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illustration of bird pair perching on tree branch, blue and yellow birds, yellow chest, watercolor, nature scene, animal life, wildlife, brushwork, cute characters, bird watching
illustration of blue spotted giraffe, watercolor, handmade, brush strokes, cute animal, giraffe profile, docile character
illustration of Three friends: orange fox, rabbit, and panda.
animal kingdom, watercolor, cute characters, friendship, cuteness, animal lover
illustration of mystery, mysterious, watercolor, digital art, butterfly, bee, novel cover, cat, spider web, botanical art, plants, patterns, dark color pattern
illustration of mysterious, mystery, dark scene, tear drop, clock tower, watercolor, digital art, blue, crystal, old fashioned carriage, vintage, collage art, glass
illustration of mystery, mysterious, black cat, cat eye, fauna, floral, flowers, leaves, fern, patterns, natural, rabbit, butterfly, sinister beauty, novel
illustration of portraits, human, people, multi races, diversity, group of people, city, urban, stand as one, new york city, city life, landscape, human race
illustration of black and white portrait, african american, black woman, woman with white glasses, woman with dangling earrings, woman wearing scarf, portraiture, painting
illustration of black and white portrait, man, man with black rimmed glasses, male, portraiture, painting, head shot, professional, face, facial features
illustration of black and white portrait, white woman, white woman with earrings, woman wearing collar shirt, portraiture, painting, face frontal older woman, middle aged woman, woman with white hair
illustration of Brightly Colored Porcelain Dishes
thai cookbook, asian cuisine, tropical birds, parrots, red and blue parrot, colorful, patterns, asian art, birds of paradise, tropics, green parrot, fauna, nature, bowls
illustration of Snake Drinking From Porcelain Dish. 
asian cuisine, tropical birds, parrots, red and blue parrot, colorful, patterns, asian art, birds of paradise, tropics, green parrot, fauna, nature, bowls, soup, floral, botanical patterns, exotic, lime slice, green snake, flowers, bird's eye view, thai food
illustration of Korean Book Illustrations
red koi fish, flower, botanical art, botanics, dandelion, bell, asian art style, floral, flora, fauna
illustration of Korean Book Illustrations, seoul station, urban, cityscape, night, chilly, friendship, red koi, grey dove, pigeon,  snow, nighttime, asian art style, train station, starry night, traffic sign, love, friends, animals, companionship, signage, asian city
illustration of Korean Book Illustration 
old korean man, bird cage, bird outside cage, freedom, noodle bowl, city life, korean city, asian city, flower, asian art style, floral, flora, fauna, asian man sitting outdoors, outside, sidewalk scene, man squatting
illustration of Female authors past and present.
female writers, female portraits, flower field, grass field, birch trees, woman reading book, woman next to tree, woman with bird, patterns, floral, botanical, forest, mountain ranges in background
illustration of Two kids on boat deck.
white seagulls flying, waves, ocean, adventure, holiday fun, girl in red dress, blond children, blue sea, out to sea, ocean and sky, blue and white, sunny day, marine life, bird watching
illustration of lake swimming, jumping into water, boating, boat ride, summer day, summer leisure fun, red flying goose, serene lake scene, water plants, swamp, reeds, blue water, countryside, family vacation, holiday season, diving, tranquility, tranquil, peaceful, great outdoors, outdoor life
illustration of girl power, strong girl, strong woman, ski holiday, ski slopes, winter sports, girl with goggles, friendship, fun, playing around, goofing off
illustration of Three generations at dinner table.
grandparents, parents, kids, family pet dog, pouring wine, family gathering, wine drinking, little girl red cheeks with dog, little boy standing on chair, red checkered table cloth, woman in blue dress, man with black suit and tie, woman with black hair, red lipstick,
illustration of Mother and daughter at beach.
mom holding daughter's hand, woman in wet suit,
beach ball, sandbox playing, scuba diving, diving fins, girl with white polka dot bathing suit
illustration of Man playing guitar.
urban, cityscape, city streets, street performer, dim street light, chimney stacks, brick wall, buildings, night life, light shining from windows, crowd with suitcase, black and white illustration, dark, dramatic, drama
illustration of European city.
statues, horse carriage, cathedral, man sweeping, street lamp, ancient grounds, culture, chandelier, grape vines


Gisela studied textile design at the University of Arts in Berlin and illustration at the Universidad Ramon Llull in Barcelona and Palma de Mallorca. In 2006 she joined the Bilderklub, an illustration platform founded by six Berlin illustrators.


Design, Digital, Figurative, Lettering, Line with Color, Mixed Media, Painterly, Pastel, Watercolor, Decorative, Pattern, Whimsical


Action, Adventure, Animals, Architecture, Book Covers, Botanical, Character Development, Children, Children's Books, Children's Products, Corporate, Editorial, Education, Family, Food, Historical, Holidays, Landscape, Leisure, Mural, Mystery, Nature, People, Political, Portrait, Posters, Product, Sports, Still Life, Transportation, Travel, Wildlife, Americana, Agriculture, Food/Beverage, Lifestyle, Vintage / Retro, Feminine, Masculine, Youth, Ethnic, Environmental, Urban