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illustration of An exploded 3D diagram of an Apache Longbow helicopter.
illustration of A 3D illustration of a bridge in water.
animation of A 3D turnaround of a Hellcat Animated Cutaway
animation of A 3d animated turnaround of a large Jersey 16 Inch Gun boat
animation of A 3D animated turnaround of a P-51
illustration of A 3D exploded diagram of the pink Thunderbirds car.
illustration of A 3D exploded diagram of the Thunderbirds 1 & 2 vehicles.
illustration of An exploded 3D illustration of a A-330 aeroplane.
illustration of A 3d illustration of a H6068 Dreadnought for a 'owners manual' for Haynes
illustration of A 3D cross section illustration of a Type 45 Destroyer for Haynes.
illustration of A collection of 3D illustrations of Corgi model cars.
illustration of A 3D cross section illustration of a Sherman Tank for the Telegraph.
illustration of A 3D split illustration of The Titanic


Alex Pang studied at Taunton college of arts and technology where he successfully passed his diploma in Design and Illustration. He has worked mostly in mixed media, airbrush, goache and inks for nearly 10 years and had many styles. Almost 15 years ago he found out about Photoshop and Studiomax in a visit at a friend’s studio and overnight it changed the way he worked as he could see that the writing was on the wall for a lot of traditional styles he had done in the past. Luckily his publisher at the time David West’s Children’s books was looking for digital artwork for a series of new How it works books, The rest is history as they say. His clients include: Fuji, BP, Matchbox, BAE systems, Octopus, Kingfisher, and many publishers too many to mention. He has also worked on some major film projects such as Thunderbirds the Movie, Captain Scarlet and is currently working on some artworks of Avatar craft for the partworks people Deagostini. Depending on the client his work now varies between the super-detail needed for the MOD particularly on the new type 45 and the new supercarriers to fun caricature cars that he now produces as prints for the gift industry. He is also involved now starting work on Non-fiction e-books packed full of interactive animation and looks forward to pushing the envelope even more.


Animation, Digital, 3-D Collage, 3-D Rendering, CGI


Futuristic, Industrial, Landscape, Maps, Scientific, Technology, Transportation, Travel, Lifestyle