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Gianluca Natale

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illustration of Illustration of Hayao Miyazaki's Howl's Moving Castle
illustration of Illustration of Princess Mononoke film
illustration of A whale caught in a water cup.
illustration of Love in the Time of COVID-19
illustration of Love in the Time of COVID-19
illustration of Love in the Time of COVID-19 - Star Wars
illustration of Love in the Time of COVID-19 - Batman
illustration of Man in a broken mirror
illustration of Silhouette portraits of two men in suits
illustration of Portrait of Kobe Bryant


As a self-taught artist, Gianluca Natale has drawn for as long as he can remember. His minimal and flat illustrations are a mix of essential colors paired with a combination of lights and shadows. His works start always on paper, much like when he was a child, before rendering them digitally for final art. A little book and a pencil always travel with him to draw anything at any time. Sources of inspiration for him are all visual arts, illustrations, photos and everything that surrounds him in his daily life. Some of Gianluca's illustrations have been exhibited in Italian cities, including Florence, Turin, Milan, and many more. When he is not working he is a good cook and a big time coffee lover.


Digital, Graphic, Concept Art, Vector, Pop-Up


Humor, Celebrities, Comic Book, Futuristic, Health, Nature, People, Political, Portrait, Posters, Sci-Fi, Wildlife, Environmental