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Michaela Buttignol

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illustration of A man worries about the stock market and financial status in an overwhelming cloud.
illustration of Cursive, print, and scribbles come together in this visualised lesson on calligraphy.
illustration of A man becomes a jumble of energy running through time.
illustration of A group of women band together to walk through the streets protesting with signs and cameras.
illustration of An infographic illustrating the statistics of commonly faced problems in the autistic community.
illustration of A snowy scene of the Brooklyn Academy of Music in the winter with a diverse crowd of people.
illustration of Pleasant reflections on friends and past outings.
illustration of A bunch of scientists work together to make groundbreaking discoveries in the medical field.
illustration of A couple of cats surrounded by house botanicals and fish.
illustration of Doctors pass their medical exams with flying colors.


I am an Italian illustrator based in Brooklyn, NY. My hometown in Italy is not far from Venice. I did my studies in Italy attending IED Milan and later at Parsons in New York City. Artists that never stop inspiring me are Bruno Munari, Matisse and Zavrel and are the main reasons that I became an illustrator. My work is simple and bold; I like to experiment a lot, from handmade techniques to digital - playing with thick lines and textures. My process always starts with rough sketches and lots of research. As a professional illustrator, my work has been published in The New York Times, The Boston Globe and other international publications. My work has also been selected and awarded by The Society of Illustrators, American Illustration, Creative Quarterly and 3x3 Magazine. I really love to travel to places where I can swim and look at the sea. If I weren’t an illustrator, I would be a fashion designer or a tailor.


Abstract, Digital, Graphic, Floral


Animals, Editorial, Education, Health, Information Graphics, Leisure, People, Science, Scientific, Sports, Lifestyle, Financial