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Nature lovers and collectors of all kinds will love this high-adventure quest story about two brave and clever girls who head into the forest in search of something extraordinary. Bestselling creator Alice Feagan's distinct cut-paper collage artwork brings this fun quest story to life and packs it with learning opportunities.

Alice Feagan

Alice Feagan

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Alice grew up in Wonderland...but she’s not the Alice you’re thinking of. It’s a common misconception. This Alice is nothing like that Alice. She is much too wise to run around eating ‘special’ cakes and smoking hookahs with caterpillars. This Alice is an illustrator who has won awards with the Society of Illustrators, SCBWI and Strathmore Artist Papers with her magical digital and traditional cut paper collage work.


Cut Paper, Design, Digital, Stylized, Whimsical


Adventure, Architecture, Book Covers, Botanical, Children, Children's Books, Children's Products, Editorial, Education, Historical, Holidays, Information Graphics, Leisure, Maps, Nature, Political, Posters, Scientific, Transportation, Travel, Americana, Food/Beverage, Youth, Environmental