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David Deen

illustration of Drawing of a boy who built his tiny house on the back of a giant tortoise. Turtle, tortoise, shack, boy, whimsical, fantasy, mobile home, house, hut, door, window, witch wind vane, smoke stack, ladder, mechanical, candle in the window, reptile, scaly, lantern, walls, sky, adventure, roam, movement, plodding, slow, travel, migrate, migration, shell, scales, grass, onward, steady, keep going
illustration of This is the dummy cover for the picture book I'm working on, Hugo and the Snowdragon. Hugo the dragon has to entertain himself outside on a snowy day, so he challenges himself to something he's never done before: make a snowdragon. house, winter, snow, landscape, sunset, sunrise, clouds, snowball, lake, frozen, claws, child, challenge, nature, mountains, wings, hope, cold, struggle, ice, icy
illustration of raven, bird, animal, wildlife, honey bee, fairy, moth, hug, friend, friends, friendship, saddle, happy, companion, black and white, monochrome, digital
illustration of This was made to illustrate Shel Silverstein's famous poem Where the Sidewalk Ends. 

Where can you go to smell the peppermint wind? The children, they know.

Moon birds, landscape, children playing, peppermint wind, sun, concrete, rocks, flowers, cliffs, sun, sky, trees, bushes, grass, nature, fantasy, childlike, daydream, youthful, playful
illustration of Octopuses are smart. Freaky smart. But can they make art? Not that we know of yet, but who knows? But if they did, would they use their own ink? 

Octopus, ink, art, creative, coffee, mug, paper, drawings, tentacles, brush, inking, painting, creating, create, sea life
illustration of The Grim Reaper tries a slice of a death's-head mushroom as he works on supper in his cozy home. A piece from my Inktober 2018 series, prompt: slice.

mushrooms, death, eat, home, house, cozy, stone, black and white, monochrome, bones, skeleton, knife, cut, food, cooking, cook, robe, cloak
illustration of A girl passes out and sends her spirit out as a dragon in the fantasy book for which this piece was the 1st edition cover.

Child, tree, nature, spirit, magic, rocks, girl, uniform, royalty, wings, woods, forest
illustration of DJ'ing the mouse music. I mean, house music.

Microphone, T-shirt, headphones, club, lights, love symbol hand, rock, papers, tail, treble clef, neon, DJ, mic, bright, flashing
illustration of From my Inktober 2018 series, prompt: scorched. I know some great female scientists, and have had the chance to witness some of what they have to deal with first-hand, so encouraging girls to pursue STEM studies is one of my favorite topics.

science, experiment, explosion, lab coat, goggles, girl, beakers, humor, feminism, laboratory, boom, smoking, smoke, black and white, monochrome
illustration of This was a Christmas card I made for personal use. 

Gingerbread, house, candy, construction, frosting, sweets, cookie, mistletoe, walls, room, crane, building, foreman, vests, lollipops, decorate, decorating, spree, build, peppermint
illustration of If elephants were to disappear, they would leave an elephant-sized hole in the ecosystem. I made this piece in honor of Lily Williams's book If Elephants Disappeared. 

Africa, Maasai, grassland, water, landscape, grass, trees, sky, clouds, rocks, hidden, branches, illusion
illustration of Every young mage has to start somewhere! This was a post from Inktober 2018.

girl, child, magic, fire, flame, book, black and white, monochrome, hair, window, spell, element, elemental, flame, bright, gift, wonder, lighting
illustration of Hugo is bored. This was an early piece from a picture book I'm working on.

Dragon, window, wall, fantasy, pensive, shadow, claws, rock, rustic, circle, snow, daydream, looking out, thinking
illustration of As it turns out, Grandma's cookies make great bait.

Creature, water, boat, kid, boy, child, tea, fishing, swamp, swamp monster, line, bait, water, grass, rocks, pajamas, hat, cup
illustration of Another piece from Inktober 2018, prompt: chop. A silly take on it, sure, but it was so much fun!

karate, martial arts, pig, pork, slice, attack, hiya, gi, sword, hand, black and white, monochrome, headband, black belt
illustration of This was made to illustrate a scientific paper concerning the use of CRISPR.

Genetics, genes, editing, science, scissors, binary, decode, sprouts, clouds, weather, weathered, dirt, soil, DNA, helix, splice
illustration of A lot of genetic and medical science compares humans and mice. Since da Vinci's Vitruvian Man has had such a strong presence regarding human studies, it only made sense that mus musculus had its fair shake.

mouse, weathered, paper, scribbles, writing, Leonardo, cute, monotone, sepia, whiskers, ratio, proportions
illustration of This piece wasn't made for anything in particular, it was just a fun idea I had.

monster, smoke, child, kid, boy, monochrome
illustration of A mashup of modern genetic science and da Vinci-style presentation.

science, machine, da Vinci, genetics, computation, biology, graphs, charts, data, processing, stains, weathered, paper
illustration of This is a spread from Hugo and the Snowdragon, a sweet picture book (in progress) about a young dragon's day outside.

ice, sculpture, mountains, snow, sunset, clouds, wings, carved, home, house, hill, hilltop, energetic, hopeful, siblings, playful, evening
illustration of I won't say welcome, because he isn't happy you're here, but you just entered the office of Mr. P Rickles. 

hedgehog, animal, wildlife, boss, office, desk, cactus, spikes, spines, prickly, pens, administration, manager, black and white, monochrome, suit, tie
illustration of This is a hypothetical cover of a YA book I'm planning on writing.

jackalope, coyote, west Texas, lightning, storm, desert, girl, child, action, climbing, rocks, highway, flannel, jeans, rabbit, spirit
illustration of The original cover for a fantasy book.

Dragon, fantasy, flight, sky, clouds, wings, girl, golden, cliffs, wonder, adventure, fantasy,
illustration of From my Inktober 2018 series, prompt: jolt. Some piece are, admittedly, more fun to draw than others. This one was up there.

science, mad scientist, experiment, robot, electric, electricity, plasma ball, jolt, power, energy, crazy, sparks, glow, black and white, monochrome, table, lab, laboratory, energize, charge, mechanical, droid, android
illustration of This was commissioned for a lab studying the human gut biome. The river represents the human GI tract.

landscape, science, scientific, biology, river, stream, water, microbes, germs, desert, bacteria, wasteland, intestines, fishing, rock, boy, child
illustration of From a card game (unpublished).

Space, sci-fi, science fiction, scifi, planet, stars, star trek, ship, space ship, warp drive, engines, nebula, exploration, explore, bridge, dark, wars
illustration of The Big Bad Villain is enchanting people to be his slaves. Fun design, fun project. This is from my Inktober 2019 series, prompt: enchanted.

fairy, fairies, bad guy, villain, magic, spell, soul, enchant, enchanting, evil, spy, hypnotize, dark, staff, black and white, monochrome
illustration of Lazuli bunting, bird, animal, card, candy cane, peppermint, Christmas, noel, holidays, merry, blue, azure, watercolor, mint, stripes, sugar
illustration of I'm a member of a local group of artists called the Cuddlefish Gang who support each other in marketing and social media, like a critique group but for marketing. As a fun challenge, we made pics of ourselves as fish.

watch, desk, paper, drawing, profile, self portrait, artist, scales, weathered
illustration of The end of the Inktober 2019 series, where our brave hero finally gets some well-deserved rest with her friend. Prompt: ripe.

Fairy, fairies, mice, rabbit, peaceful, pastoral, tree, fungus, mushrooms, plants, eating, clouds, landscape, black and white, melon, monochrome, dress, happy
illustration of A clutch of eggs being guarded by their citipati parents. Citipati are a type of ovoraptorid dinosaur. Another entry from Inktober 2018.

dino, sunset, sunrise, sun, nest, parent, hatch, hatching, black and white, digital, monochrome, beak, feathers
illustration of magic, magician, spell, appear, youth, buy, kid, child, rabbit, hare, white, gloves, hat, stars, cape, sparkles, animals, black and white, monochrome, wonder, trick
illustration of Tock the watchdog and Milo from The Phantom Tollbooth, done in my own style. From my Inktober 2018 series, prompt: watch.

clock, ride, dog, watchdog, boy, kid, child, friends, black and white, monochrome, mastiff, canine
illustration of Nearing the end of the story, when our resolute hero saves the dragon. From Inktober 2019, prompt: dark.

juice, potion, moons, stars, night, elf, fairy, wongs, sword, fantasy, black and white, monochrome, scales, creature, drink, digital, jar, decanter, magic
illustration of From my 2019 Inktober series, prompt: pattern.

dragon, flight, flying, hunt, hunting, attack, rabbit, cliff, narrative, black and white, monochrome, fantasy, scales, scaly, monster, creature, escape, flee, fleeing, cracks
illustration of I had a blast trying different things while carrying a single storyline through the whole Inktober.

bait, rabbit, trap, trapping, hill, hillside, mountains, rocks, fairy, elf, black and white, line, digital, stick, hare, magic, fantasy, monochrome
illustration of Inktober 2019 entry: Coat. I pushed myself to make an Inktober series in 2019 that was one long storyline. It was challenging but also very rewarding and educational.

dragon, creature, beast, monster, friend, companion, sun, sunlight, trees, fairy, elf, tongue, slime, black and white, monochrome, digital
illustration of A fun perspective of our hero making her way down a trapped hallway. From my Inktober 2019 series, prompt: tread.

hallway, path, glow, stones, runes, magic, traps, adventure, fantasy, fairy, elf, treasure, corridor, forced perspective, black and white, monochrome, steps, stones


I grew up drawing dragons and owl bears while my brothers argued over D&D saving rolls. A BA in Art led to work on titles ranging from computer games like Age of Empires, Railroad Tycoon, and Tropico to card games such as Warhammer 40K and Shadowfist. I eventually realized that my true passion is in children’s literature. Now I write and illustrate children’s books and spend time with my wife and two boys. I'm an active member of SCBWI.


Acrylic, Black & White, Cartoon, Colored Pencil, Digital, Line, Line with Color, Pen & Ink, Realism, Stylized, Watercolor, Whimsical, Concept Art


Humor, Action, Adventure, Animals, Architecture, Book Covers, Botanical, Character Development, Charts, Children, Children's Books, Corporate, Editorial, Fantasy, Food, Futuristic, Health, Holidays, Landscape, Leisure, Medical, Music, Nature, People, Portrait, Science, Scientific, Sci-Fi, Technology, Toys & Games, Wildlife, Food/Beverage, Lifestyle, Vintage / Retro, Feminine, Youth, Game, Environmental, Urban