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Javier Perez

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illustration of Post-it notes with a pencil posing as a candle, happy birthday
illustration of Drawing of a dinosaur with dorito chips
illustration of Girl on top of a flower planet in space with female sign
illustration of Hedgehog with nails
illustration of Humorous photo of tapes
illustration of Illustration and photography of a oreo globe
illustration of Man mining into a cave of pencil shavings
illustration of Photo and illustration of a dorito sand timer
illustration of People on a gum roller coaster
illustration of Woman's face with roses on head


Balloon grapes. Crayon burgers. Coffee bean rain. The mind of Ecuadorian graphic designer Javier Pérez has no limits. His compositions reinvent the everyday objects we often know and over look. “Common objects have a great advantage: they are familiar to our eyes, but changing their context calls the attention of the spectator,” Javier says. After being discovered on instagram by and art and design blog, his work started appearing in magazines and advertising campaigns; in 2015, he published a book. From his studio in Guayaquil, Javier shares his motto with us: “Create each day, regardless of your skills.”


Collage, Conceptual, Mixed Media, Photoillustration, Floral, Concept Art


Humor, Animals, Editorial, Fashion/Cosmetics, Food, Maps, People, Still Life, Lifestyle, Feminine