 Genetics, roots, shark, sickness, DNA, parents, grandparents, generation, child, worry, danger, diagnosis, hidden, waves, illness, innocence
illustration of What happens when Artificial Intelligence breaks the law...and gets caught.   digital, hackers, pixel, hands, criminal, prison, jail, bars, stuck, fear, identity, psychology, health, freedom, stuck, simple, man, dark, silhouette, space, alone, personality, courage, virtual reality, law, bad, thief, inmate
illustration of What to do when you discover you've been chasing unrealistic goals and how to define the right goals that fit your lifestyle.

dog, tail, finances, personal, health, running, circles, bone, reward, house, field, trees, best friend, collar, mixed media, graphite, retirement, 401k, taxes, dream, hopes, habits, stuck, doghouse, field, lost, confused
illustration of Removing a section in the metabolic network promotes cancer and tumor formation.
Client: Molecular Metabolism
 research  snake  map  hole  science  technology 
 cells  dragon  poison  venom  red  cells  blood 
 shadows  health  biochemistry  serpent #sickness 
 unhealthy  monster  evil
illustration of The wolf has chased all the sheep away. Together we howl at the moon.

sleepless, tired, unhealthy, awake, stars, night, blues, bed, dreams, monster, eyes, disorder, brain, wolf, sheep, mental, anxiety, stress, illness, grouchy, grumpy, eyes, moon, thoughts
illustration of For a piece about fearing our neighbors. 
window, urban, building, voyeur, watching, hitchcock, noir, apartment, man, binoculars, thriller, wonder, peeping, cast, giant, cramped, space, trust, ignorance, city,
illustration of Client: Molecular Metabolism
An experimental new drug and a protein in the brain work together to reduce appetite. 
health, obesity, diabetes, medical research, drug, pharmaceutical, hunger, eating, brain, dinner, construction, sign, threads, head, silhouette, lights, people
illustration of The emergence of personalized diabetes care for molecular metabolism. Cover art for Molecular Metabolism  health, science, medicine, butterfly, moth, power, drugs, pharmaceutical, research, blood, pills, technology, advancements, light, powerful
illustration of Spring is awesome but for some it brings a knockout punch of allergies and bug bites.

wrestler, mask, flower, pollen, bugs, lucha, luchador, allergies, fight, eyes, red, snot, mucus, sneeze, whimsical, teeth, wings, green, spring, seasonal, bloodshot, medical, advertising, products, remedy, clouds, grass, fun, sick
illustration of Concept for an article where tech experts predict what the future holds for AI.

Keywords: fortune teller, palm reading, eye, digital,  hand, plug, robot, robotics, curtains, magic, wired, help, control, digital,
illustration of Client: GREY Midwest  AD: Ray Elfers

For a poster promoting the 2019 ADDY awards show in Cincinnati, encouraging the creative community to “feed their creative beast.”

passion, fire, advertising, fuel, monster, creature, spirit, torch, love, boat, seas,  journey, fun, wild, bright, ocean,
illustration of Visualizing the terrible feeling of rejection.
fear, falling, work, unemployment, job, boss, woman, misfit, unfit, qualified, unqualified, suit, depression, sadness, interview, abstract, metaphor, smart, application, depth, corporate, shoes, glow, review, psychology, failing, searching, hope, choices, wrong fit, large, change
illustration of Poster promoting an artist group show where each artist created work based on a phrase pulled from a hat.

surreal, hat, art, glow, mountains, french, starting point, promotion, advertising, magical, sky, clouds
illustration of Personal piece - how the legend of Robert Johnson selling his soul to the Devil for fame overshadows his actual musical talent.  Inspired by a Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds lyric.
illustration of Client: Molecular Metabolism
A prolonged high fat/sugary food diet inflames an area of the brain that causes depression which leads to the desire to eat more high fat foods which then leads to more depression.

Keywords: obesity, cycle, diabetes, psychology, drugs, medicine, research, mental health, overweight, meals, pizza, flames. crowns, sad
illustration of Following your passion can lead to all kinds of self growth.

*Featured in Illustrati magazine

Keywords: psychology, mental health, personal, contemporary, farmer, sacred, heart, trees, bloom, career, happiness, love, path, fire, plants, finance
illustration of Client: Scientific American 
Design Director: Michael Mrak.    
Researchers know genetic mutations can cause cancer.  But using that information to pick the right treatments for cancer patients isn’t so clear.

DNA, doctors, confusion, unclear, mess, tangle, knot, uncertainty, contemporary, medical, lost, help, future, health
illustration of Portrait of jazz pianist and hard bop pioneer Horace Silver.
Jazz, blue note, piano, hip, cool, retro, vibe, music, passion, fire, love, beat, songs, portrait, ebony, ivory, keys, hands, love, sweat, concert, live,
illustration of For the group art show - Le Point de Départ. The point of inspiration for the artists was the quote
illustration of Concerning America's need to get over its addiction to assault rifles.

 shooting, NRA, contemporary, murder, gun control, op-ed, opinion, politics, money, squish, weapon, bullets, life, death, smoking
illustration of Trump’s immigration policy in which
he clearly disregards the following,
illustration of Inspired by the short story by J.M.G. Le Clézio, about the discovery of a lagoon in Mexico at the end of the 19th century where gray whales went to reproduce. After Captain Scammon decided to exterminate the whales, he realized that he had made a terrible mistake.
*Featured in Illustrati Magazine.

guilt, regret, sea, ocean, whaler, blood, hands, shame,  captain, pain, sadness, clouds, storm, greed, ocean, harpoon
illustration of Concept for the classic novella by Robert Louis Stevenson that confronts the struggle of good versus evil that lives within us all.

Keywords: gothic, horror, monster, x-ray, split personality, London, scary, dark,


I work hard to find fresh perspective and create multi-layered, conceptual work that compliments the text and resonates with the audience long after they have turned the page, left the building and got on with the business of living. My work has been recognized by American illustration Awards, The AOI World Illustration Awards, the American Advertising Federation, the Independent Publisher Awards, Illustrati magazine, Pantone Gallery and CNBC's top beer labels. I graduated from Cincinnati Academy of Design and worked as an Art Director/Creative Director in Cincinnati for many years. I now live in France with my wife and daughter.


Abstract, Cartoon, Conceptual, Design, Digital, Figurative, Graphic, Mixed Media, Realism, Silhouette, Stylized, Whimsical, Concept Art, Film/Entertainment


Humor, Action, Adventure, Animals, Architecture, Book Covers, Celebrities, Character Development, Children, Children's Books, Computers, Corporate, Editorial, Education, Family, Fantasy, Food, Futuristic, Health, Historical, Holidays, Landscape, Maps, Medical, Music, Mystery, Nature, People, Political, Portrait, Posters, Science, Scientific, Sci-Fi, Technology, Toys & Games, Travel, Web Illustration, Wildlife, Americana, Agriculture, Food/Beverage, Lifestyle, Vintage / Retro, Feminine, Masculine, Spiritual, Youth, Ethnic, Edgy, Environmental, Financial, Grunge, Urban