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Thread of Love

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A spread from Thread of Love, written by Kabir & Surishtha Sehgal, Beachlane Books, 2018

Zara González Hoang

Zara González Hoang

illustration of A boy plays in front of his grandmother's house. El Yunque, family, explore, outside, nature, familia
illustration of A girl looks out her window to the city below. Urban, city, people, buildings, brownstone
illustration of Two kids find the magic of the city. Wild, magic, imagination, urban, urban jungle, play pretend, robot, rainbow, buildings, snake
illustration of A girl splashing through puddles. Raincoat, frog, froggy, happy, quirky, girl, child, spring, rain
illustration of A quirky girl character. rainbow, patches, pigtails, sneakers
illustration of Kids marching in a parade. Trumpet, triangle, children, kids, cheerleader, costume, bee, whimsy, quirky, cute, banner, diverse
illustration of Kids getting ice cream from an Ice Cream Truck. Summer, ice cream, popsicles, sweet treat, summertime, ice cream man, whimsy, cute, kids, children, dog
illustration of Kids pretending to be pirates. Children, kids, pretend, play, make believe, imagination, whimsy, quirky, crab, dolphin, pirate ship, sailing, at sea, cute
illustration of A double decker bus full of animal tourists. Animals, giraffe, monkey, dog, bear, kiwi, penguin, bunny, rabbit, bear, alligator, crocodile, tourist, London, cute, tour bus, whimsy, quirky, sight seeing
illustration of A girl dreams about adventure. Daydream, tween, adventure, imagination, make believe, child's room, messy room, books, bookcase, wonder, sea, dragon, quest, whimsy, quirky, cute, child, kid
illustration of A girl holding flowers. Child. Mother's Day. Bouquet. Daughter.
illustration of Kids Marching. Congratulations Banner. Marching Band. Parade. Cape. Costumes. Trumpet. Drums. Banner.
illustration of A Dapper French Bulldog. Dog. Handsome. Birthday Card. Greeting Card.
illustration of A dragon in a party hat. Magic. Imagination. Dragon. Drake. Wyrm. Birthday Party.
illustration of A dapper alligator. Dress Up. Crocodile. Reptile. Dance. Tuxedo.
illustration of A boy figures out what is awesome about having a pet octopus. Notebook, sketchbook, children, kids, pet, weird pets, animal, story, friends, whimsy, quirky, pet pals, cute
illustration of A group of kids and their pets. Octopus, parrot, cat, chicken, horse, dog, animals, pet parade, whimsy, quirky, school class, elementary, children
illustration of A spread from
illustration of A spread from
illustration of A girl builds a robot out of odds and ends she found in her house. Children, DIY, dog, mouse, STEM, science, robot, maker, tween, imagination, make believe, project, whimsy, quirky, cute, kids
illustration of Animals riding in cars. Zoom, vroom, beep, urban, transportation, road, city, traffic, cute, anthropmorphic, african animals, antelope, giraffe, elephant, whimsy
illustration of A boy doing magic. Abracadabra, magic, magician, dress up, magic wand, wizard, magical kid, child, imagination, whimsy, quirky, tween
illustration of Kids Marching in a Protest, protest, parade, children, activist, activism, signs, diversity, politics
illustration of Boys playing on monkey bars. Imagination, alligator, crocodile, shark, playground, imaginative play, recess, whimsy, adventure, trouble, brothers, friends, best friends
illustration of Kids at the playground. Kids, children, playground, recess, whimsy, quirky, hanging, upside down, friends, frenemies
illustration of Sisters doing Autumn chores. Autumn, fall, chores, responsibility, joke, leaves, raking, sisters, siblings, girls, children, kids, backyard, outside, nature
illustration of A boy rides on a dragon. Adventure, imagination, imaginary friends, fantasy, typography, whimsy, child, kid
illustration of A Girl Reading upside Down. Dragon, book, read, socks, book worm, magic, imagination, comfort, hobby, whimsy, quirky
illustration of A Cow driving a Milk Truck. Car, delivery truck, driver, moo, whimsy, quirky, animal, farm, cute
illustration of A Giraffe biking in the winter. Scarves, cold, winter weather, bicycle, bike, snow, whimsy, quirky, animal, anthropomorphic
illustration of A boy looking at his tummy. Stomach. Underwear. Boy. Toddler. Child. Kid.
illustration of A penguin and a tiger racing across the sand. Sand Racing. Sand Boat. Sail Boat. Animals.
illustration of A girl and her doggy friend splashing in puddles. Raincoat. Rainy Day. Dog. Child. Kid. Frog Raincoat.
illustration of A group of forest animals having a snowball fight. Bunny. Rabbit. Bear. Fox. Racoon. Snowfight. Winter. Snow.
illustration of Two Koalas hanging around. Tree. Angry. Annoyed. Happy. Marsupial. Eating. Australia.
illustration of People doing good deeds for the community. Community Service. Soccer Coach. PTA. Planting trees. Community Involvement.
illustration of A dachshund for every season. Dog. Doxie. Weiner Dog. Seasonal. Autumn. Fall. Winter. Spring. Summer.
illustration of A pug for every season. Dog. Seasonal. Autumn. Fall. Winter. Spring. Summer.
illustration of A Corgi for every season. Dog. Seasonal. Autumn. Fall. Winter. Spring. Summer. Pembroke Corgi. Cardigan Corgi. Queen Elizabeth.
illustration of A sad Cactus. Plant. Potted Plant. Anthropomorphize. Cacti


Zara González Hoang is an illustrator and designer living in Northern Virginia. She creates children's books, surface designs, and licensed products for a variety of companies.


Cartoon, Colored Pencil, Digital, Lettering, Mixed Media, Pen & Ink, Stylized, Watercolor, Whimsical


Humor, Adventure, Animals, Book Covers, Botanical, Character Development, Children, Children's Books, Children's Products, Editorial, Education, Family, Fantasy, Greeting Cards, Holidays, Landscape, Leisure, Licensing, Nature, Packaging, People, Political, Product, Technology, Toys & Games, Transportation, Wildlife, Agriculture, Lifestyle, Feminine, Youth, Ethnic, Environmental, Urban, Surface Design