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Two ways of the heart

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Commisioned illustration for a science report. It symbolises how the heart can be looked upon in different ways - the biological perspective and the emotional aspect. The illustration incorporate the two views showing the anatomic correct heart with all the love and emotions flourishing from it. It's done in watercolor, marker pens, inks and pencil.

© Jakob Ingvorsen

Jakob Ingvorsen

illustration of Artwork made to remind us that the youth must adopt the perspective of nature from the native Americans, We are nature and must live among nature in order to save the environment. We cannot keep on exploiting it. 

Illustration made with acrylic, aerosol and oil on canvas.
illustration of The illustration tells at tale about the very special bridge in central Copenhagen where young people meet and socialise. The bridge is filled with music and laughter all through the night creating an amazing unique atmosphere. 

The image is done with oil painting on watercolor paper.
illustration of A painting commisioned for private purposes. The couple wanted to honour their youth when they fell in love. 

Along with them I came up with the idea of making an image where all their old things where putted together in one image and I decided it should be an old garage. In there I putted thier old vinyls, shoes, posters, carpet and clothes. I also added a small painting of an old photobooth photo that leans against the garage wall. 

Painting is oil on canvas.
illustration of In the summertime of Copenhagen there is nothing better than a traditional danish popsicle in one of the many parks. 

Image is done with oil painting on watercolor paper.
illustration of The artwork portrays a modern god in society the american footballer. He is therefore portrayed with the eagle just like old god Zeus. 

Image is made with oil paint that is airbrushed to the canvas.
illustration of The image is a comment to society and highlights the way individuals can elavate themselves in modern society. The american footballer is portrayed as a god with dolphins around him like old Greek gods.

Painting is made with oil on canvas
illustration of Artwork portraying the amazing warm summerdays in a park with a cold beer. Sneakers are off and people smile and socialise while the sun are heating up their faces after a cold winter. The outdoor summer city life adds new vitality to the people of the cold north. 

Acrylic and oil on canvas
illustration of A family portrait made as a commision. Here the young boy meets his grandfather before he died year later. 

An oil painting on paper.
illustration of Portrait of Major Marquis Warren from Quentin Tarantinos movie 'The Hateful Eight'. 

The character is acted in an admirable way by one  of Tarantions favorites Samuel Jackson.

Illustration is crafted with water soluble wax pastels, in an expressive yet figurative style.
illustration of Portrait of Lt. Aldo Raine and The Bear Jew from Quentin Tarantinos movie Inglorious Basterds.

This is from the scene in the forest where the two allies are doing their 'job' in WW2. In this particular image they're looking at you judging if you would be their next victim.

The illustration is done in water soluble wax pastels on watercolor paper.
illustration of Commisioned illustration for scientist. It symbolises how the heart can be looked upon in different ways - the biological perspective and the emotional aspect. The illustration incorporate the two views showing the anatomic correct heart with all the love flourishing from it. 

It's done in watercolor, marker pens, inks and pencil.
illustration of Artwork made as a tribute to the annual celebration for homosexuality Copenhagen Pride Festival where streets are cleared in the danish capital for a weekend by the authorities.

I've taken the international colors of homosexuality and putted them inside the uniform of a pure danish national symbol the royal castle guard. In the background I've added the Danish flag. All the symbols convey the message of a country that tries to accept minorities.
illustration of After death comes life. The image reminds us that the world still goes on even though wars and hatred from time to time threatens to destroy our world. 

Illustration made with colored pencils.
illustration of Illustration commisioned for a big theme party. The theme was based on a widow prom, where all the men were dressed up as servants and catered the women who were dressed in all black funeral dresses. 

I wanted to make an artwork that didn't communicate sorrow, but be more party like. I got inspired by old french liquor posters, done by Toulouse Lautrec for example to produce the final piece. 

The illustration is done with inks and colored pencils.
illustration of The illustration portrays the intimate, close and affectionate side of love - in this case between two women. 

The illustration is done with ink, marker pens, acrylics and pastel pens on watercolor paper.
illustration of Illustration of iconic Oasis lead singer Liam Gallagher. The British band was extremely famous in the 90'ies with albums like Definetly Maybe and (What's the story) Morning Glory. 

Illustration done with ink, watercolor and marker pens.
illustration of Image reflects on aggression and urban street attitude. 

Illustration is made with acrylics and oil on canvas
illustration of Portrait done in pastel pens and acrylics on watercolor paper
illustration of The image shows the iconic caravan at the beach in Copenhagen that rents out golf clubs for minigolf. 

Illustration is made with oil painting on paper.
illustration of Illustration of a neighborhood in Copenhagen called the Balloon Park. Here old hippies live in small red sheds, and they've made a small, independent society where people help each other building bicycles and homes. 

The illustration is made with oil painting on paper,
illustration of The image was made for the graffiti festival Meeting of Styles in 2017 and portrays the first cloned whitetail reindeer called Dewey. The cloning went well but the antlers became unusually big

Acrylic and aerosol on canvas.
illustration of In order to create a more healthy and clean globe we must dive into the history books to learn how old societies lived among and respected nature, The philosophies of a world in balance with nature is hidden in the books, 

Acrylic and oil on canvas.
illustration of Portrait of inventor of the slowfood movement the italian chef Pedrini. Eat well prepared seasonal food from ecological local farms. 

Acrylic and oil paint on canvas
illustration of A painting meant to inspire us to look at the way native Americans lived with nature. They respected nature and lived in balance with it. They understood that if they killed all the buffaloes there would be nothing to eat the next year, We need to understand that too. 

Painting done in oil on canvas
illustration of Illustration done for a childrens book. I designed the character Milo who has got a magic globe for Christmas. It allows him to travel round the globe in his bedroom and while he studies different parts of the world the globe comes alive…..

Illustration done in close relation with author Stig Nyeng. Executed with pen and liquids inks.
illustration of Symbolises a divorce and the fundamental destruction of the home. The shock can seem like an earthquake.

Illustration done in pen and liquid inks,
illustration of Illustration inspired by traditional danish song for children when they're about to go to sleep, The elephant dad tells a goodnight story and sings for his kid and watches out for it at night.  

Illustration is done with pen and liquid inks.
illustration of Graffitti mural done for a school in their gym. In order to put focus on excercise I designed characters with special abilities. The monkey is strong and can swing, the gazelle can run fast and the rabbit can jump high and long. 

The mural is about 50 feet wide and 10 feet tall. The kids loved it a lot which was the real joy of making it. 

Mural done with graffiti and acrylics.
illustration of A mural done in a public park in Copenhagen. The animals fighting symbolises the sometimes hard modern life. One anothers fight against each other. 

Executed with graffiti and acrylics.
illustration of Mural done in a public park in Copenhagen. It's meant to remind us of the native Americans way of living balanced with nature. We need their philosophy of a more harmonic ecological living. We are a part of nature.

Mural done with graffiti and acrylics.
illustration of Poster made for the annual 'Little Night of Culture' in Copenhagen in march 2019. 

Inspired by Astrid Lindgrens figure 'Emil' I drew a female version reaching for the brush eager to start painting. With the poster we wanted to show that children can express themselves freely and that they can play to create fun art during the culture night. 

The poster is made with watersoluble colored pencils.
illustration of Characterdesign commisioned by a childrensbook author. She wanted a cute, happy lion with human like features such as clothes and a happy, friendly mood. I designed the lion with big eyes, a big head and a simple body structure to meet the demands. 

To the left you see examples of winter clothes I considered adding and my drawing studies of lions. Character is meant to feature in a childrens book aimed at 6-8 year olds. 

Final illustration executed in a black line and with liquid inks.
illustration of Charcterdesign developed for a childrens book. 

The author wished for a warm but fashionable city mom that was a lion. She should be smart, elegant and sweet. 

I researched urban clothes in order to dress the character. I also studied female lions so that I would be able to construct a figure that I could draw from all angles. 

Final illustration is made with a black fineliner and liquid inks.
illustration of Character design made for author Randi Cohen. She wanted a kangaroo filled with energy and happiness. 

To the left you can see my studies of a kangaroo and the facial structure which I simplified in my character. Then I added clothes for personality and a little story where the character constantly looses stuff from his schoolbag because of excessive jumping. 

Illustration is done with a black fineliner and liquid inks.


Jakob Ingvorsen (B. 1983) is a danish illustrator and fine artist living and working in Copenhagen, Denmark In 2007 he graduated as an illustrator from University of The Arts London and since then he has been illustrating for magazines and books. Furthermore he has been working with paintings - which have been exhibited in Copenhagen and London. His visual expression is a mix of urban inspiration, pop art and classical painting techniques. With a broad palette of painting methods in mind and a great knowledge of styles he creates new expressions on paper, canvas and walls. He works in basically all mediums – for example paint, graffitti, watercolor and pencils - but his work always has a strong foundation in drawing. Therefore it is possible to do a huge variation of visual styles. Digital work is also a possibility. When dealing with subjects and themes the artwork takes a poetic narrative and wants to be positive and light in its communication. Visual symbols are putted together in new ways that construct stories that might take form as small puzzles for the viewer to figure out. Jakob has been working as an artist for 15 years selling paintings, making murals and doing commisioned illustrations for magazines amongst others. Furthermore he has been making a cartoons and done several childrens books in close cooperation with authors. He has been working for danish, swedish, german, english and american clients – for example Cambridge University Newspaper and Amnesty International. He has exhibited more than 30 times.


Acrylic, Airbrush, Cartoon, Colored Pencil, Conceptual, Figurative, Fine Art, Impressionistic, Line, Line with Color, Mixed Media, Oil, Painterly, Pastel, Pen & Ink, Pencil, Photoillustration, Realism, Stylized, Watercolor, Decorative, Film/Entertainment


Humor, Action, Animals, Botanical, Celebrities, Character Development, Children, Children's Books, Comic Book, Editorial, Education, Family, Fantasy, Food, Historical, Holidays, Industrial, Landscape, Leisure, Mural, Music, Nature, People, Political, Portrait, Posters, Romance, Science, Scientific, Sports, Americana, Lifestyle, Vintage / Retro, Feminine, Masculine, Spiritual, Youth, Edgy, Environmental, Urban