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Erick Retana

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illustration of Boy with a magnifying glass with X and Checks.
illustration of Person with a golden maze, Digital Art with textures
illustration of Illustration of a plane with plane navigation.
illustration of Hand holding a triangle in front of a mathematical formulas.
illustration of Man holding puzzle pieces making up his body.
illustration of Illustration of Plane information
illustration of Infographic of safety procedures in an aircraft.
illustration of Infographic of a helicopter, including dimensions, mountains, and key terms.
illustration of Infographic of a diving equipment including dimensions, speed, and time.
illustration of Infographic of a kitchen, including temperature, key terms, and other scientific terms.


Erick Retana is an illustrator based in Mexico City. He has collaborated with various newspapers, magazines, and agencies in Mexico and in the United States. A jack of all trades, he could be called a designer, visual communicator, illustrator, etc… the title makes no difference to him. At the end of the day he loves creating and can't imagine himself being anything else than one thing: an artist.


Conceptual, Design, Digital, Line with Color, Mixed Media, Texture, Concept Art, Vector


Editorial, Education, Health, Industrial, Information Graphics, People, Science, Scientific, Technology, Transportation, Travel