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Nicoletta Barolini

illustration of According to a new study by Columbia University researchers, the brain plays back and prioritizes high-reward events for later retrieval and filters out the neutral, inconsequential events, retaining only memories that are useful to future decisions.
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illustration of Scientists have identified a group of genes that induces differences in the developing brains of male and female roundworms and triggers the initiation of puberty, a genetic pathway that may have the same function in controlling the timing of sexual maturation in humans.
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illustration of Dendritic spine voltages are recorded directly using quantum-dot-coated nanopipette electrodes under two-photon visualization, demonstrating that spines receive large synaptic potentials.
illustration of Imaging Tool Flags New Proteins, Lipids and DNA to Track Metabolic Changes in Animals
illustration of Cover design for book on structural neuroplasticity in the human brain in mood disorders and suicide.
illustration of The brain connects our senses to the material world through a complex web of neurons.
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illustration of A team of engineering researchers from UCLA and OEWaves has developed an optical micro-oscillator, a key time-keeping component of clocks that could vastly improve the accuracy of time-keeping, which is essential for use in spacecraft, automobile sensing or satellite communications. The micro-oscillator functions analogously to the gears of a clock pendulum.
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illustration of Digital, Editorial, Education, Posters, Science, Scientific
illustration of Unlocking Graphene’s Superconducting Powers with a Twist and a Squeeze
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animation of Using chemical and biological tools to study ferroptosis, a form of regulated cell death discovered in the Stockwell Lab. Ferroptosis is an iron-dependent form of oxidative, non-apoptotic cell death that is tightly linked to metabolism and disease.
animation of Simon Tavare, Director, Herbert and Florence Irving Institute for Cancer Dynamics; Professor of Statistics and Biological Sciences


Welcome! Creativity and innovation are the two things I have consistently strived for throughout my career as a designer and illustrator. There is no greater challenge and no more satisfying reward than taking basic concepts and ideas and transforming them into impactful, striking images that resonate with clients and their target consumers. I look forward to working with you!


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