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Kay Coenen

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illustration of An infographic on the increase in energy efficiency from 1970 to 2018 on large yachts.
illustration of An infographic on going green in urban areas.
illustration of An infographic showing the start to finish process of our food supply.
illustration of An infographic of James Bond's spy car.
illustration of A 3d map of the Netherlands illustrating the population of different provinces.
illustration of A realistic illustration of a vintage pinball game machine.
illustration of A Jetson's inspired space house community
illustration of A realistic snake with it's needs illustrated above.
illustration of This infographic illustrates the different statistics of shopping online versus shopping in retail stores.
illustration of An illustrated map with different statistics for each continent.


Kay Coenen is an info-graphic maker based in Amsterdam. He has 10 years experience as a Freelance Illustrator that includes working for many Dutch magazines, newspapers and other media outlets. He also gives guest lectures about his work and info-graphics across art schools and universities in the Netherlands. He works in 2D and also 3D, and enjoys the challenge of finding the right style to fit each client’s identity. In his spare time he also illustrates comics, and works on his collection of classic cars and motorbikes.


Digital, Line with Color, Realism, 3-D Rendering


Animals, Children's Books, Editorial, Education, Futuristic, Industrial, Information Graphics, Maps, Nature, People, Transportation, Agriculture, Lifestyle, Vintage / Retro, Game, Environmental, Urban