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illustration of Label design and illustration for New Jersey Monthly's March 2016 magazine cover. CLIENT: New Jersey Monthly. ART DIRECTOR: Laura Baer.
Beer, craft beer, labels, label, beer label, best, New Jersey, brewer, brewery, bottle
illustration of Cover and interior usage for American Lawyer's annual issue.
CLIENT: American Lawyer magazine. Art Director: Morris Stubbs.
Law, legal, litigation, bevel type, ribbon, elegant, typography, 100, top, best, metallic, silver, numbers
illustration of Full page
illustration of Art Director Joe Kimberling was inspired by this self-promotion cardboard die-cut mailer I designed and asked me to create this Los Angeles
illustration of CLIENT: Weekly Standard magazine. ART DIRECTOR: Philip Chalk.
July 4th, parchment, 19th century, 1800s, Gettysburg, distressed, 1863, Declaration of Independence
illustration of A series of fictional food label illustrations for an article titled
illustration of Cover illustration.
CLIENT: Pensions & Investments magazine. ART DIRECTOR: Gregg Runberg
money, investing, investment, pensions, gears, money manager, manage, metal, metalic
illustration of Chocolate, sweet, flourish, dessert, flourishes, candy
illustration of Classic board game graphics, golf style. I was asked to change Candy Land to Caddy Land, Twister to Blister, etc. Photoshop magic! CLIENT: Golf magazine. ART DIRECTOR: Paul Crawford.
Golf, games, board games, game board, fun
illustration of Cover design. CLIENT: Warner Books. ART DIRECTOR: Jackie Merri Meyer. Using the existing volume numbers on the bottom of the original whiskey bottle I manipulated the numbers to spell out A Novel. 
To see many more of my book covers please go to JONVALKDESIGN.COM
whiskey, bourbon, label design, liquor, Grant, novel, 19th century, 1800s, presidents
illustration of Label design/photoillustration.
CLIENT: Eating Well magazine. ART DIRECTOR: James Van Fleteren
cheese, dairy, labels, label design, stickers
illustration of Spread for CIO magazine. CLIENT: CIO magazine. ART DIRECTOR: Terri Haas.
Artificial intelligence, business, awards, technology, leadership, machine learning
illustration of Typographic illustration. CLIENT: Consumer Reports. ART DIRECTOR: Ewelina Mrowiec
shop, sale, discount, clearance, labels, stickers, products, laundry, discount
illustration of Cover illustration for Entrepreneur magazine. Trends, best businesses, great ideas. CLIENT: Entrepreneur magazine. ART DIRECTOR: Richard Olson
Electronic, lights, ticker tape, stock market
illustration of Photo-illustration. CLIENT: Kiplinger's magazine. ART DIRECTOR: Cynthia Currie. 
Personal finance, best, gold, gold bar, gold bullion, stocks, mutual funds, stock market
illustration of Cover. CLIENT: Educational Leadership. ART DIRECTOR: Judy Connelly.
illustration of Logo/title treatment for Maximum Ride book cover series.
CLIENT: Little Brown. ART DIRECTOR: Gail Doobinin
illustration of The art direction was to design this cover to look like an old tin can. My rough sketch showing the integration of tea leaves and flowers were transformed into beautiful illustrations by Christina Wald. CLIENT: Jericho Books. ART DIRECTOR: Jody Waldrup. 
—To see many more of my book covers please go to JONVALKDESIGN.COM—
19th century, 1800s, 1900s, distressed, label, flowers, gold, product
illustration of CLIENT: Jericho Books. ART DIRECTOR: Jody Waldrup. My sketch roughly showed the integration of thistles and was then transformed into beautiful illustrations by Paul Hoffman.
19th century, 1800s, 1900s, aged, label, flowers, snake oil, bottle, thistle,
illustration of CLIENT: Christianity Today magazine. ART DIRECTOR: Gary Gnidovic
Morality, boxing, martial arts, coach, mma, Pacquiao, combat sports, bible, contact sports, pop culture
illustration of Cover. CLIENT: Educational Leadership magazine. ART DIRECTOR: Judi Connelly.
learning, game board, life, literacy
illustration of CLIENT: Socksmith. Two concepts I proposed to the folks at the Socksmith company. About a year later, socks!
clothing, socks, pinball, arcade, coney island, vintage, retro
illustration of CLIENT: The Baltimore Sun. ART DIRECTOR: Jay Judge.
work, workplace, Baltimore, top, best, gold, city, skyline
illustration of CLIENT: Draft magazine. ART DIRECTOR: Kevin Robie
illustration of Move magazine 20th Anniversary cover typography.
illustration of Cover illustration. CLIENT: Dartmouth Alumni magazine. ART DIRECTOR: Wendy McMillan.

outdoors, anniversary, 100, club, clubs, lettering, Dartmouth, monogram,
illustration of Lettering for a Rolling Stone article on Kings of Leon. 
CLIENT: Rolling Stone magazine ART DIRECTOR: Joe Hutchinson.
Rock, rock and roll, music, typography, broadside, god, devil, 19th century, 1800s, bands
illustration of Socks with attitude. I was given this copy and a vintage petroleum logo direction to be inspired by. CLIENT: BLUEQ. Check it out! ART DIRECTOR: Mitch Nash.
sassy, irreverent, fun, socks, apparel, footwear, clothing
illustration of Editorial spread. CLIENT: Yankee magazine. CLIENT: Lori Pedrick.
19th century, 1800s, maps, compass, fossil, parchment, typography
illustration of Cover photo-illustration. CLIENT: Village Voice. ART DIRECTOR: John Dixon
best, worst, newspaper, tenants, intercom, buzzer, landlord, renters, apartment, NYC, New York City
illustration of Playing card illustrations featuring top fund managers. CLIENT: Wall Street Journal. ART DIRECTOR: Sheryl Dermawan.
Stock, stock market, playing cards, money, gold, percentages, dollar, small-cap, growth, profit
illustration of My love of type outgunned my pacifism when I was commissioned to create a set of vintage label illustrations for Texas Monthly's special Guns Issue. You could say I bit the bullet.
CLIENT: Texas Monthly. ART DIRECTOR: TJ Tucker

guns, ammunition, labels, vintage, retro, type design, lettering, 19th century, 1800s, 1900s, distressed
illustration of Lettering for Forbes. CLIENT: Forbes magazine. ART DIRECTOR: Bob Mansfield.

wealth, wealthy, rich, money, numbers, lettering, type, 400, script, cover design
illustration of Cover illustration. CLIENT: Fortune magazine. ART DIRECTOR: Nai Lee Lum

corporations, companies, business, globe, 3d, 3-d, 3d type, sphere, planet, space, lettering, earth, world
illustration of Cover illustration. CLIENT: Dallas magazine. ART DIRECTOR: Todd Johnson.

Dallas, Texas, money, expensive, luxurious, luxury, dollar bill, dollar, engraving, lettering
illustration of Magical and mystical
CLIENT: Harcourt Children's Books. ART DIRECTOR: Christine Kettner. ILLUSTRATIONS: Mark Edward Geyer. To see many more of my book covers please go to JONVALKDESIGN.COM

Witches, witchcraft, magic, Jewish, NYC, New York City, detective, police, badge, crest, eagle, apprentice
illustration of Cover illustration. CLIENT: Advertising Age. ART DIRECTOR: Jesper Goransson.

tattoo, cover design, heart, broken heart, ribbon
illustration of Book cover. CLIENT: Pantheon Books. ART DIRECTOR: Louise Fili. 
To see many more of my book covers please go to JONVALKDESIGN.COM
WW2, world war 2, 1900s, 1900's, 1930s, 1930's,
illustration of Typographic cover with Rolling Stone-like numbers. CLIENT: Los Angeles Times. ART DIRECTOR: Michael Whitley.
jonathan gold, cocktails, bistro, best, 100, 101, 10, los angeles, LA
illustration of Type design. CLIENT: Atlanta magazine. ART DIRECTOR: Burgan Shealy.

boxing, poster, fight, Ali, Jerry Quarry, burst, graphic, typographic, typography
illustration of Three lettering examples.
Movies, actress, war
illustration of CLIENT: Billboard magazine. ART DIRECTOR: Josh Kenert
Keywords: goth, heavy metal, rock and roll, merchandise, merchandising, t-shirt, t-shirt design, t-shirt logo, hard rock, distressed
illustration of CLIENT: Advertising Age magazine. ART DIRECTOR: Jesper Goransson
Keywords: Media, companies, 100, gold, purple, king, crown, parchment, TV, television, 19th century, 1800s, 1900s, flourishes, typography
illustration of Not penne, not pennies. Pennants. Three assignments.
CLIENTS: Popular Science, Southern Living, Texas Monthly.
ART DIRECTORS: Matt Cokeley, Richie Swann, Andi Beierman.
baseball, education, teams, free, college, southern, graduation, university, college towns
illustration of CLIENT: Remodeling magazine. ART DIRECTOR: Pete Morelewicz.
gold, metallic, dimensional, burst, ribbon, typography
illustration of CLIENT: Oxford University Press. ART DIRECTOR: Kathleen Lynch. 
Keywords: sports, boxing, fight, champion, distressed, typography, 1930's, greatest, ticket, broadside
illustration of CLIENT: Cincinnati magazine. ART DIRECTOR: Nancy Stetler.
hospital, physician, doctor, best, guide, bookmarks, silver, metallic, embossed, top, annual
illustration of This is the first of two letterpress coasters I designed when I started out on my own. This one is 3-colors. PRINTER: Purgatory Pie Press. 
coaster, shoe polish, promotion
illustration of CLIENT: San Francisco Chronicle. ART DIRECTOR: Dorothy Yule.
Top, best, cork, wine, annual
illustration of Cover design. CLIENT: ABA Journal. ART DIRECTOR: Bob Fernandez

legal, parchment, supreme court, African-American, criminal, lynching, lawyer, trial, law, history, broadside
illustration of Type design for Folio magazine cover. CLIENT: Folio magazine. ART DIRECTOR: Dan Trombetto.

awards, award, honoring, honor, anniversary, forty, 40, ribbon, gold, metallic gold, logo


I loved art and design as far back as I can remember, specifically anything that was typographic. It was a commercial art class and an offset and letterpress printing class in high school that crystallized what my career path would be. Two early opportunities in the commercial art world gave me invaluable hands-on experience – a layout artist position at a local newspaper, and a junior designer summer internship at Orlando's Disney World design department. I discovered I had a knack for lettering, modifying and customizing type, and an eye for detail, among other general design and illustration skills. A staff position with Robert Anthony, Inc., a small Manhattan design studio on 23rd Street, followed by a staff designer position with Home magazine gave me additional design experience, and practical production experience. Home moved to California, I stayed in New York City and started my own studio. I’ve been running it ever since. Thanks so much for taking a look at my work. Please email or call me if you have a project I can be of help with.


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