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Think Strange

illustration of A slightly updated spin on Norman Rockwell's iconic 1943 series 'The Four Freedoms'. Monochrome, Cell Phones, Old Lady, Smart Phones, Yellow, Brown, Rockwell, technology, hands, faces
illustration of Middle East meets West a truly International Love affair. Movie poster inspired wedding invitation piece for a couple of Cinephiles. Cinema, Poster, Turkey, UK, London, Spy, wedding, red, white, dark glasses, fez, St. Pauls Cathedral, Hagia Sophia, Istanbul, heist
illustration of NME Cover art for a Netflix 'Umbrella Academy' special edition. To mark the release of Netflix's new comic book inspired TV show I was asked to reimagine a previous cover of the NME with the cast of the upcoming series. Netflix, NME, cover art, Comic book, Gerard Way, My Chemical Romance, characters, simple, white, faces, band, music magazine, Ellen Page, Tom Hopper, David CastaƱeda, Emmy Raver-Lampman, Robert Sheehan, Aidan Gallagher,
illustration of Editorial piece for Times Higher Education to accompany an article that explores ideas of consent when it comes to discussing such matters within higher education in the wake of the #metoo movement. Sleeping beauty, Higher education, #metoo, Fairy Tale, consent, handsome prince, birds and bees, Disney, Red, Green, ornate, Gothic
illustration of Cover artwork for the first book S.A Sidor's Institute for Singular Antiquities series. Inspired by the pulp era the client brief was along the lines of 'Indiana Jones meets Sergio Leone'. Yellow, Pink, Pulp, action, adventure, horror, western, mummy, train, cowboy, snake, Egypt, Indiana Jones, Sergio Leone, Spaghetti Western, hammer horror, bats, mexico
illustration of A Mother F***ing Masterpiece. A reimagining of Samuel L. Jackson as if painted by El Greco. Masterpiece, painting, classic art, Jedi, Spike Lee, Mace Windu, Brown, robes, Renaissance, movie star,
illustration of Tribute piece to the crew of Apollo 11. white, rocket, space race, Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, Michael Collins, NASA, moon, lunar, astronauts, lift off, man on the moon, one small step,
illustration of Cover art for Which? Money magazine illustrating an article highlighting the risks of so called 'Pension Sharks'. An obvious pastiche on Roger Kastel's iconic poster for the film Jaws. Blue, sea, shark, pension, finance, jaws, origami, cinema,
illustration of Alfred Hitchcock themed take on the classic board game Clue/Cluedo. Black, Red, Board game, card, shower, pshyco, knife, murder, hitchcock, game,


Think Strange is the banner under which the artist/illustrator/designer Dan Strange unleashes his creative output upon a largely unassuming world. Working predominantly digitally he aims mainly to give a contemporary twist to classic Illustration & Design. Expect plenty of sly film references, some comic book style, an exceedingly unhealthy amount of musical inspiration and then just about any other irreverent pop culture reference that strikes him as generally quite amusing at the time. His past work can be found adorning the likes of magazine covers and editorial illustration. Music related artwork for both album and single releases along with several gig posters. Previous clients include the likes of NME, Creative Review, Vice Online, Angry Robot Books, Aconyte Books, Times Higher Education, Sunday Times Travel Magazine, Mojo, Which? Money, Wired Italia, Inside Housing, Naim Label, Ransom Publishing, Tellison, Empirical, Sons of Kemet and The Fun Lovin' Criminals. Represented by the Lemonade Illustration Agency


Digital, Painterly, Film/Entertainment


Humor, Action, Adventure, Book Covers, Celebrities, Comic Book, Editorial, Education, Family, Historical, Icons, Mystery, Nature, People, Portrait, Posters, Science, Scientific, Sci-Fi, Technology, Toys & Games, Wildlife, Americana, Lifestyle, Vintage / Retro, Game, Financial