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Adam Hook

illustration of 1915 night attack by a Morane Saulnier aircraft on a LZ327 Zeppelin
illustration of The fortress of Masada near the Dead Sea which was subject to a siege by the Roman Army in 72 AD
illustration of The Plaza of the Aztec city of Tenochtitlan showing the great temple and surrounding buildings the time of the Spanish conquest
illustration of German trench system in World War Two showing wooden troop bunker, command position and MG42 machine gun position.
illustration of A pre colonial Maori fortification called a Pa built on a knoll by a river with three sets of stockades with a gate tower protecting the occupants.
illustration of A wall lizard seen in the South of France
illustration of A fallow deer fawn camouflaged in the bracken where it is resting
illustration of A pink rose flower opening in the sun
illustration of A broad bodied chaser dragonfly resting on a yellow flag iris at the waterside.
illustration of A squirrel monkey peering through the rainforest leaves to see a flower mantis, looper caterpillar, thorn bugs, stick insect, leaf butterfly, short horned grasshopper, flatid bugs, leaf mantis and a horned frog
illustration of General Robert E Lee and Stonewall Jackson plan their campaign for the battle of Chancellorsville by the light of the camp fire on the night of May 1st 1863
illustration of A US trench occupied by a Chauchat automatic rifle team and private US 371st Infantry Regiment
illustration of Bedford Forrest and his confederate cavalry withdraw from Johnsonville by night as the wharves burn in the distance.
illustration of Interior of the turret of USS Monitor 1862. Lt Samuel Dana Greene peers from the tiny gunport as the crew prepare to fire the Dahlgren smoothbore gun at the CSS Virginia
illustration of An Army Service Corps driver in his sheepskin lined coat. A private 1/10th Bn King's regiment Liverpool Scottish with rifle grenade and a Lewis gunner, 29th Bn 5th Australian Division.
illustration of In Ancient Egypt people irrigate the land from canals diverted from the river Nile. They harvest crops use oxen and mules and winnow grain.
illustration of A plains camp scene with a circle of decorated tipis, a pony with travois ridden by a woman carrying a cradleboard. Another woman uses a scraper to flesh a hide, another dries meat as a warrior returns to camp on his pony.
illustration of In a market place the Mayan people buy and sell goods. A child holds two turkeys, a man carries melons and a couple barter for corn and macaws. An important noble is carried aloft by his men.
illustration of In the foreground a man carries ducks in a basket as a scribe writes down a woman's request. Pigs are driven across the path of an ox cart as people trade food and goods.
illustration of On the terraced farm slopes of the Andes people dig potatoes and repair the stone walls. In the background llamas carry goods and a liana cable bridge crosses the ravine.
illustration of In 1252 the stonework of Salisbury Cathedral nears completion. Carpenters work on platforms to raise the roof over the nave and aisles. The West front is nearly complete.
illustration of Black and white pencil studies of various bird species.
illustration of Studies of soldiers from World War One in line and wash style.
illustration of Various black and white studies of modern architectural construction
illustration of Line and wash study of a Roman watchtower.
illustration of Studies of various items of clothing, hats, boots, leather jerkins and shoes. Worn by the Conquistadors in South America.
illustration of US soldier in Vietnam armed with a M79 grenade launcher wearing a grenade vest surrounded by his personal equipment.
illustration of A roman cavalryman in AD 136 in a silver plated sports helmet, his horse has a decorative leather chamfron. Details of other decorative helmets and cavalry games.
illustration of The testudo or tortoise offered Roman legionaries protection from enemy fire. We also see a fulcrum, a late variant of the testudo.
illustration of Dutch musketeers in 1626 in two ranks in ready and firing stances with a diagram showing deployment of a battalion into a firing line.
illustration of US Army BAR gunner in overcoat carrying M1916A2 BAR with M1937 BAR magazine belt. Surrounded by his kit including, M1937 BAR belt with M1942 First Aid pouch and M1910 canteen carrier. M1910 Entrenching axe, 50-rd drum magazine carrier, three and five pocket SMG magazine carriers and the M1 ammunition can and bag.
illustration of This soldier takes aim with his Gewehr 98 rifle with fixed bayonet. He wears a M1895 Pickelhaube helmet with cover and the M1908 greatcoat. He carries an entrenching tool and bayonet and six leather cartridge pouches.
illustration of Rear view of German soldier showing the M1895 knapsack with shelter half and mess tin, water bottle, bread bag and entrenching tool and bayonet with decorative knot.
illustration of This Roman lady seated on a wicker chair looks at her pet goldfinch. She has has a distinctive hairstyle, earrings and a necklace and wears a palla or wrap over her dress.
illustration of This young girl evacuee carries her gasmask and has her details on a label attached to her coat. She has her possessions in a suitcase and her teddy bear for company.
illustration of A bullfinch (Pyrrhula pyrrhula) sitting on a pink rose.
illustration of Individual studies of a number of butterflies. Common Blue, Red Admiral, Peacock, Small Skipper and Comma.
illustration of Studies of various insects and a garden snail. Large red and blue damselflies, buff tailed, white tailed and red tailed bumblebees and ladybirds.
illustration of A male Eurasian Sparrowhawk  (Accipter nisus) that I painted after seeing it perched on the fence in my garden.
illustration of Two Eurasian Jays ( Garrulus glandarius) sitting on a snow covered wood pile.
illustration of Pencil study of Arundel Castle in West Sussex, England founded by Roger de Montgomery in 1067.
illustration of Pencil studies of various buildings in densely populated areas.
illustration of Pencil drawing of a motte and bailey castle showing a very early and simple castle design of a mound and ditch and wooden palisade protecting the dwellings within.
illustration of Pencil studies of various plants and their fruits.
illustration of Simple colour study of Arundel Castle in West Sussex, England using a reduced palette.
illustration of Fort Scott, Kansas was an open fort with the buildings arranged around a central parade ground. It consisted of officer's quarters, Dragoon barracks, stables, a guardhouse, blacksmith shop, quartermaster storehouse and powder magazine.
illustration of Fort Union was built on the banks of the Missouri River as a trading post in 1829. The building within protected by a cottonwood stockade, eighteen feet high, with bastion towers in two corners.
illustration of Northern Crusaders attack Lithuanian raiders behind a makeshift barricade of baggage sledges. Danish cavalry and Teutonic Knights supported by Livonian auxiliaries charge the defences. Inset shows Lithuanian troops.


Adam Hook is a versatile traditional illustrator who combines exhaustive research with skilled draughtsmanship to produce detailed artworks that bring history vividly to life. Equally at home with technical and figure drawing Adam’s subjects include, historical daily life and costume, military history, architecture and landscape, with a chronology stretching from ancient times to the modern day. He has also maintained his lifelong passion for painting natural history subjects, from wild birds, reptiles and mammals to trees, flowers and landscapes. He produces realistic and finely detailed work for commissions ranging from field guides and encyclopaedias to fine art, greetings cards and educational publishing. He has illustrated over 140 titles for Osprey military publishers detailing military history, costume, uniforms, arms and equipment on subjects as diverse as Aztecs, Incas and Maoris to the American War of Independence, the American Civil War, the First and Second World Wars, Vietnam and modern-day conflicts. Including a number of titles in the Fortress series detailing fortifications from castles to bunkers, defences and trench systems featuring cutaway diagrams and exploded views and tactics books ranging from Roman formations to Napoleonic cavalry configuration. Adam has over thirty five year’s experience as an illustrator, having first studied graphic design before beginning his illustration career with guidance from his father, Richard Hook, one of the finest historical illustrators.


Acrylic, Black & White, Design, Figurative, Graphic, Line, Line with Color, Pencil, Realism, Technical, Watercolor


Action, Adventure, Animals, Architecture, Book Covers, Botanical, Children, Editorial, Education, Family, Food, Futuristic, Historical, Industrial, Landscape, Nature, People, Portrait, Science, Scientific, Sports, Technology, Transportation, Travel, Wildlife, Americana, Agriculture, Vintage / Retro, Feminine, Masculine, Youth, Environmental, Urban