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Illustration for the cover of Hilton Magazine, Winter 2019/2020

Jenny Kroik

Jenny Kroik

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illustration of Portrait of Yayoi Kusama.
___________________________________________________________________________________________ Yayoi Kusama, modern artist, museum.
illustration of Cover illustration for Bal Harbour.
___________________________________________________________________________________________ Bal Harbour, magazine, editorial illustration, cover illustration, fashion illustration
illustration of Indrani for The New Yorker 
___________________________________________________________________________________________ The New Yorker, scientist, map, laptop, science books
illustration of Find Me: A Novel for Vanity Fair
___________________________________________________________________________________________ Find Me, novel, bike, Vanity Fair, André Aciman
illustration of Emerald Alligator for L'uomo Vogue 
___________________________________________________________________________________________ Emerald Alligator, alligator, L'uomo Vogue, jewelry, jewelry shop, necklaces
illustration of Art Collector for Penn Gazette
___________________________________________________________________________________________ art collector, Penn Gazette, art, skateboard, laptop, fine art
illustration of Sara and John for The New Yorker
___________________________________________________________________________________________ The New Yorker, art collectors, African Art, dog, pottery, fine art
illustration of Subway illustration fro CULTURED magazine.
___________________________________________________________________________________________ subway, CULTURED, editorial illustration
illustration of A New York moment in an Arthur Avenue bakery illustrated for The New Yorker's Oct. 29, 2018 cover. ___________________________________________________________________________________________ Baker, pastry, pastries, cookies, cakes, tarts, meringues, eclairs, cannoli, donuts, doughnuts, flan, hair net, bow, boxed, sweet, treat, choices, golden, warm, icing, decorated,
illustration of Personal work, portrait. ___________________________________________________________________________________________ man, gallery, glasses, fashion, style
illustration of Where There's Smoke, cover for LA Times. ___________________________________________________________________________________________ woman, cannabis, LA Times, store
illustration of Museum Going Etiquette for Airmail. ___________________________________________________________________________________________ woman, selfie, gallery, museum, art, portrait, camera, photography
illustration of ___________________________________________________________________________________________ Bookstore, books, art opening, community space, new york,
illustration of The New Yorker Cartoon ___________________________________________________________________________________________ beach, woman, The New Yorker, summer, beach umbrella, dog, humour,
illustration of Arts & Style article about shoes women wear in action films illustrated for The Washington Post's June 24, 2018 movie section. 
___________________________________________________________________________________________ Movie, heroines, high heels, jurassic park, black panther, wonder woman, shoes, movie section, film, the washington post,
illustration of A New York moment in the bookstore, The Strand, illustrated for The New Yorker's Nov. 13, 2017 cover. ___________________________________________________________________________________________ Bookstore, The Strand, New York. bookworm, book cover
illustration of Young couple at a Westside Market in New York.
___________________________________________________________________________________________ Market, lobster, couple, westside, new york, jam, cheese,
illustration of ___________________________________________________________________________________________ Baker, pastry, pastries, cookies, cakes, tarts, doughnuts, flan, bow, boxed, sweet, treat, choices, golden, warm, icing, decorated, bakery, bread
illustration of A New York moment in a subway illustrated for The New Yorker's Mar. 12, 2018 cover. ___________________________________________________________________________________________ Floral, flowers, subway, new york


Jenny Kroik is a New York City-based illustrator. Born in in St. Petersburg, Russia, she moved to Israel with her family in 1989, and then to the United States in 2002. The inspiration for her whimsical, sensitive paintings comes from the people she sees around her, and moving to NYC in 2016 has given her endless material for her illustrations. With her work, she attempts to capture a fleeting moment or a feeling, to freeze time and highlight the beauty and wonder in each person, their environment and event. Jenny has worked with a wide variety of clients on illustrations for books, magazines, advertising, products and websites, she has also shown her work in a number of US galleries. For the past 9 years Jenny has taught drawing and painting part-time at the University of Oregon and City College of New York and art workshops across the country. She has a BFA in illustration and animation from the Art Institute of Boston and an MFA in painting from the University of Oregon.


Figurative, Gouache, Painterly, Stylized, Film/Entertainment


Humor, Animals, Botanical, Celebrities, Editorial, Fashion/Cosmetics, Food, Leisure, People, Political, Portrait, Romance, Science, Travel, Food/Beverage, Lifestyle, Feminine, Masculine, Ethnic, Urban