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Dallyn Zundel

illustration of A young girl struggles to survive in the frozen environment of her world. girl, snow, freezing, cold, dress, lamp post, city street, matches, face, lighting, hands, buildings
illustration of A young girl freezing, lost, and alone, struggles to find shelter from the storm.
walking, snow, cold, freezing, frozen, barefoot, dress, city street, windows, wagon, lamp post, sad, lonely, alone
illustration of A young girl cold and alone contemplates her situation.
freezing, cold, frozen, dress, sitting, barefoot, snow, alone, sad, depressed, blue, purple, lamp post, brick wall, texture
illustration of A young girl takes a chance on survival by striking her first match in hopes that it will give her what she needs.
Freezing, cold, frozen, snow, brick wall, texture, blue, face, hands, matches, light, sad, scared, depressed, dress, crates, alley, alone, lonely, bare feet, texture
illustration of A young girl is no longer alone, hungry and cold.
sad, cold, frozen, freezing, snow, matches, hands, hair, blue, dead, death, alone, lonely, dress, brick wall, texture
illustration of A young explorer gets tangled up in a mystery while exploring Devil's Cave.
treasure, boy, hat, vest, trunk, water, stalagmites, stalactites, jewels, gold, shadows, fear, frighten, unknown, skeleton, rocks,
illustration of A young explorer searches for evidence of a secret said to be hiding in the ruins of an ancient civilization.
boy, hat, rocks, sunset, fear, nervous, mountain, Inca, Aztec, Peru, plaid, figure, youth
illustration of A sister teaches her younger brother the joys of reading.
boy, girl, brother, couch, interior, pillows, stuffed animals, toys, dinosaur, teddy bear, blanket, snake, book, read
illustration of Best friends are whisked away on an adventure aboard the back of a dragonfly.
forest, fly, kids, trees, shadows, excitement, leaves, green, insects
illustration of Collage poster for Santa Anita Park, in Arcadia, California. Digital painting, 20 x 30 inches.
Racehorses, thoroughbred, racing, horses, equine, sports, realism, landscape.
illustration of A mighty thoroughbred, and his ever present handler, is led to the paddock prior to the big race.
horse, racehorse, groom, excitement, horse racing, paddock, saddle, reins, walking, barn, bridle, fence
illustration of His whole life is spent in confinement. In a stall, in a trailer, tied to a fence, inside the gate. That all comes to and end once the gates open. It is then that he is able to do what he does best, run!
racehorse, horse, racing, starting gate, excitement, freedom, jockey, track, gate, bridle, track, anticipation, thoroughbred
illustration of A jockey contemplates the events of the race.. Grateful for a safe trip but always wondering if he could have done better.
illustration of His service is over, he's free to go. After a long exciting life of serving his owner, a tired old horse is finally set free to wander on his own.
horse, pony, grey, texture, pallet knife, detail, head, green, sunlight, back light, rim light,
illustration of There is nothing in the world like the feeling of the warm sun behind you and the wide open spaces in front of you. 
horse, head, texture, pallet knife, warmth, lighting, back light, rim light, grey, hair, detail, pony
illustration of A proud and mighty thoroughbred warms up n the track before a big race.
racehorse, horse, race track, jockey, sepia tone, muscles,
illustration of A racehorse walks to the saddling paddock before a big race.
horse, thoroughbred, walk, bridle, groom, lead, anticipation, sepia tone, drawing,
illustration of A great horned owl prepares for another show at the adventure park where she performs with her human partner.
bird, feather, falcon, falconry, raptor, texture, great horned owl, bird of prey
illustration of A young kestrel sits in a pine surveying her kingdom. What does it hold for her today?
bird, feather, falcon, falconry, raptor, texture, sparrow hawk, bird of prey, small, cute, pine, pine needles, pine cone, tree branch, tree, christmas
illustration of A proud, young,red-tailed hawk poses in his most regal stance for all to see.
bird, feather, falcon, falconry, raptor, texture, hawk, bird of prey, brown,
illustration of Mom died of cancer and is welcomed home in the loving embrace of her Savior.
lady, man, Christ, Jesus, robe, love, hold, hug, embrace, sweet, loving, warmth, christian, face, portrait, hands, beard,


After receiving a BFA in illustration from Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, CA in 1992, Dallyn has been working as an illustrator/artist in Utah. Since then he has received a MAeD from the University of Phoenix. In 2012 he earned an MFA in illustration from The Academy of Art University in San Francisco. His work has been seen in everything from children’s books to international publications and magazines. He has even done a fair share of graphics for t-shirts for several major resorts around the country. In 2000 Dallyn discovered his love of teaching after being asked to take over an intro to drawing class at Salt Lake Community College. Since then, he has been teaching drawing, painting, and even graphic design for several different colleges and universities. Currently Mr. Zundel is the graphic arts teacher at Wasatch High School in Heber City, Utah. He is also an adjunct professor for Utah Valley University and for BYU-Idaho. Dallyn grew up on a potato farm in South Eastern Idaho where he worked with his father training racing quarter horses. His love of horses and racing has never left him. He always said that if he wasn’t an artist he would be racing horses. It was his only other interest in life. Luckily for him, his father still has a few that he races every summer.


Acrylic, Black & White, Charcoal, Collage, Digital, Fine Art, Oil, Painterly, Realism


Action, Adventure, Animals, Book Covers, Children, Children's Books, Education, Family, Fantasy, Landscape, Mystery, Nature, People, Portrait, Posters, Religious, Sports, Wildlife, Americana, Feminine, Masculine, Spiritual, Youth