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Max Loeffler

illustration of The article is about a book called „This Life“ by Martin Hägglund questioning which political order would give us the most control over our lives.
It‘s about desicions, as „any human identity is made up in part of beliefs about how to live - what is admirable, worthwhile, shameful, precious.“ (quote by Jedediah Britton-Purdy).
illustration of Article by a former CIA chief of station about Putin restoring the role of intelligence agencies: keep citizens in check and destabilize foreign adversaries.
illustration of Article about good opportunities.
This one depicts Chronos, the Greek god of chronological time, passing relentlessly.
illustration of Illustration for an article called „The party‘s almost over“ - it‘s about Germany‘s economic growth slowing down while inflation increases. This situation is called „stagflation“.
illustration of Illustration for an article asking for a new type of specialist combining qualities of both, the generic expert and the intellectual thinking in a bigger moral context.


I’m a freelance illustrator and graphic designer, working primarily in the fields of editorial illustration and album artwork. However, I’m basically curious about everything that needs some smart and concept-driven or atmospheric imagery. Apart from that I’m a highly trained Kochkäse* wallower and part-time grump trying to seize this weird thing called modern life in my personal work.