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SF Mercantile

Floral Peace Sign

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SF Mercantile wanted a floral peace sign illustration to tie back to its 3D outdoor signage as the signage was getting a lot of attention from the public. This image was then used as brand identification on all sorts of merchandise.

SF Mercantile
illustration of Illustration for Kipling's
illustration of Oedipus and the Sphinx illustration at the moment when Oedipus is trying to solve the riddle. Greek, myth, legend, Oedipus, Sphinx, history, tale, religion, acrylic, mixed media, book cover, story, people, creature, monster, animal, border, human, man, spear, mystery, riddle, snake, tail, wings, hat, cape, tree, pedestal, column
illustration of Concept image for the cover of Anna Karenina. Book, cover, concept, Anna Karenina, acrylic, woman, pretty, novel, Tolstoy, publishing, classic, vintage, parasol, romance, horse racing, horse races, gown, flowing, fiction, story, book, russian, nobility, noblewoman
illustration of Colorful acrylic painting of a coral reef showing how predators of the sea are also prey. Octopus, moray eel, sea snail, coral reef, lion fish, clown fish, sea cave, moorish idol, marine life, sea, ocean, school of fish, under water, coral, predation, prey, predator, octopus, animal life, wildlife, recycling, earth, preservation, editorial, panorama, cycle of life, cyclical, dependent, interdependent, reciprocal, healthy, bleaching, death, underwater, scene, marine, tropical, fish
illustration of Acrylic image of a black and orange koi under a lotus leaf and flower. Koi, pond, fish, pet, lotus, flower, leaf, water, swimming, peaceful, zen, spotted, carp, fins, somber, plant, floral, petals, nature
illustration of Watered-down acrylic mule deer with cardinals overhead. Mule deer, deer, animal, wild, branches, birds, cardinals, cardinal, berries, snow, christmas, snow, serene, calm, wildlife, peaceful, pretty, card, nature, outdoors, camping, hiking, hunting, hunter, target, venison
illustration of Colorful floral image of two Icelandic Poppies in  bloom and with flower buds. Flower, flowers, poppies, icelandic, blooms, bloom, fuzzy, stalks, stamens, petals, botanical, nature, flora, fresh, wild, realistic, preservation, protection, preserve, protect, parks
illustration of Hand drawn and painted native California wildflowers, arranged in a peace sign. Daisies, lupines, matilija poppy, California poppies, botanical, floral, flowers, wildflowers, native, California, flora, sketch, nature, natural, wildlife, meadow, field, peace, sign, hippie, freedom, signage, branding, icon, watercolor
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illustration of Two sweet black-capped chickadees sitting on a branch of red berries on a background of vintage Old German handwriting. Birds, chickadees, berries, holiday, calligraphy, festive, avian, cute, winter, red, black capped, branch, greeting card, home decor, wall art, hand drawn, acrylic, mixed media, hand painted, wildlife, sweet, black, white, vintage, Old German, handwriting, fowl, nature, chirping, feathers, twigs
illustration of A ruby-throated hummingbird hovers by a fuchsia on a background of vintage Old German text. Bird, New World, avian, flutter, hummingbird, ruby-throated, flying, hovering, fuchsia, flight, hand painted, hand drawn, calligraphy, wings, wall art, home decor, greeting cards, parchment, decorative, bill, beak, feathers, document, calligraphy, Old German, text, parchment, vintage, document, nature, wildlife, fowl, spotted, delicate, fragile, small, tiny
illustration of Colorful illustration of a toco toucan sitting on a branch surrounded by monstera leaves on a background of old German text. Toucan, bird, avian, fly, flying, soaring, sitting, perched, branch, leaves, jungle, feathers, beak, black, white, orange, eating, berry, Amazon, fowl, greeting card, home decor, stem, twigs, wildlife, nature, text, book, background, parchment, South America, tropical
illustration of American Flamingo in hot pink before a monstera leaf on a vintage German book page as the background. Bird, flamingo, pink, American, avian, beak, leaf, green, text, elegant, acrylic, watercolor, decorative, wall art, home decor, realistic, hand painted, hand drawn, saturated, colorful, hot pink, line work, sketch, bill, twisted, figure eight, nature, wildlife, fowl, waterfowl, wild, fly, neck, long, book, parchment, text, Old German, foreign, language, tropical
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illustration of Swooping barn swallow on a vintage document background with calligraphy.
bird, swallow, barn swallow, fowl, avian, wings, blue, tail, swooping, flying, gliding, flapping, beak, feathers, free, fast, moving, wildlife, nature, sky, roaming, flock
illustration of Mother and cygnet mute swans on a vintage document background with calligraphy. Bird, swan, white, avian, mother, baby, family, water, fowl, beak, ugly duckling, beautiful, graceful, swimming, floating, nature, wildlife, standing
illustration of White Indian fantail pigeon with tail feathers spread and breast thrust forward. White, bird, pigeon, fantail, domestic, domesticated, avian, feathers, decorative, posed, strutting, barnyard, dove, confident, arrogant, bold, breed, species, nature, wildlife, standing
illustration of A female Belted Kingfisher sits proudly on a branch on a background of a vintage printed old German book page. bird, kingfisher, avian, sitting, proud, blue, belted, branch, wildlife, nature, feathers, beak, realistic, perky, perch, perched, ornithology, birds, animals, forest, sky
illustration of A male red cardinal sits on a dogwood branch with flowers on a background of vintage calligraphy. Bird, cardinal, northern, avian, dogwood, nature, natural, ornithology, flowers, calligraphy, wildlife, bird, birds, red, crest, animals, free, freedom, flying, species, spring, branch, limb


I graduated from the Academy of Art University with a degree in illustration and a back up emphasis on computer art and graphic design. Over the years I've created art, done graphic designs and production work for greeting cards, packaging, surface decoration, product designs, ceramics, glassware, marketing materials, web content and more. I have several years of hands-on experience with print and special printing processes, decals, silkscreen for fabric, cut-and-sew items, seamless repeat patterns for fabric and gift wrap. I am able to take a project from conception all the way through factory-ready, digital file set-up for production. I've had many years of experience with factory- and printer-direct interaction, especially with factories in China. My medium of choice is mainly acrylic in a watered down style to look almost like watercolor. I'm not a fine artist; all my art is geared toward an end result in print or as surface decoration on a product.


Acrylic, Calligraphy, Colored Pencil, Figurative, Line, Line with Color, Logo Design, Mixed Media, Painterly, Realism, Watercolor, Decorative, Floral, Concept Art, Film/Entertainment


Action, Adventure, Animals, Book Covers, Botanical, Celebrities, Greeting Cards, Historical, Holidays, Icons, Licensing, Music, Nature, People, Portrait, Romance, Wildlife, Agriculture, Vintage / Retro, Ethnic, Environmental, Branding