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Aimy Art

illustration of A fantasy illustration that speaks about transformation and gaining strength through the depiction of a girl riding a koi fish against the current.
illustration of An illustration that was inspired by Tra Su Cajuput Forest in my home country Vietnam. The main figure was depicted as the spirit of the river. 

The whole scenery there was incapsulated in a small boat through the images of water ferns, water lilies, fish patterns on the traditional dress and also the sarus crane that she was holding.
illustration of The image of a new shoot coming out of the crack of the chopped tree stump signifies the power of life and our inner strength. The main figure is the embodiment of the tree itself, she is also the representation of the vitality of the entire forest.
illustration of Taking inspiration from the metamorphosis of moths to describe the individual transformation of each person. In order to reach its final stage, the caterpillar’s old body has to be broken down inside the cocoon. This inner progression, which can’t simply be seen by the naked eye, conveys a unique level of patience and requires a complete surrender to the whole process.
illustration of “Everything relies on everything else in the cosmos in order to manifest - whether a star, a cloud, a flower, a tree or you and me.” - Thich Nhat Hanh
illustration of There is no lotus without mud as there is no light without darkness. A reminder to acknowledge and embrace the suffering of our own and of the world with tenderness.
illustration of Dedicated to my roots, Vietnam. The wetlands of Vietnam, habitat of cranes, were one of the victims seriously affected by the brutal war. The reappearance of sarus cranes in the wetlands of Mekong Delta symbolises hope for a once-ravaged country.


My Nguyen is a Western Australia based artist who is originally from Vietnam. She works in both traditional and digital media. Recently, My has taken a love for watercolour for its calming and meditative quality. The scenes in her art are often a combination of reality and fantasy, as if it’s happening in real life but so secretly that we can’t just see it with our eyes open. My has been drawing ever since she was a kid but it wasn’t until she moved to Australia that she discovered the power of art. Art allowed her to break the language barrier and express herself through visuals. The act of creating art encompasses all of who My is. Art defines and refines her. She creates because it feels nice to be able to turn nothingness into something tangible and to make her imagination come alive to herself and someone else. My’s main inspiration is her love for nature. Her mystical art gives a glimpse into the surreal, depicting the smallness of humans in the vastness of nature, and explores the entwining relationship between the two. Her aim is not only to deliver pretty visuals but also to evoke an emotion or a story to the viewers by staying true and genuine to her art.


Conceptual, Digital, Fine Art, Line with Color, Mixed Media, Pen & Ink, Watercolor, Decorative, Floral, Whimsical, Concept Art


Adventure, Animals, Botanical, Fantasy, Landscape, Mystery, Nature, Religious, Wildlife, Spiritual, Environmental