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Victoria Borges

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illustration of A woman mirrored upon herself with abstract shapes framing the sides.
illustration of Moving uphill can be an uphill battle for couples as illustrated by Victoria Borges.
illustration of Is the grass greener? One way to find out! This curious boy relies on his supporting friends to lift him over the fence to take a look at the neighboring yard.
illustration of A few brave should raise their hands in participation in this diversely illustrated crowd.
illustration of Everyone does different things to take care of their mental health. Victoria Borges illustrates a few of these things, from gardening and yoga to protesting and rocking out in a band.
illustration of A group of people climb on top of one another to give the illusion of one united figure.
illustration of A woman backstrokes through piles of work, a medal showing her successes
illustration of Three brides juggle scheduling all the different elements of planning the perfect wedding - cake, rings, pet care, social obligations, flower arrangements, and appointments.
illustration of A realistic portrait of a woman on a stylized body.
illustration of A group of people holding phones with a blank silhouette of the same person.


Victoria Borges was born in Germany, and has been lucky enough to call many beautiful places her home, namely Hawaii, Austria, and most recently Richmond, VA. She has a degree in Communication Arts from Virginia Commonwealth University, and now works as a designer and freelance illustrator, making work for both home decor and editorial publications. She’s creatively restless (in a good way!) which has led her to explore a myriad of media, including oil painting, watercolor, screen printing, stop motion animation, gif-making, and digital illustration. Victoria draws influence from everywhere: music, architecture, old picture books, the natural world, strange dreams. Her style is versatile, whimsical and textured to create a visually interesting solution to any narrative.


Abstract, Collage, Conceptual, Design, Digital, Realism, Texture


Children, Children's Books, Corporate, Editorial, Health, Music, Nature, People, Political, Portrait, Romance, Sports, Technology, Lifestyle