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Esther Lalanne

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illustration of Happy summer scene at the beach with people surfing and running.
illustration of Flamingo floatie at the beach.
illustration of Man swimming in the swimming pool as women sunbathe by the pool
illustration of A family walking in the desert.
illustration of Editorial illustration for Jose Cuervo
illustration of Man and Woman looking at long sheet of paper
illustration of Illustration for Jose Cuervo drink advertisement.
illustration of Woman laying down at the swimming pool chair with a cat underneath in the shade.
illustration of Girl drowning in the ocean
illustration of Two women with flowers in their hair


Esther Lalanne is an illustrator currently living in London. She grew up in Paris and developed a passion early on for scenarios and characters. After her graduation in animation in 2016, she starts working as a character designer and concept artist. Her love for animation brings to her illustration a taste for storytelling, mouvement and characterization. Esther mainly works digitally, to obtain flat bold colors and neat lines that define her illustrations. Womanhood is at the center of her work as she likes to focus on body positivity and identity. Her playful, sensual and symbolic world is inspired by tales and dreams. She wants to tell the stories of strong, fearless and sassy women.


Digital, Graphic, Vector


Animals, Editorial, Holidays, Landscape, Leisure, People, Travel, Americana, Food/Beverage, Lifestyle, Feminine, Financial