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Kelsey King

illustration of An image a a frog sailing on a tiny boat, ready for an adventure! 

children's books, kids lit, board books, animals, cute animals, graphics, outdoors, sea, anthropomorphic animals
illustration of an endless pile of cats....

patterns, textile design, cat, pets, surface design, repeat pattern, all over pattern, repeating pattern, AOP, children's products, children, kids, cute, funny
illustration of A grandma beaver and her grandson enjoy some Christmas treats!

childrens books, children, family, greeting cards, kids lit, children's products, textile design, sweet, friendly, cute, grandmother, grandparents, winter, snow
illustration of A group of people enjoy the winter weather with some animal friends!

winter, snow, people, family, friends, animals, crowd scenes, children's books, packaging, surface design, greeting cards, package design
illustration of A short story for children about a mouse that fears leaving his lighthouse after seeing how dangerous the sea is, but eventually has to leave to save a friend. Kids lit, children's books, fantasy, fairy tale, sea, ocean, fable, adventure, cute
illustration of Six teenagers take a break to have a bonfire in the woods. S'mores, stories, and fun times abound!

young adult, kids lit, narrative, story, learning, friends, friendship, high school, camping, cabin, advertising, lifestyle, hipster, teens
illustration of Somedays it feels like spring is just around the corner, some days it seems like winter will never end…

[A rabbit wearing glasses holds a textbook close as papers and pens fall out of their book bag. Plants and snow fill the background. ]

children's books, library, learning, school, education, reading, books, kidslit, kids lit, literary, young adult, decorative art, surface design, character design, anthropomorphic animal, nerdy, cute
illustration of A kind frog friend wants to give you some flowers!

Children's books, kids books, character design, fashion design, concept art, greeting card, funny, sweet, romantic, love, friendship
illustration of A cool bird wearing a cool hat! GIF, simple animation, loop, repeating, social media, reaction
illustration of Action, adventure, and fantasy shenanigans await!
snake, high fantasy adventure, YA books, kids lit, young adult, knife, danger, dungeons and dragons, role playing games, bright colors, graphic illustration
illustration of Halloween cat and witch frogs! What spells will they cast together?
holiday, greeting cards, seasonal, spooky, fall, children's books, kids lit, narrative, cute animals, book covers
illustration of Flaming peppers!

packaging design, illustrated packaging, illustrated typography, lettering, hand lettering, font, illustrated font
illustration of Every adventure leads to new discoveries!

narrative illustration, children's books, YA Novels, book covers, chapter books, kids lit
illustration of An important message is on its way....

concept art, environmental art, fantasy, character design, landscape, story, book art, book illustration, YA, kids lit, narrative
illustration of Keep yourself warm on the coldest days... 
children's books, kids lit, book illustration, decorative, snow, winter, canada goose, greeting cards, surface illustration, design, textile
illustration of Two girlfriends spend a relaxed date night at home...

rabbits, children's books, kids lit, queer art, cute animals, YA, romance, love
illustration of An illustration designed for risograph printing featuring a cat carrying a letter and a basket, walking in a field of sunflowers with a house and rolling hills in the background.

Surface design, decorative art, folk art, folksy, whimsical, sweet, kids lit, kidslit, children's book, kids books, greeting card
illustration of A goose and frogs stay dry on a rainy day!
children's books, kids lit, greeting cards, well wishes, cute animals, graphic illustration, flat color,  whimsical animals
illustration of A young cat relaxes in her cozy home with tea and a good book after a long day of adventures.

Children's book, kids lit, kidslit, picture book, anthropomorphic animal, lifestyle, home decor, decoration, hygge
illustration of A father and son go on their annual fishing trip! Don't get distracted!

Children's books, kids lit, greeting cards, risograph poster, riso, limited color, printmaking, two color, bears, fishing, fish, boat, cute animals, children, parents, dad, son
illustration of A woman sits in a field of stars and her own hair while bringing more stars into the universe.
illustration of Risograph Poster! Just wing it!
limited color, printmaking, print process, illustrated type, typography, canada goose, winter, snow, scarf, posters, motivational poster, greeting card, childrens books, kids lit
illustration of River mermaids emerge from dark waters to keep an eye on the night-time woods...
book illustration, kids lit, narrative, story, young adult, dark, creepy, spooky, haunted, foxes, bear, mushrooms, forest, water.
illustration of Three animals - a cat, a rabbit, and a fox - look at a book together as they plan their next adventure in the great outdoors!
illustration of A young woman sits in deep snow holding close to her a white rabbit while a cat sits on her lap and several other bunnies surround them. She is wearing a scarf and mittens as the snow falls.
illustration of Wolves, dragons, and ghosts of cute creatures - sometimes this get a little chaotic. Cartoon creatures, pastel colors, and gradients abound.
illustration of A rabbit princess rides her unicorn pony through a snowy, winter, mountain scene. Magic abounds as they share a tender moment as the snow falls.
illustration of A brave hare, a good knight, and a valiant friend - Harriet is one rabbit that is ready to brave the adventures of the wild woods.
illustration of Illustrated type and logo design for Art in the Hollow, and a local art event located in Swede Hollow park (in Saint Paul, MN) at the beginning of June each year. Designed for their 10 year anniversary. Logo features the the tunnel entrance to the park.
illustration of Logo design for a drink and draw night, including illustrated type, icons, and branding.
illustration of A fisherman sits in a boat on a lake and is looking to catch a little lunch, but his bait becomes a mermaid's snack... or are mermaids what he's fishing for?
illustration of Woman in a patterned sweater with long hair lounges with a large cat while holding a small flower.
illustration of Bearded man in a decorative sweater faces a large snake while flower petals float around them.
illustration of An afghan hound in a hat, mustard sweater, and black jeans rushes while carrying a travel mug of coffee. Such a good dog!
illustration of An illustration featuring two hands protectively holding a house amidst a scattering of trees. Daylight and a bright blue sky pour out of the chimney, blocking out the dark of night.
illustration of Four animals - a greyhound, a cat, a squirrel, and a rabbit - are dressed in scarves and sweaters and ready for a snow day! Stay warm, stay cozy.
illustration of Created for ENSIA for the opinion article 'ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT ASSESSMENTS AREN’T PROTECTING THE ENVIRONMENT - Too many EIAs are failing to stop environmental calamities. Here’s what we need to do.'
illustration of An adventurous cat, ready to explore the world! What escapades await?
illustration of In the dark, in the cold, she searched. It wasn’t a frantic search, despite the growing cold of her legs. The spray of water would douse her jacket, but still she continued…

There is something mysterious happening at Split Rock lighthouse.
illustration of There's nothing better than a good book to take you to a whole new world. What story are you inside today?
illustration of A children's book two page spread based on the location prompt of 'bus' and a character description of 'envious'. The result - a commuter envious of birds flying free...

children's book, children, kids lit, picture books, book illustration


Kelsey King is a freelance illustrator and educator located in Dayton’s Bluff in St Paul, Minnesota. Her work has appeared in publications including MinnPost, Vita.MN, Cricket Magazine, and Resurgence and Ecologist Magazine. She has worked with companies such as Target, General Mills, Lerner Publishing, Quarto Publishing, Krispy Kreme, and many others. She is currently an adjunct faculty member at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design teaching in the illustration department.


Animation, Black & White, Cartoon, Conceptual, Design, Digital, Figurative, Graphic, Lettering, Logo Design, Painterly, Silhouette, Stylized, Type Design, Decorative, Floral, Pattern, Whimsical, Concept Art, Motion, Vector, Apps/Mobile


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