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Monica Klasa

illustration of Celebrating 100 years of women's right to vote.

Feminist, Line Art, Graphic, Conceptual, Freedom, Women's Rights, Poster
illustration of Empowering people with disabilities in the workplace, and when they are championed, the whole staff benefits.

Boat, Ocean, Landscape, Metaphor, Graphic, Editorial
illustration of Billboard for a lighting boutique in Chicago. The concept used positive quotes to shine a light on optimism.

Dove, Peace, Typography, Quote, Love, Poster
illustration of This was one of three large building coverings on a prominent Chicago Highway. Girls in the Game is an organization that promotes sports and extra curricular education for girls.

Girl Power, Empowerment, Sports, Girls, Women, Freedom, Fun
illustration of Fashion and hair illustration. Pen, Ink., digital. Muted earth tones. Tween. Fun : )

Tween Girls, Hair, Character Development, Fashion, Beauty, Women, Diversity
illustration of A celebration of famously weird historical figures. Edgar Allen Poe. A true weirdo. A dark and curious fellow and his ravens.

Portrait, Literary, Conceptual, Weirdo, Goth
illustration of A series of portraits celebrating famously weird historical figures. Frida loved her exotic animals. She surrounded herself with love.

Animals, Portrait, Conceptual, Weirdo, Graphic, Floral
illustration of My homage to Albany Park. A beautiful hispanic urban neighborhood with amazing characters, food and chihuahuas.

Urban, Portrait, Mexico, Latino, Tattoo, Animal, Neighborhood
illustration of So many whimsical ladies in yoga poses, bearing their cute nakedness.

Women, Bodies, Yoga, Naked, Dancing, Poses, Feminine, Swimming
illustration of A typographical mantra that celebrates the weirdo in all of us.

Typography, Hand Lettering, Weird, Funny, Kissing, Punk
illustration of Part of a series for a feminine skincare product.

Feminine, Woman, Body, Naked, Typography, Love Yourself, Self Image, Positivity
illustration of Series of comical zen moments of chill.

Yoga, Pretzel, Funny, Twist, Pose, Inversion, Graphic, Color Palette
illustration of Part of a comical series of zen poses.

Yoga, Pretzel, Funny, Twist, Pose, Inversion, Graphic, Color Palette, Zen
illustration of Part of a series of illustrations celebrating mental health wellness for

Mental Health, Brain, Breakdancing, Weird, Funny, Character, Graphic, Hip Hop, Urban
illustration of This is a personal piece that is about personal redemption. 

Portrait, Feminine, Fashion, Conceptual, Lifesaver, Mental Health, Swimming, Ocean, Deep, Bathing Suit
illustration of This is a fun self promotional illustration. 

Mexican Wrestlers, Lucha Libre, Lucha, Wrestling, Funny, Dancing, Character, Instructions
illustration of Personal work. Screen print limited edition. Whimsical.

Retro, Bubblegum, Graphic, Pink, Pair, Portrait
illustration of One in a series of illustrations for a children's book portraying a surreal daredevil. 

Hairdo, Portrait, Surreal, Circus, Unicycle, Dare Devil, High Wire
illustration of One in a series of illustrations for a children's book portraying a surreal daredevil. 

Dare Devil, Character, Donut, Stunts, Ring of Fire, Children's Book
illustration of This editorial piece was about the importance of equality on the workplace.

Objects, Editorial, School Supplies, Office, Equality, Pen, Paper
illustration of This piece was a magazine cover. The issue was dedicated to the topic of corporate diversity.

Diversity, Crayons, Office, Editorial, Disabilities, Character
illustration of This spot editorial illustration was about toxic people in the workplace and how to deal with them. 

Boxing, Metaphor, Portrait, Office, Loud, Rude,
illustration of Simple whimsical typographic print.

Perfume, Typography, Pink, Product, Spray, Love
illustration of Fashion illustration with a furry Victorian bent.

Cat, Hat, Victorian, Fashion, Funny, Women, Feminine, Animals
illustration of This typographical philosophy helped launch my online business, Little Weirdo Shop.

Edgy, Mantra, Typography, Hand Drawn, Weird
illustration of Branding website  image for my online shop, Little Weirdo Shop. 

Weirdo, Character, Creature, Funny, Celebration, Hand Drawn, Typography
illustration of Licensed image for mugs, t-shirts and tech merchandise for Little Weirdo Shop. Celebrating the weirdness in all of us.

Freak, Freak Flag, Weirdo, Biker, Character, Funny, Bike, Bicycle
illustration of Illustration for a Birthday greeting card for Little Weirdo Shop.

Comb Over, Office, Birthday, Age, Funny, Hair, Red Head
illustration of Licensed illustration for an anniversary card for Little Weirdo Shop. 

Love, Heart, Flames, Character, Hand Drawn
illustration of Licensed Illustration for a birthday greeting card for Little Weirdo Shop, purveyors of weird merchandise.

Mustache, Birthday, Candle, Funny, Tattoo, Cake
illustration of Licensed Illustration for a Birthday greeting card for Little Weirdo Shop, purveyors of weird merchandise.

Hat, Cake, Candle, Woman, Character, Feminine, Fashion
illustration of Typographical Screenprints. 

Graphic, Hand Drawn, Phone, Cup, String, Hello
illustration of Illustration for a corporate advertising campaign.

Business, Binoculars, Office, Character, Vision
illustration of Editorial image about food addition.

Brain, Mind, Food, Diet, Typography, Women, Portrait
illustration of Concept illustration for a children's book.

Balloon, Girl, Surreal, Weird, Children's Book, Character, Floating
illustration of Series of art prints.

Mushroom, Fashion, Surreal, Women, Legs, Weird, Forrest
illustration of Animals Fight Back.

Duck, Pond, Hunting, Gun, Cigarette, Funny, Waders, River, Smoking


I love a good visual mash-up, work that makes people chuckle and I definitely dig a good political draw. Someone once said that illustration shines a light. Whether it solves creative puzzle or pulls apart a current event, illustration is more important than it’s ever been. It gives us levity, makes us think and inspires action. Nothing could make me happier. My illustration has been described as sweet and sour, and has been featured in several award winning ad campaigns, editorial pubs and art shows.


Cartoon, Conceptual, Design, Digital, Figurative, Fine Art, Graphic, Lettering, Line, Line with Color, Mixed Media, Painterly, Pen & Ink, Stylized, Texture, Whimsical, Concept Art, Silk Prints


Humor, Action, Animals, Character Development, Children, Children's Books, Corporate, Editorial, Fantasy, Fashion/Cosmetics, Food, Greeting Cards, Health, Historical, Icons, Nature, Packaging, People, Political, Portrait, Posters, Product, Sports, Wildlife, Feminine, Masculine, Youth, Ethnic, Edgy, Urban, Branding