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Sarah Goodreau

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illustration of A man gets abducted by an alien spaceship.
illustration of Here I wanted a large mythical like man-creature to blend in with his surroundings while also changing them.
illustration of Three men look out onto a desolate landscape with grave markers.
illustration of A man looks upon his journey to a house high up on a hill with his dog and bird as companions.
illustration of A bee trapped in a floral arrangement.


Sarah Goodreau received a B.F.A in Illustration from the Savannah College of Art and Design. Now based in London, she works with various publications illustrating. Her passion is storytelling through imagery and hopes to continue on with this in many different forms. Sarah’s work is a mix of the whimsical and the strange, focusing on humor and beauty. In her down time she takes her dog Battleship Potemkin, on nice dog adventures and is learning how to brew beer. She also art directs for Wizard Fingers, a small animation project she works on with her partner.


Abstract, Design, Digital, Floral


Humor, Adventure, Animals, Children's Books, Editorial, Landscape, Nature, People, Sci-Fi, Wildlife, Agriculture, Spiritual, Edgy, Environmental