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Future Power Station

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animation of To celebrate Honda’s Channel 4 film sponsorship, we paid tribute to the Dream Makers, showcasing the incredible craft and innovation that goes into filmmaking. 
Each scene in the 90” spot is meticulously crafted at a rapid pace taking us through various stages of the filmmaking process – from scripting to storyboards, through CGI to grading – ending in the perfectly crafted visual
animation of Adidas social media advertising of footballer Dybala scoring
animation of conceptual short film about a man who goes on a voyage in search of his own god.
animation of CGI advertising animation for Nivea
animation of Stop Motion animation for Bosh campaign
animation of Collage animation for travelling agency
animation of Stop motion animation for jewellery advertising campaign
animation of Illustrated animation for washing powder advertising campaign
animation of Illustrated animation video for travel company


Future Power Station is a multi-disciplinary animation studio combining techniques that include 2D, stop motion, hand drawn and 3D animation. Directed by multi-award winning Yibi Hu, the studio has worked with high profile brands and public figures such as Honda, Bosh, Huawei and Beyoncé.


Animation, Caricature, Collage, Conceptual, Digital, Mixed Media, Special Effects, Technical, Film/Entertainment, CGI


Character Development, Fashion/Cosmetics, People, Portrait, Sports, Travel, Feminine, Branding