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Red Nose Studio

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illustration of Cover illustration for the annual report of NineStar Connect.
___________________________________________________________________________________________ NineStar Connect, annual report, cover illustration
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illustration of Standing Tall Cover -The New York Times
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illustration of St Philomenes - Book Cover for Henry Holt
___________________________________________________________________________________________ Henry Holt, book cover, St. Philomenes Infirmary
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illustration of The Role of the Adviser-Planadviser
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illustration of Frames of Reference - Plansponsor
___________________________________________________________________________________________ Plansponsor, frames, man, looking through frame
illustration of Inflamation-Chief Investment Officer
___________________________________________________________________________________________ urban, city, machine
illustration of Elvis is King! interior page from book for Schwartz and Wade
___________________________________________________________________________________________ Elvis, children's book, Schwartz and Wade, rainbow, rainbow skate rink, romance, couple, view
illustration of Special Issue - Scientific American- Lion
___________________________________________________________________________________________ lion, girl with megaphone, special issue Scientific American
illustration of Advisers' Future Trajectory for PlanAdviser
___________________________________________________________________________________________ cover PlanAdviser, plane, bicycle, flying
illustration of Time Pieces
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illustration of Living Alley Find
___________________________________________________________________________________________ explorer, butterfly, jar, find
illustration of Elvis is King! for Schwartz & Wade
___________________________________________________________________________________________ interior illustration, children's book, Elvis is King!, Schwartz & Wade, Elvis, music, guitar
illustration of For He Can Creep for
___________________________________________________________________________________________ cat, chair, reading,, book
illustration of Special Issue - Scientific American- Snake
___________________________________________________________________________________________ snake, reading, special issue Scientific American
illustration of Made Things Cover for
___________________________________________________________________________________________ children's book cover, Made Things,, children's books


Chris Sickels, the creative force behind award-winning Red Nose Studio, creates an eccentric world we'd all like to visit. Endearing characters and intricate sets draw you in with wit, intelligence, and charm. His 3-D illustrations are built from a variety of materials. Sets and puppets are a combination of wire, fabric, cardboard, wood, miniatures, found objects and anything within arms reach. Any object is fair game, for one illustration he constructed an old-fashioned canister vacuum cleaner from a jumble of materials including a garlic press, a tire gauge and the cord from an old electric skillet. These found objects can often be the deciding factor in the size of the puppets for an illustration. Generally, the puppets are 6 to 8 inches tall but the objects used can dictate puppets of another size making scale a pivotal component of the work. "The objects take the pieces in different directions," Chris says. "It's not always in your complete control. So you have to work with the objects instead of trying to bend the objects to fit your idea." In some cases, the environment or the puppets themselves are more important than the objects used. "If it's more about the puppet itself, then usually the head will kind of start it because that head is the emotion. In a lot of my pieces, the characteristics in the face are the soul of it. So the face is usually one of the first things to get done." he explains. Chris describes his magical work, saying "The sculptures sometimes look pretty crude, or the stitching is really rough, or the buildings are painted really sloppily. They're not poetic, there's no rhythm to them, there's no math to them like a good poem. But that's how my work is. My work isn't really graceful. It's usually pretty awkward - like if the puppet moved, he'd fall off or he'd trip or he'd run into a wall. It's a bit of beauty and a bit of awkwardness. And I think that's kind of how I am." Chris' illustrations appear in advertising, magazines, books, newspapers, packaging, character development and animation. His work has been honored by virtually every award institution or annual and has been featured in How, Print, Creativity and 3x3 Magazine, as well as in a number of art and design books including Taschen's Illustration Now!. He has twice been honored with the Carol Anthony Grand Prize award from the Society of Illustrators 3-D Salon. Two of his short films, The Red Thread Project and Innards were selected to screen at the 2005 and 2006 Los Angeles International Short Film Festival.


Caricature, Clay Sculpture, Conceptual, Figurative, Stylized, 3-D Rendering, Whimsical, Concept Art


Animals, Book Covers, Celebrities, Children, Children's Books, Editorial, Fantasy, Music, People, Edgy, Financial, Urban