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Milwaukee Park District/Boerner Botanical Gardens

Boerner Botanical Garden Map

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Map of the Boerner botanical gardens

Linda Bleck

Linda Bleck

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Painted Words, Inc
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NEW YORK, NY 10025
United States

illustration of 18x24 Map highlighting all the activities of a local city park  Milwaukee Park Program
illustration of Say Hello in your language
illustration of Short story essay editorial illustration on a women who grows mushrooms on her house.
illustration of Personal Work Created in Digital format
Based on a legend of Hawaiian Folktale about a shark who becomes man
illustration of Direction of the Financial Markets
illustration of Essay for Chrsitian Science Monitor about a woman's reflection of her career as a woman in the USPS


Linda Bleck has been creating illustrations for various applications for over 20 years. After studying graphic design at the University of Illinois, she began illustrating for a wide variety of clients in the editorial, corporate, packaging, and publishing industries. Linda wrote and illustrated a series of novelty children’s books featuring her favorite pup, Pepper. She also is the illustrator of Margaret Wise Brown’s posthumous picture book, The Moon Shines Down. Linda’s childhood experiences of growing up on a tree farm surrounded by nature have had a profound influence on her style. She is drawn to nature scenes and animal characters, in particular, and incorporates earthy colors and interesting patterns into all of her work. She collects old toys with vintage illustrations, and artifacts from her world travels for inspiration. Linda lives in Mequon, Wisconsin with her husband and two children. Clients include Target, Conde Nast, Yves Veggie Cuisine, Microsoft, New York Times, and Simon & Schuster. Awards include Society of Illustrators Award, American Illustration Award, CA Magazine Award, and National Parenting Publication Award.


Colored Pencil, Design, Digital, Figurative, Gouache, Lettering, Mixed Media, Montage, Stylized, Watercolor, Floral, Whimsical, Concept Art


Humor, Action, Animals, Botanical, Children's Books, Editorial, Health, Historical, Landscape, Leisure, Maps, Nature, People, Posters, Travel, Web Illustration, Wildlife, Lifestyle, Feminine, Ethnic, Financial, Urban