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National Pastime Museum

Casey at the Bat

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Commission for the National Pastime Museum commemorating great moments in baseball history and story, world series, dodgers, Yankees, Cubs, white sox, stadium, home run, sports, catcher, home plate, ninth inning, picture book.

national pastime museum

Arden von Haeger

illustration of The beautiful rhythmic sounds and dance of Brazil, dance, Latino, guitar, salsa, bongos, samba, the music of Brazil, Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Caribbean, diverse cultures, Hispanic, viola, keyboard, maracas, Carmen Miranda, tropical.
illustration of A vintage portrait depicting a mighty baseball player who struck out at the plate, baseball, Dodgers, Major League Baseball, homerun, Casey at the Bat, historic, past time, American, sports, world series, pennant, ninth inning, strikeout, White Sox, Yankees, Braves, Babe Ruth.
illustration of Jazz club scene where couples mingle to the sounds of jazz music, bar, night club, jazz, dance, sultry, club scene, mystery, saxophone, intrigue, couples, woman, rendevous, chic, nightlife, sophisticated, classy.
illustration of Image portrays the stress experienced by healthcare workers and professionals, maybe of whom turn to addictions as a relief, doctors, covid, medicine, stress, pressure, stethoscope, healthcare, medical, hospital, anguish, pressure, CDC, exposure, prevention, vaccine, risk, provider.
illustration of A nighttime scene of a magical neighborhood, main street, mystery, dreamy, buildings, summer night, town square, hometown, dancing buildings, end of summer, windows, curtains, peaceful, storybook, tales, enchanted, spellbinding, eerie.
illustration of The five fallen angels, victims of Jack the Ripper, portrayed in the beauty of ballet, dance, angels, rose, petals, theater, opera, night sky, magical, elegant, enchanting, choreography, Othello, poetry, symphony, music, archangel, cherub, ballerina, prima ballerina, theatrical, angel, performance.
illustration of Portrait of a sultry blues singer using powerful lighting a palette effect, night club, jazz, R&B, Motown, rhythm, dance, mood, jive, swing, sultry, singer, music star, diva, vocalist, fashion, club scene, cosmetics, hairstyle, fad, chic, female, classy.
illustration of The rhythm and sounds of Latin brass portrayed in a dramatic contrast of color and shape, and the charismatic Latin dancer, Latino, Hispanic, dance, Samba, rhythm, trumpet, brass music, Latin American, Rumba, disco, tango, conga, rhythmic, habanera, Spanish, night club, swing dance.
illustration of The epic tale of mystery, enchantment, and adventure. A magical world of imagination and storytelling from the pages of Narnia, lion, witch, dreamy, fantasy, fairytale, whimsical, adventure, forest, snowy, tale, story, magical, enchanted, chronicles, mythical, animals, white witch.
illustration of The classic pose of an Egyptian royalty inspired by the 3500-year-old story and pharaoh queen. Said to have been the most beautiful woman in the history of Egypt, Nile, pyramids, Giza, historical, beauty, skin, cosmetics, elegant, royal, ruler, emperor, monarch, biblical, ancient, noble, muslin, ornate, decorative.
illustration of The beauty of the geisha and the power of the opera seen here through color and composition - parasols and butterfly wings brings to life the drama and passion of theater, parasol, kimona, Asian, far east, Italian, theater, dance, fashion, classic, beauty, repertoire, singer, butterfly, Suzuki,
Japanese, magical.
illustration of Vacation and getaway take you to a Caribbean paradise of clear waters and warm sun and palms. This destination and travel image bring a sense of tranquility and solitude, beach, sailboat, palms, fashion, travel, cruise, destination, elegant, beautiful, holistic, tranquil, summer, cocktails, cabana, tropical.
illustration of Fashion and beauty and lifestyle are part of this image using composition and palette to communicate a dramatic image of vogue. Textures and rich colors bring the model to life, high fashion, glamorous, cosmetics, elegant, runway, bow, fashion week, classy, alluring, foxy, vogue, Paris, model, chic, fad, couture, haute, expensive.
illustration of The drama of the Legend of Sleepy Hollow as portrayed through ballet. Powerful lighting and composition bring the frightening character of the headless horseman and the delicate beauty of a ballerina, whimsical, storytelling, magical, horse, ballet, dance, forest, witches, dramatic, mythical, folklore, legend, Halloween, fairytale, local legend, lore, woodland.
illustration of The iconic song and the iconic singer are captured here in a powerful and delicate depiction of the artists - using a limited palette and composition the images brings the viewer into the scene, Prince, Purple Rain, rock music, guitar, music, portrait, entertainment, music, tears, rain, purple,
illustration of A classic us of elegance and beauty the images bring to the view of romance and engagement. Strong rich colors and directional light invite the viewer into an intimacy of love and glamour, fashion, romance, love, beauty, allure, tuxedo, evening gown, diamonds, chic, evening gown, dress, nightlife, fad, classy, vogue, culture, runway, jewelry, diamond.
illustration of The dragon Tarragon takes you on a journey of adventure and storytelling as she glides across the surface of the water. Magical, child-like, dream is the emotions experienced in this visual. The power of childhood imagination, dragon, fireflies, bedtime, wonderland, children, enchanting, fantasy, mythical, imaginary, flying, nighttime, bedtime, dreamy, fantastic.
illustration of An afternoon on the patio alone is quiet solitude she escapes into her thoughts - a writer, a poet, or a woman deep in her thoughts. The activities and interactions of others seem distant as the day seems to stop, writer, coffee, courtyard, veranda, daydream, outdoor party, lawn, fashion, lifestyle, leisure, glamour, beauty, lunch, afternoon.
illustration of Remembering the baseball greats from minorities to the majors, baseball, Dodgers, World Series, Cubs, African American, minor league, catcher, vintage, stadium, montage, portrait, team sports, Americana, home town, pastime, sports, historical.
illustration of The magic of Christmas is seen through the story of the Nutcracker. This dramatic scene of magic and wonder captures the excitement and beauty of a snowy Bavarian town and the dance of the Nutcracker and his beloved friend in a snow globe. Child-like fantasies and wonderment make this scene special, dance, ballet, winter, musical, Christmas tree, holiday, snow globe, gifts, magical,  theater, seasonal, night time, whimsical.


Arden von Haeger's art has been described as potent, dynamic, and romantic; visuals of composition and movement, where color and lighting move the viewer through a narrative of emotion and storytelling. Each character and element meticulously placed with deliberate intent, inviting each observer to share the journey and experience the emotion of each piece. With more than (30) of professional experience, von Haeger has developed a body of work that communicates his love of color, and composition, and a unique visual voice. His greatest hope is that others will feel the emotional qualities and zealousness he hopes to communicate through his art.


Conceptual, Figurative, Fine Art, Montage, Pastel, Realism, Stylized, Decorative, Whimsical, Film/Entertainment, Rich Picture


Adventure, Book Covers, Celebrities, Children, Children's Books, Editorial, Education, Fantasy, Fashion/Cosmetics, Greeting Cards, Health, Historical, Holidays, Landscape, Leisure, Medical, Mural, Music, Mystery, Nature, People, Portrait, Posters, Product, Religious, Romance, Sports, Travel, Americana, Food/Beverage, Lifestyle, Vintage / Retro, Feminine, Ethnic, Urban